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Vickie and I had the same expression after bryan said he was a catch
Aj's so getting fired. She was just doing s**t for the sake of it. Which she can do, having a history of being crazy and all but still. although, if they wanna put aj in a skimpy refs uniform for no apparent reason, I ain't gonna cry about it.

Sandow/Sheamus was amazing. About as good as Ziggler and Kofi last week, but less engaging as you knew Sheamus was gonna get the win. Still though, Sheamus made Sandow look strong. If they keep up one ppv quality match a week they can slowly showcase the talent of the roster and have a good wrestling match for fans to enjoy admist all the ********.

Now let's discuss the ******** that was the debate. That was so damn dumb. Sheamus wasn't funny. He has a sense of humour and I want to laugh, I want to like him but it's just not happening. I think the end of his title reign is near. But I'm not sure if Ziggler will hold the belt next because he outright said he would do it. Maybe they just thought, "******** surprises"

Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater could be a lot of fun. And quite a formidible faction cos like, Drew and Jinder are big dudes. They'll beat you up.

Did anyone see Ryback vs tensai on Smackdown? I was genuinely impressed when he picked him up and felt bad that it didn't come off for him on Raw. That would have really made him look like a monster worthy of backing down to when he came out to JR's aid.

Speaking of tests of strength, Antonio Cesaro beating Brodus clay in a minute and hitting him with the neutraliser was ******** awesome. I hope his reign is solidified with some defining feuds because I definetly wanna see more of him.

The Tag Team tournament should have Hunico and Camacho rather than Zack and Santino. And maybe should've been like a table format so each team would get more than one match, know what I mean? I wanna see more of the Uso's and Gabriel and Kidd are so good together.
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Haven't we seen "punk picks on commentator" before? And how well did that work out? Try something different, wwe.

And sorry, Ryback, you couldn't seem to lift Tensai.

Cesaro, I admit, your move rocked.
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Can someone explain how this was a bad raw?

It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either.

I liked most of the matches, not really the outcomes.

I'll just blame the crowd for not being in it.
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I liked the Sandow/Sheamus Match ,as others have said, very crappy ending.

More Champion vs Commentator... emotion_facepalm really? or is it Champion vs Legends/Hall of Famers?

Slayer of Famers? xd

AJ...she could referee my life. lmao heart

I actually LIKED Kane and Dbry, they have me sold. Best Tag Champs in a LONG time. Good to See Kane get Main Event status again. He's one of the last attitude era's left besides Show.

As Above--
Can some one explain how this was a bad raw?"

Not with a brain in their skull.

This was a good raw minus some of the small ish. Sandow Sheamus = Good fight, Kane/D-Bry vs CM Punk and Dolph feat Guest Ref AJ was good, Sin Cara and Rey vs Hunico and Epic was great. Kofi and ADR was a decent match, they did mostly what they always do every time they meet, and Kofi man...He is a babyface getting squashed ain't he? First Dolph and now ADR?

Ryback helping JR Might be a good thing, Maybe CM Punk will end the Undefeated Streak of Ryback and help push him to higher status of "I'm Better then You" Heel.

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