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[1]. What is HUSTLE?
[2]. HUSTLE Army
[3]. RIKI Corps
[4]. HUSTLE Army Alumni
[5]. MONSTER Army Alumni
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What is HUSTLE?

The Union of Wrestling Forces International

In 1984, a portion of New Japan Pro Wrestling's wrestlers had left the promotion. These wrestlers had soon formed their own promotion, Universal Wrestling Federation with little success as it only lasted two years. It wasn't until 1990, that former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Nobuhiko Takada, had reopened the promotion and renamed it the Union of Wrestling Forces International (UWF-i) which was a mix of shoot fighting and professional wrestling. The promotion had launched the careers of famous wrestlers, shoot fighters, and mixed martial artists such as Yoji Anjo, Gary Albright, Kiyoshi Tamura, and Kazuo Yamazaki. The promotion met with huge success, until in 1995, the promotion had a feud with New Japan Pro Wrestling leading to an interpromotional showcase where New Japan proved to be the better promotion. Though UWF-i vs NJPW was one of the biggest draws in history, with money piling up to $7 million, the popularity of UWF-i soon declined and the promotion folded soon afterwords.

PRIDE Fighting Championships

Shortly after UWF-i had folded, Nobuhiko Takada, along with a few other UWF-i alumni had joined PRIDE Fighting Championships, one of the most popular and respected mixed martial arts organization in the world. Though very far from the best mixed martial artists, Nobuhiko Takada, himself fought in the ring and managed to get himself a poor record of W: 2 L: 6. Takada eventually became the main figurehead of the PRIDE promotion and opened up his own mixed martial arts training school, Takada Dojo. PRIDE sadly folded in 2007.

Forming of HUSTLE
In 2004, Nobuhiko Takada had hyped opening another wrestling promotion, claiming that he would be experimenting with adding sports entertainment to the already serious puroresu market. Many had speculated this was Takada's answer to reforming UWF-i after popularity of the company declined and that he'd mix sports entertainment with serious shoot style fighting and mixed martial arts. With Dream Stage Entertainment, the company that owned PRIDE, the first HUSTLE show was held on January 1st, 2004 at the Saitama Super Arena drawing an attendance of 23,727. The main event saw Judo Gold Medalist and PRIDE Fighter, Naoya Ogawa, take on former WCW Champion, Bill Goldberg. The show was a huge success, urging DSE to run a few more shows in 2004, until controversy had struck the promotion. It was found out that Dream Stage Entertainment had assistance from the Yakuza for fundings, causing Dream Stage Entertainment to lose ownership of the company. Nobuhiko Takada had soon bought the promotion under his own company, HUSTLE Entertainment.

HUSTLE Under New Management
As soon as Takada had gained ownership of the promotion, the style began to change. While still promoting cards with shoot fighters, mixed martial artists, and pro wrestlers, the promotion began to be overrun with whacky, over the top characters. The roster themselves being remodeled with new gimmicks. Even Nobuhiko Takada had made his own alter ego, under the name of the tyrannical, Generalissimo Takada, who had claimed that he had bought the HUSTLE promotion with a Million MONSTER Dollars and would take over with his own army. This started the famous neverending feud between Takada's MONSTER Army and HUSTLE main eventer, Naoya Ogawa, who opposed Takada's new rule.

HUSTLE is still one of the most craziest and whackiest promotions in Japan. Though very much disliked by purists and serious wrestlers alike, the promotion has drawn thousands of people which went as far as outdrawing big promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling, and even has included a number of guest appearances by movie stars, athletes, and musicians wrestling on their shows. The promotion has a huge following in Japan and a very small cult following in the United States attracting the fans with their laid back style, nostalgic moments involving former WWE/ECW/WCW wrestlers and old school Japanese wrestlers, and most importantly, their outrageous characters and matches.
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The 'face' stable of the HUSTLE promotion. The HUSTLE Army is here to prevent the hostile takeover of the HUSTLE promotion by fighting off the MONSTER Army. Though largely outnumbered, they've proven to be a great threat to the MONSTER Army, on occasions getting the best of the faction. Their ultimate weapon is love and teamwork.


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Real Name: Yoshihiro Tajiri
Nicknames: The Japanese Buzzsaw
DOB: September 29, 1970
Hometown: Yokohama, Japan
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Trained by: Animal Hamaguchi, Kendo Nagasaki, Bill DeMott, Ricky Santana
Finishers: Buzzsaw Kick
Theme Song: Imperial City

Yoshihiro Tajiri started out working for IWA Japan and CMLL in the late 90s. In 1997, he left Mexico and went to work for Big Japan Pro Wrestling, gaining little exposure as a jobber. Tajiri soon returned to Mexico and was scouted by ECW Owner, Paul Heyman, who invited the Japanese Juniorweight to perform in the US. Tajiri had impressive fast-paced and high flying matches between wrestlers such as Super Crazy and Antifax Del Norte, impressing the hard to please ECW fans, which lead to him working for the company fulltime. There, he developed a new gimmick based on the Great Muta, using stiff kicks and utilizing the dreaded Green Mist. He soon formed a team with Steve Corino and Jack Victory, with Corino acting as Tajiri's mouthpiece and manager. Tajiri later joined up with Mikey Whipwreck and 'The Sinister Minister' James Mitchell, forming the comedic stable of the Unholy Alliance. The duo teamed until ECW folded in 2001 where Tajiri was shortly picked up by World Wrestling Entertainment, debuting as William Regal's assistant and joined in on WWE's battle against WCW/ECW's InVasion storyline. Tajiri spent the next four years in WWE, winning the Cruiserweight title on multiple occasions, and was eventually used as enhancement talent until leaving in 2005, citing that he wanted to be with his family again. Later in 2005, Tajiri was back in Japan and wrestling in AJPW, suffering a loss against his hero, the Great Muta. Tajiri soon surfaced back to his sports entertainment roots, joining the HUSTLE promotion as he was apart of the HUSTLE Army and was one of the first to encounter the feared Esperanza. In 2007, Tajiri was brainwashed by MONSTER Army member, Yinling the Erotic Terrorist, and was forced to join the MONSTER Army against his will. Tajiri soon rejoined the HUSTLE Army and since then has been a mentor to the younger members of the HUSTLE Army.

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Name: Shiro Koshinaka
Nicknames: Samurai
DOB: September 4, 1958
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Trained by: AJPW Dojo
Finishers: Powerbomb
Theme Song: Samurai

Shiro Koshinaka started in AJPW in the 80s, being one of the most over lightweights in the promotion. He soon left and joined Genichiro Tenryu's WAR, often teaming with him. Shiro Koshinaka eventually became a freelancer, working in promotions like AJPW, NJPW, NOAH, and World Japan. In 2008, Shiro Koshinaka made his HUSTLE debut in a match against Genichiro Tenryu whom he defeated. Tenryu, who was having a huge winning streak, lost motivation and it was Shiro Koshinaka who had brought the General back to his feet and began teaming with him under the tag team of "Grumpy Old Men". In late 2008, Koshinaka officially joined the HUSTLE Army.

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"Isshou issho ni ite kureya!"

Name: Real Gay
Real Name: Makoto Izubuchi
Nicknames: RG
DOB: June 6, 1974
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Dear Tana, Schoolboy Pin
Theme Song: Lifetime Respect by Miki Douzan

Makoto Izubuchi, who is a college friend of Masaki Sumitani (Hard Gay), started out as his comedy partner going under the name of Razor Ramon Real Gay and taking the rastafari lifestyle. The Real Gay character soon debuted in HUSTLE in 2006 to assist Hard Gay and has since then been HUSTLE's residential jobber, being defeated and brutally beaten for the three years he has been in HUSTLE. Though his win/loss record is hardly impressive, his never-say-die attitude and charisma has made him a favorite among HUSTLE fans.

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"Yes, we HUSTLE!"

Name: Bono-kun
Real Name: Chad Rowan
Nicknames: Akebono, MONSTER Bono, Bono-chan
DOB: May 8, 1968
Hometown: O'ahu, Hawaii
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 225 kg
Trained by: Sataru Sayama
Finishers: Samoan Drop, 64
Theme Song: Between the Sky and You by Nakajima Miyuki

Like fellow HUSTLE Army member, Genichiro Tenryu, Akebono started out in sumo wrestling being one of the few non-native wrestlers to earn the coveted rank of Yokozuna. Akebono soon retired in 2001, but briefly returned to sumo as he faced the Big Show in a traditional sumo match at Wrestlemania 21. Shortly after, Akebono transitioned into mixed martial arts, having a horrible record, then quickly transitioned to professional wrestling, learning the ropes from Tiger Mask I and made his professional wrestling debut in 2005 for All Japan Pro Wrestling. In 2007, Akebono made his debut in HUSTLE as the legitimate child of Yinling and The Great Muta, now known as MONSTER Bono. Bono had notable feuds with Real Gay and other HUSTLE Army members, until early 2008, he was tired of being pushed around and called Yinling a b***h. Enraged, Yinling had disowned her son and Bono was out of the MONSTER Army. Being offered a spot to join the HUSTLE Army, Bono refused and started his own team with his two friends Aa-chan and Yoshie-chan. Bono-chan eventually started to feud with the MONSTER Army again, crushing his mother, Yinling, to death which lead to Bono-chan wanting vengeance for the MONSTER Army giving him a terrible childhood. This lead to a match between Toshiaki Kawada and his father, Mr. Kawada vs Bono-chan and his father, The Great Muta at HUSTLEMania 2008. Bono-chan and Muta defeated the Kawada's, but sadly, Bono-chan lost another one of his parents as the dreaded Esperanza appeared during the match and fought the two with Muta taking Esperanza down to Hell with him. Bono-chan had then joined the HUSTLE Army after the match and changed his name to Bono-kun to show his maturity. Inspired by President Barack Obama, Bono-kun has stated that, "HUSTLE needs change", and now lives by his own motto, "YES. WE. HUSTLE!"

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Name: Magnum TOKYO
Real Name: Katsumasa Kuroki
Nick Names: Alan Kuroki, Tokyo Magnum, Detective Alan Kuroki
DOB: January 9, 1973
Hometown: Nerima, Tokyo
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Trained by: Ultimo Dragon
Finishers: Erection Smash, Viagra Driver, Jumping High Knee
Theme Song: N/A

Katsumasa Kuroki graduated from Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Gym in 1997 and made his professional debut against fellow student, CIMA. Soon after, Kuroki landed a spot on the WCW Roster under the name Tokyo Magnum, where he feuded with Alex Wright and Disco Inferno, due to him wanting to be apart of their tag team, The Dancing Fools. He was mainly used as a jobber and left the promotion in 1998, returning to Japan where he worked for Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Japan. Soon Dragon left the promotion, the promotion now known as Dragon Gate. Tokyo stayed for a few years having a notable match with Genichiro Tenryu, leading the faction of Do Fixer, and training BxB Hulk. In 2006, Kuroki suffered a serious eye injury and retired in 2007 as he moved to Colombia and taught Judo classes to children. After a two year absence from wrestling, Kuroki made his return revealing that eye injury wasn't that serious, and worked fulltime for HUSTLE under the name of Detective Alan Kuroki, assisting Karate Girl and Real Gay with finding the whereabouts of Hard Gay and why he possessed the powers of a superhero. It was recently announced at the March 25 HUSTLE show that Detective Alan Kuroki will soon be doing the Magnum TOKYO gimmick again next month. Kuroki made his debut under Magnum TOKYO on April 23, 2008 defeating Monster HG.

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Name: Karate Girl
Real Name: N/A
Nicknames: KG
DOB: February 8, 1989
Hometown: N/A
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Shin Seijin Clutch
Theme Song: N/A

Not much is known about Karate Girl, but it can be assumed she made her professional wrestling debut in 2008 for HUSTLE. Karate Girl was first seen as a teahouse waitress, often listening to the problems of Hard Gay and Real Gay in promos. She soon eventually donned a baby blue version of HG's outfit and joined the duo in their fight against the MONSTER Army using her skills in martial arts. She's currently in a feud with former HUSTLE Army member, (^o^)/ Chie, after a miscommunication in a tag match caused them to lose.

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"HUSTLE, Foooooo~!"

Name: Razor Ramon HG
Real Name: Masaki Sumitani
Nicknames: HG, Hard Gay, Hadogei
DOB: December 18, 1975
Hometown: Harima, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Trained by: NJPW Dojo
Finishers: 69 Driver, p***s Wash, Crotch Senton
Theme Song: N/A

Masaki Sumitani started out as a backyard wrestling, starting his own federation with his two college buddies, RG, and current IWGP Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi, based on the University they attended. While in college, he and RG formed the comedy duo of Razor Ramon in 1997 and both competed in comedy and talent contests. The duo were finally noticed in 1999 and joined a comedy troupe. In 2002, the character we all know and love, Razor Ramon HG, was introduced and got national exposure in 2005, appearing in entertaining segments for the Morning Musume show. At the height of his comedy career, like many celebrities, Sumitani was asked to participate at HUSTLE's biggest show of the year, HUSTLEMania, in 2005 which he made his professional debut in a tag match, teaming with ZERO-1's Naoya Ogawa and Shinjiro Otani to take on the team of Toshiaki Kawada, An Jo, and Yinling the Erotic Terrorist, with HG winning the match with a triangle choke on Yinling. Since then, HG has improved dramatically in his matches, edging away from traditional comedy wrestling to high flying and technical wrestling. In 2008, Hard Gay was kidnapped by the MONSTER Army and experimented on my MONSTER Doctor Nakamatsu which gave birth to his muscular clone, Nise HG. The side effects of the experiments, however, managed to give Hard Gay super powers as during a time of stress or losing in a match, he'd turn into Super HG, gaining immense strength and power. Later, HG soon disappeared, but reappeared again feeling weak from the side effects of the experiment, but still managed to turn into Super HG when needed. In late 2008, HG competed in a tag match with RG and the recently debuted Detective Alan Kuroki in a match against Giant Silva, Nise HG, The Werewolf. Being dominated the entire match, HG tried to turn into Super HG, only to be stopped by Dr. Nakamatsu, revealing that the MONSTER Army has been slowly brainwashing HG everytime he turned into Super HG. Now completely brainwashed, HG developed the homicidal heel persona of Monster HG as he viciously put the beatdown on RG and Kuroki and officially joined the MONSTER Army. Hard Gay eventually left and is now back in the HUSTLE Army.

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Name: Akira Shoji
Nicknames: Private Shoji
DOB: January 31, 1974
Hometown: Japan
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Capture Suplex, Cross Armbreaker

Not much is known about Shoji's past, but he started out as a mixed martial artist working for PRIDE FC. Akira Shoji was known for his dedication and willingness to fight anyone, gaining immense popularity, even though he didn't have the best fight record. Around 2004, Shoji made his HUSTLE debut immediately joining the MONSTER Army and made a few minor appearances throughout the years. Just recently, Private Shoji has gained a bigger role in HUSTLE, now competing in matches monthly. After a falling out with An Jo, Shoji listened to the advice of his former close friend, Wataru Sakata, and aligned himself with the HUSTLE Army.

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"Bonne Nuit."

Name: Gedon
Real Name: Rene Goguen
Nicknames: Rene Dupree, Rene Bonaparte
DOB: December 15, 1983
Hometown: New Brunswick, Canada
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Trained by: Emile Dupree
Finishers: Bonaparte Bomb, Bonne Nuit

Rene Goguen started wrestling at the tender age of 14, due to his father being an independent wrestling promoter. Rene worked for his father's promotion until he was contacted by World Wrestling Entertainment and started wrestling at OVW. In 2003, Rene along with partner, Sylvain Grenier debuted as the Anti-American French tag team, La Resistance, attacking Scott Steiner. Not shortly after, La Resistance had won the WWE World Tag Team titles, making Rene the youngest tag team champion in WWE history. The team then became a stable, adding Rob Conway who played an American who supported Quebec, and dominated the WWE, until the team went their separate ways with Rene eventually teaming with soon to be former HUSTLE regular, Kenzo Suzuki. In 2006, Rene resurfaced onto the revived ECW brand, claiming he was the most extreme wrestler in ECW, and feuded with Balls Mahoney, then reunited with Sylvain Grenier to reform a short lived La Resistance. Rene was soon suspended and was released by his own request. In 2007, Rene debuted in HUSTLE defeating TAJIRI in his debut and renaming himself Rene Bonaparte, playing an elegant French nobleman. He aligned himself with MONSTER Army and feuded with HUSTLE's main hero, Wataru Sakata, over his wife, Eiko. This led to a match where the winner would win Eiko as their wife where the match led to a no contest due to disqualification. Rene Gogeun made his last appearance as the Rene Bonaparte character in HUSTLE in 2008 after being defeated by Toshiaki Kawada in the Grand Prix Tournament. Rene returned later teaming with Lance Cade as the masked duo of the Sharpe Brothers, claiming they were both cloned from Larry Sharpe, but the team soon folded after being defeated at HUSTLEMania 2008. Rene Bonaparte made his return to HUSTLE on the 4.23 show forming a team with Lance Cade and Francoise as the Texas Napoleons. The duo had a big winning streak in the upcoming months, but soon folded. Bonaparte once again donned a new costume and gimmick as he and the debuting Travis Tomko debuted as Armageddon at the 6.25 show. Rene Dupree left the MONSTER Army after breaking his contract with Francoise and soon joined the HUSTLE Army.

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Name: Toshiaki Kawada
Nicknames: Dangerous K, HUSTLE K, MONSTER K
DOB: December 8, 1963
Hometown: Shimotsuga District, Tochigi, Japan
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Trained by: Genichiro Tenryu
Finishers: Folding Powerbomb, Dangerous Kick, Gamengiri, Beautiful singing voice
Theme Song: Symphony No. 9 by Anthonin Dvorak

Toshiaki Kawada started out doing amateur style wrestling and after receiving training from Genichiro Tenryu, he made his professional wrestling debut in 1982 for All Japan Pro Wrestling, then moved to North America, working for Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling. According to many sources, Kawada was treated poorly in Stampede and to this day has an extreme dislike of Canadians. Kawada soon returned to All Japan Pro Wrestling in the late 80s, then in the early 90s became AJPW's biggest stars, feuding with the likes of Mitsuharu Misawa, Jumbo Tsuruta, and Kenta Kobashi, earning an impressive total of seventeen 5-Star Rated matches in his entire career and winning the AJPW a total of five times. Toshiaki Kawada soon became another famous freelancer in Japan and signed with Dream Stage Entertainment, joining the HUSTLE Roster in 2004. Kawada had joined the HUSTLE Army, using the nickname "HUSTLE K", and basing his gimmick off of famous martial arts films of the 1970s, even going as far as wearing attire similar to Bruce Lee's clothes in Enter the Dragon. In 2005, Kawada officially made HUSTLE his home and turned on Naoya Ogawa in a tag match, defecting to the MONSTER Army. Since then, Kawada has taken the gimmick of a fun-loving lounge singer and has dominated members of the HUSTLE Army with his stiff offense. In 2008, it was announced that Kawada will be releasing a CD. After the fall of the MONSTER Army, Kawada rejoined the HUSTLE Army.

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RIKI Corps


The NEW heel stable of the HUSTLE promotion! King RIKI debuted at HUSTLE Aid 2009 murdering Generalissimo Takada and claiming that he would take over the promotion with his own army!


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Name: King RIKI
Real Name: Riki Takeuchi
Nicknames: RIKI, Ryuuichi
DOB: January 4, 1964
Hometown: Saeki, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Height: 180 cm
Weight: N/A
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Kurenai no Backfire!

Riki Takeuchi is a Japanese actor and singer who is known for playing gangster type roles, most notably playing roles of a member of the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. He is most known for appearing in Dead or Alive movies, playing a different character in each movie, and appearing in the sequel to the insanely popular Battle Royale playing an evil exaggerated version of himself. When Riki is not acting, he is an popular singer, as he plays a whacky persona of himself named 'RIKI', claiming to be Riki Takeuchi's twin brother. King RIKI made his debut at HUSTLEMANIA 2009 after Generalissimo Takada named Magnum TOKYO his successor. Wanting to take over HUSTLE and rule for himself, he murdered Takada, then left leaving the rest of the roster to wonder what his next move will be.

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Name: Riki Choshu
Real Name: Mitsuo Yoshida
Nicknames: Big Nasty, Kakumei Senshi
DOB: December 3, 1951
Hometown: Yamaguchi, Japan
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 112 kg
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Baseball Lariat, Sasori-Gatame

New Japan Pro Wrestling legend, Riki Choshu, started out as an olympic amateur wrestler, even representing South Korea in the 1972 Summer Olympics. After receiving professional wrestling training in the United States, Choshu returned to Japan working for NJPW as a heel after not being placed in a tournament for the IWGP Heavyweight Title and betraying his partner, Tatsumi Fujinami. He then formed the heel group Ishin-gun which was basically NJPW's nWo at the time. Riki soon turned face and made his way to the main event title picture, winning the IWGP Heavyweight title in in 1989. Choshu then won the 1996 G1 Climax and soon retired becoming one of the promoters and bookers for New Japan Pro Wrestling, but retirement didn't last long as he returned to defeat Atsushi Onita in a barbed wire deathmatch and has been active ever since as a freelancer while still promoting for NJPW. Riki made his HUSTLE debut in 2004 as a face in the HUSTLE Army remembered for his many hardcore and bloody matches. Riki Choshu will be making his return to HUSTLE working for RIKI Corps!

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Name: Yoshihiro Takayama
Nicknames: N/A
DOB: September 19, 1966
Hometown: Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Everest Suplex

Arguably the most famous Japanese freelancer, Takayama made his debut working in Nobuhiko Takada's UWFi with limited success as he teamed with Yoji Anjo to form the team of the Golden Cups. After UWFi folded, Takayama gained immense success in All Japan Pro Wrestling, forming a successful tag team with Takao Omori called NO FEAR, capturing numerous tag titles until Takayama had left the promotion following Giant Baba's death and found his way into Mitsuharu Misawa's Pro Wrestling NOAH. There Takayama became a successful singles wrestler capturing the GHC Heavyweight title, then soon after the IWGP Heavyweight title and the AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight title, being the second person in Japanese wrestling history to capture all three titles with Kensuke Sasaki being the first. While working in NOAH, Takayama also made appearances for the MMA promotion, PRIDE FC, engaging in what was called the most exciting and brutal MMA fight in history against veteran fighter, Don Frye. Though he lost most of his mixed martial arts fights, he proved to be one of PRIDE's toughest fighters. Yoshihiro Takayama made his HUSTLE debut in 2007 with former Pancrase fighter and longtime friend, Minoru Suzuki. Suzuki upset that Kawada refused to sing him "Happy Birthday", the two teamed against Toshiaki Kawada and Shinjiro Otani at HUSTLE Aid defeating them. Takayama will be making his return to HUSTLE to join RIKI Corps!

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Name: Wataru Sakata
Nicknames: HUSTLE Resistance, LOVE & HUSTLE, Nattoman.
DOB: March 11, 1973
Hometown: Japan
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Trained by: Animal Hamaguchi
Finishers: Super Kick, Double Stomp
Theme Song: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda

Wataru Sakata started his career working for Akira Maeda's shoot-style promotion, RINGS, and soon afterwords transitioned into mixed martial arts, working for PRIDE FC, holding a decent record of W: 6 L: 8. He then started to work for Shinya Hashimoto's Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE, competing in notable feuds with Low Ki and Homicide. Like many former PRIDE FC Fighters, Wataru Sakata was called up to HUSTLE and joined the HUSTLE Army, participating in a few opening and upper midcard matches, proving to be a valuable member of the HUSTLE Army. It wasn't until HUSTLE Army leader, Naoya Ogawa, sold out and joined the MONSTER Army, that Wataru Sakata had established himself as the new main hero of HUSTLE after a brutal beatdown by MONSTER Army Member and Legendary Wrestler, Tiger Jeet Singh. With his heart and determination, Wataru Sakata has overcame battles between monsters such as Bob Sapp, Giant Silva, Scott Norton, and the feared Esperanza, proving to Generalissimo Takada that he is a force to be reckon with. However, in late 2008, Sakata had participated in the Grand Prix Tournament with the winner receiving any wish they desired. Sakata made it to the Finals, only to lose to Toshiaki Kawada. Devastated that he couldn't wish the demise of the MONSTER Army, Sakata fled the promotion and lived as a hermit in a natto noodle field. Sakata soon returned in December in a husk of natto, then developed the whacky superhero gimmick of Nattoman, often interfering in MONSTER Army matches. The gimmick soon ended and Sakata officially returned to HUSTLE action on March 25, 2009.

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Name: Genichiro Tenryu
Nicknames: HUSTLE AND ROMANCE, HUSTLE General, Mr. Puroresu
DOB: February 2, 1950
Hometown: Katsuyama, Fukui
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Trained by: The Funk Brothers
Finishers: 53 Years Old, Powerbomb, Enzuigiri
Theme Song: Thunderstorm

The grizzled veteran, Genichiro Tenryu, started out as a sumo wrestler at the tender age of 13 years old. It wasn't until 1976, he left and transitioned into professional wrestling. Tenryu had started wrestling in the United States after receiving training from Dory Funk, Jr. and Terry Funk in Armarillo, Texas, then returned to Japan where he feuded with the likes of Riki Choshu and Yoshiaki Yatsu. In 1989, Tenryu's career skyrocketed, having a feud with Jumbo Tsuruta, and winning the AJPW Triple Crown championship. Tenryu also formed his own promotion and made a few appearances in WWE, teaming with Koji Kitao at Wrestlemania VII in a match against Demolition Ax & Smash, having an upset victory. Tenryu also made two appearances at two Royal Rumbles. Since then, Tenryu has been one of Japan's biggest freelancers appearing in almost every promotion you can think of. Genichiro Tenryu soon joined the HUSTLE promotion, quickly aligning with the MONSTER Army. Teaming with Toshiaki Kawada, the two dominated the tag division and punished any HUSTLE Army members who opposed them, until HUSTLE member, Razor Ramon HG, challenged Tenryu to a match at HUSTLE Aid 2007. If Tenryu lost, he would have no choice but to wear a custom made HG Suit. Though Tenryu dominated the entire match, HG still managed to get the upset victory over him. Infuriated, Generalissimo Takada slapped Tenryu across the face and kicked him out of the MONSTER Army for disgracing them. Wanting revenge, Tenryu lived up to his bet with HG and did a run-in during a match, attacking the MONSTER Army and showing his allegiance to the HUSTLE Army, becoming their General.

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HUSTLE Army Alumni


Here's a list of wrestlers who were once apart of the HUSTLE Army. These people have either left HUSTLE to work somewhere else, for personal reasons, or even retirement. Because there's been a lot of people who were once aligned with the HUSTLE Army, I'm only listing the ones who were noticeable or important.


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Name: Naoya Ogawa
Nicknames: I'M CHICKEN, MONSTER Celebrity
DOB: March 31, 1968
Hometown: Suginami Tokyo, Japan
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 115 kg
Trained by: Satoru Sayama
Finishers: Space Tornado Ogawa (STO)

Naoya Ogawa trained in Judo, starting out in High School and continuing it through college. He soon became a World Freeclass Champion being the youngest in Judo history. Ogawa took these skills to the test and entered the 1992 Summer Olympics, winning the Silver Medal in Judo, and also enterting the 1996 Summer Olympics, placing fifth. Ogawa had also won a few Gold Medals in Judo, but none in the Olympics. In 1997, the Judo champion was discovered by NJPW's Antonio Inoki and was recruited into NJPW where Ogawa trained under Tiger Mask I. Ogawa soon became an over competitor in NJPW, feuding with Shinya Hashimoto and Toshiaki Kawada, and was one of the few mixed martial artists along with Don Frye, Josh Barnett, and Mirko Cro Cop to appear in NJPW. Ogawa eventually left NJPW and worked in his former rival's promotion, Pro Wrestling ZERO-1, winning the NWA World Heavyweight title, and dominating the competition. Ogawa also freelanced, doing both wrestling and mixed martial arts, as he also worked in PRIDE FC, breaking the record for highest pay in MMA gaining $2 Million (USD) a fight. In 2004, Naoya Ogawa competed in the first ever HUSTLE show facing off against WCW's Bill Goldberg in the main event in a losing effort thanks to interference by Giant Silva. After Generalissimo Takada had bought the company, Naoya Ogawa formed his own army to fight against him with members such as Riki Choshu, Shinya Hashimoto, Toshiaki Kawada, and a large roster of shoot fighters and mixed martial artists. Ogawa fought bravely until in early 2007, it was reported Generalissimo Takada had bought out Ogawa for MONSTER Dollars, thus Ogawa turned on the HUSTLE Army and developed the cocky and rich character of "MONSTER Celebrity" Naoya Ogawa. Ogawa put the beatdown on his former stablemates for a few months, until in late 2007, Naoya Ogawa had left HUSTLE to join Antonio Inoki's new promotion, Inoki Genome Federation.

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Name: Shinya Hashimoto
Nicknames: N/A
DOB: July 3, 1965
Hometown: Toki City, Gifu, Japan
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 135 kg
Trained by: Antonio Inoki, Stu Hart
Finishers: Original DDT, Brainbuster

Prior to wrestling, Shinya Hashimoto trained in judo. After receiving training from Antonio Inoki and Stu Hart, Hashimoto made his debut in NJPW in 1984. He along with Keiji Mutoh and Masahiro Chono were soon dubbed the "Three Musketeers" during their extended time in New Japan Pro Wrestling. During his long career in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Shinya Hashimoto faced the likes of Scott Norton, Tatsumi Fujinami, Keiji Mutoh, Nobuhiko Takada, and by far one of his biggest rivals, fellow Judo martial artists, Naoya Ogawa, even facing him in a retirement match, which he lost. Hashimoto continued wrestling afterwards and left NJPW to open his own wrestling company, Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE, often booking Japanese wrestlers from the indies and even American wrestlers from the indies, making interpromotional deals with the Ring of Honor promotion and Ultimate Pro Wrestling. While booking for ZERO-ONE, Hashimoto launced the Japanese careers of Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Samoa Joe, and Low Ki. During his time in ZERO-ONE, Hashimoto has won the NWA World Heavyweight title. In 2004, Hashimoto gave up ownership of the company to Shinjiro Otani due to financial problems and a large stack of injuries. In late 2004, Shinya Hashimoto made his HUSTLE debut, surprisingly teaming with his longtime rival, Naoya Ogawa, to take on the MONSTER Army as he developed a Fighting Elvis gimmick and dominated the heels with his stiff offense. Hashimoto continued to work for HUSTLE, NJPW, and AJPW, but was then sidelined by a serious injury in late 2004, needing to take a year off to heal. Sadly, on July 11, 2005, Shinya Hashimoto passed away of a brain aneurysm a few days after his 40th birthday. The wrestling world mourned their fallen hero as he was buried with the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Every year, HUSTLE holds a show in tribute to Shinya Hashimoto called HUSTLE Aid in memory of his career in Japan.

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Real Name: Yujiro Kushida
Nicknames: HUSTLE Supernova
DOB: May 12, 1983
Hometown: N/A
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Trained by: Nobuhiko Takada, TAJIRI
Finishers: Moonsault, Corkscrew Moonsault, Diving Hurricarana

Yujiro Kushida trained at Takada Dojo for a few months, then left to complete training at Mexico due to the fact that the Takada Dojo was mainly for mixed martial artists. TAJIRI had then helped the Young Lion complete his training and debuted in HUSTLE in 2006, mainly doing openers and lower midcard matches. He soon formed a successful team with former female amateur pro wrestler, (^o^)/ Chie, as the two mostly did openers and lower midcard matches against debuting MONSTER Army members or masked gimmicks. In late 2008, KUSHIDA started feuding with the debuting Ray Ohara for his belt. Ohara beat KUSHIDA in every encounter either cleanly or by cheating and two faced eachother in a Hair vs Title match which KUSHIDA lost. KUSHIDA, vowing that he'd beat Ray Ohara once and for all for his belt, he challenged Ohara to a Loser Leaves HUSTLE match. Ohara once again was victorious and as promised, KUSHIDA left the company.

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Name: (^o^)/ Chie (Pronounced Banzai Chie)
Real Name: Chie Ishii
Nicknames: N/A
DOB: May 4, 1983
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Trained by: OZ Academy
Finishers: Moonsault, Spear, CroCop Kick

Not much is known about Chie, except that she has an amateur wrestling background and that she debuted in HUSTLE around 2005. There she did opening matches. Soon after KUSHIDA debuted, the two successfully teamed together, beating debuting MONSTER Army members and eventually made way to midcard, beating members of the MONSTER Army such as An Jo, Private Shoji, and even faced their own teammates, surprisingly almost getting the better of them. In 2008, KUSHIDA mostly focused on beating Ray Ohara, leaving Chie to team with newest member, Karate Girl. During a tag match, KG accidentally kicked Chie in the head, causing the team to lose. At the next show, the two teamed again when suddenly Chie went berserk and mercifully attacked Karate Girl, causing the two to feud. The feud connected into 2009 with Karate Girl getting the upperhand on Chie. On March 25, 2009, it was announced that Chie would be retiring from wrestling to get married. Her last match will be against TAJIRI at the April 29 show in Nagoya, Japan.

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Name: Hiroshi Nagao
Nicknames: Giant Voba
DOB: December 26, 1979
Hometown: N/A
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Trained by: NJPW Dojo
Finishers: Chokeslam

A former volleyball player, Hiroshi Nagao started training at the NJPW Dojo in 2002. He then made his debut in 2003, having little success in New Japan Pro Wrestling as he mostly did openers and lower midcard matches. Feeling that he wouldn't achieve anything in NJPW, he eventually left and joined HUSTLE in 2006, being renamed Giant Voba, a play on Giant Baba as Hiroshi Nagao's resemblance to the deceased legend, and Nagao's former volleyball career. Giant Voba aligned himself with the MONSTER Army, feuding with Chie and KUSHIDA as he usualy squashed the two, then feuded with gymnastic star Ginga alongside with The Great Sasuke. Due to a series of losses, Voba was kicked out of the MONSTER Army and briefly teamed up with the HUSTLE Army. Nagao soon retired in late 2008 due to unknown personal reasons.

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Name: Ryouji Sai
Nicknames: HUSTLE Cyborg
DOB: June 3, 1980
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Trained by: Gerard Gordeau
Finishers: Nachi Waterfall, Sidmouth Suplex

Prior to wrestling, Ryouji Sai moved to England when he was 15 year old. While in Europe, he trained under former UFC mixed martial artists, Gerard Gordeau. Ryouji Sai had then returned to Japan and worked in Shinya Hashimoto's Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE, almost instantly working his way out of opening matches to upper midcard, facing the likes of Masato Tanaka, Daisuke Sekimoto, Daisuke Ikeda, and Yuki Ishikawa. Sai made his HUSTLE debut in 2005, teaming with fellow ZERO-ONE wrestler, Wataru Sakata, gaining the short lived HUSTLE Super Tag Team titles which they would soon lose to the team of Erica and Margaret (Aja and Awesome Kong). Sai had a brief feud with the two, often getting raped by Erica and Margaret at the end. Ryouji Sai continued to work with HUSTLE until he left in late 2008 to mostly focus on his career in ZERO-ONE where he's the current heavyweight champion.

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MONSTER Army Alumni


Here's a list of wrestlers who were once apart of the MONSTER Army. These people have either left HUSTLE to work somewhere else, for personal reasons, or even retirement. Because there's been a lot of people who were once aligned with the MONSTER Army, I'm only listing the ones who were noticeable or important.


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Name: Generalissimo Takada/The Esperanza
Real Name: Nobuhiko Takada
Nicknames: Souto
DOB: April 12, 1962
Hometown: Isogo-ku, Yokohama
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Trained by: NJPW Dojo
Finishers: Crossface Armbreaker, Cross Kneelock, Belly to Belly Suplex, Bitan Laser
Theme Song: Pomp and Circumstance by Edward Elger

After receiving training from the NJPW Dojo, shoot fighter Nobuhiko Takada, made his professional wrestling debut in 1980, competing as a Junior Weight. In 1984, Takada joined a large group of wrestlers and left New Japan Pro Wrestling to form their own promotion, the Universal Wrestling Federation, a shoot based promotion that flopped, eventually leading to Takada returning to NJPW and forming a stable with Akira Maeda. Takada again left NJPW in 1988 and reopened Universal Wrestling Federation, though renaming it to the Union of Wrestling Forces International. Like it's predecessor, UWF-i stayed true to the shoot fighting style and Takada was the promotion's main star, engaging in matches with Vader and Gary Albright. With the popularity of UWF-i rising, Nobuhiko Takada bashed it's competition, NJPW, claiming their wrestling wasn't "real" and that the shoot fight style was superior, even though technically both promotions did not have legit wrestling. This lead to an interpromotional show where UWF-i lost and popularity of the promotion declined as UWF-i closed it's doors in 1996. Nobuhiko Takada transitioned into mixed martial arts, competing in supposed rigged bouts. Takada eventually worked his way up the ladder and became the main figurehead for the PRIDE promotion. In 2004, Nobuhiko Takada started the HUSTLE promotion and owned the company fulltime later in the year when MMA company, Dream Stage Entertainment, was caught using funds from the Yakuza. With Takada under management, he turned HUSTLE into the Japanese version of WWE and developed the devious character of Generalissimo Takada and the Esperanza. As the incredibly wealthy Generalissimo Takada, he rules HUSTLE with an iron fist and uses his MONSTER Army to take down anyone who imposes him and has been fighting the many different incarnations of the HUSTLE Army since 2004. His other character, The Esperanza, is a murderous indestructible cyborg modeled after himself. With strikes and wrestling moves barely affecting him, his destructive 'Bitan!' laser beams, his cold dark stare, and his tendency to reappear every passing year, he is one of the most feared competitors in HUSTLE. Generalissimo Takada announced his retirement at HUSTLE Aid and named Magnum TOKYO his successor to the company, until he was later murdered by a new threat to the promotion named KING Riki.

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Name: Yinling
Real Name: Yan Yin Ling
Nicknames: Yinling of JOYTOY, The Erotic Terrorist
DOB: February 15, 1976
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 162 cm
Weight: N/A
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Stunner, Victory Roll-Up, Spinning Heel Kick

At the age of 10, Yinling moved from Taiwan to Japan. She then began her career as a gravure idol and race queen at age 16, appearing in non-nude controversial photos supporting communism, mock masturbation, and politically themed works. She's also been in various movies and music videos, even releasing an album herself. In 2004, Yinling debuted in HUSTLE immediately aligning with the MONSTER Army as she feuded with the likes of Naoya Ogawa and Toshiaki Kawada, but soon turned face and joined the HUSTLE Army in 2005, changing her name to Newling. During a match between the Esperanza and Hard Gay, Newling appeared onstage playing a ocarina that began to weaken the Esperanza. Her attempts to have the murderous cyborg failed, as she was shot with a 'Bitan' laser and killed, but soon she returned under the Yinling alias again and was back in the MONSTER Army. In 2007, she had a feud with the Great Muta, which lead to a tag match at HUSTLE Aid 2007 where Muta misted her crotch, impregnating the gravure idol. Yinling soon laid an egg and hatched from it was her newborn son, Monster Bono. She and Bono teamed for a few matches, until she started to abuse her child to the point where he called her a b***h. Enraged, she disowned her son and they began a feud around 2008. Yinling was soon killed off again as Bono crushed her to death in their match. During the last moments, Yinling said her emotional goodbyes to Bono as he carried her corpse out of the ring, crying. In reality, Yinling had left HUSTLE to get married. Recently, in late 2009, it was reported that Yinling was suing HUSTLE for missed pay.

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Name: Bob Sapp
Nicknames: The Beast
DOB: September 22, 1974
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Height: 199 cm
Weight: 170 kg
Trained by: WCW Power Plant
Finishers: Jackknife Powerbomb, Diving Headbutt, Triple Powerbomb

Bob Sapp originally started his career in professional football, drafted by the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, and Oakland Raiders, but was soon. He then transitioned into wrestling in 2000 and trained at NWA Wildside while it was still a WCW development territory. He was soon contracted to WCW, but never got the chance to appear on WCW TV, due to Vince McMahon purchasing the company in 2001. Bob Sapp had then left to Japan, transitioning to kickboxing and mixed martial arts, where he gained immense popularity, not due to his fighting, but his outrageous charisma and cocky personality, often putting himself over and claiming he could beat anyone. His popularity gained him many roles in Japanese movies, Japanese commercials, appearances in game shows, his own documentary film, and even releasing his own popular album called "SAPP TIME!" Bob Sapp soon went back to wrestling, debuting in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he defeated the Great Muta and won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship from Kensuke Sasaki. He soon vacated the title due to commitments with K-1 and PRIDE FC. In 2007, Bob Sapp debuted in HUSTLE attacking Razor Ramon HG after his match and aligned himself with the MONSTER Army. He feuded with HG which lead to a match at HUSTLEMania 2007 where Sapp was victorious. Sapp continued to work for HUSTLE through 2007-2008, feuding with the likes of RG and Wataru Sakata. Bob Sapp was soon fired from HUSTLE in late 2008 for unknown reasons. Sapp had confirmed that he was paid $30,000 (USD) every HUSTLE appearance, stating that was the main reason why he has never signed contracts with WWE and TNA.

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Name: Scott Norton
Nicknames: Flash
DOB: June 15, 1961
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 160 kg
Trained by: Brad Rheingans, Verne Gagne
Finishers: Shoulder Breaker, Sheer Drop Powerbomb

Scott Norton started his career as a professional arm wrestler, scoring 30 wins and even landing a spot in the movie, Over the Top, starring Sylvester Stallone. While touring Japan, New Japan Pro Wrestling spotted him and asked him to be a wrestler, which he declined, until he finally decided to try it as he was trained by former Olympic wrestler, Brad Rheigans, and completed his training in AWA under Verne Gagne. He stayed in AWA playing a lumberjack gimmick for about a year, until he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1990, catching the eye of World Championship Wrestling executives. Norton continued to wrestle in NJPW, becoming a two time IWGP Tag Team Champion, before returning to the United States in 1995 where he joined WCW. While in WCW, Norton appeared in various tag teams until in 1996, he joined the New World Order, often teaming with Buff Bagwell under a team called "Vicious and Delicious.". With the cross promotional deal with NJPW, Norton wrestled in both WCW and NJPW as an important member of nWo Japan. While back in NJPW, Norton won his first world heavyweight title, defeating Yuji Nagata for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, while he mostly was lower midcard in WCW. In 1999, Scott Norton left WCW completely and made NJPW his major focus as in 2001, he enjoyed a second reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion after defeating Kensuke Sasaki. In 2006, due to age and multiple injuries, Scott Norton decided it was best to take it easy, as he officially became a freelancer. Around early 2007, Scott Norton made his official debut in HUSTLE, aligning himself with the MONSTER Army. In HUSTLE, he's had feuds with RG, Keroro Gunsou from Sgt. Frog, and Wataru Sakata. Scott Norton continued to wrestle in HUSTLE throughout 2008, mostly competing in squash matches or matches to put over the other competitors, until he left in 2008. In 2009, Scott Norton's wife confirm that Scott has been in talks with HUSTLE and plans to return later on in the year.

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Name: Shinjiro Otani
Nicknames: Fire Monster, ACHICHI, Mr. Otani
DOB: July 21, 1972
Hometown: Yamaguchi, Japan
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 107 kg
Trained by: Animal Hamaguchi
Finishers: Dragon Suplex, King Cobra Clutch, Spiral Bomb

Otani started in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1992, mostly appearing in openers and midcard matches. As soon as NJPW's deal with WCW started, Otani made a few appearances, even becoming the first ever WCW Cruiserweight Champion after defeating Chris Benoit in a tournament. The exposure made Otani a popular juniorweight in NJPW, winning the J-Crown and being crowned the first ever IWGP Junior Tag Team Champion. Otani stayed with NJPW until 2001, where he was contacted by Shinya Hashimoto and joined Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE, becoming one of their biggest stars. Hashimoto soon gave the company to Otani due to financial problems. In 2005, Otani made his debut for HUSTLE teaming with the HUSTLE Army until 2007, when he was brainwashed by the MONSTER Army and developed the gimmick of "FIRE MONSTER ACHICHI" and donned a coat made to look like flames and wore red and black face make-up. Otani soon dropped the gimmick and played himself in the MONSTER Army, often teaming with Kohei Sato and Toshiaki Kawada. Shinjiro Otani left HUSTLE in 2008 to focus more on his own promotion, Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE.

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Name: Aa-chan
Real Name: Nobutaka Araya
Nicknames: N/A
DOB: March 7, 1968
Hometown: N/A
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Brainbuster, Moonsault

Nobutaka Araya started his career as a sumo wrestler, then transitioned into wrestling, working for Genichiro Tenryu's WAR promotion, IWA Japan, and W*ING. He wasn't noticed, however, until he made appearances for AJPW in 2000, often competing in tag matches and lower midcard shows. Aa-chan made his debut in HUSTLE in 2008 a little after Bono-chan was kicked out of the MONSTER Army by Yinling. Renamed Aa-chan, Araya teamed with yellow AJPW wrestler, Yokuta Yoshie, now renamed Yoshie-chan, and Bono-chan, wrestling in a sumo-like stable. After Bono-chan had joined the HUSTLE Army and matured, Aa-chan was sad that he lost his friend and became jealous. To get revenge, Aa-chan disguised himself as The Golden Cup, a parody of Super Strong Machine, and competed in an elimination tag match, surprising Bono-chan by joining the MONSTER Army. Aa-chan will be retiring from wrestling in July.

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"I AM GM!"

Name: Yuji Shimada
Nickname: GM
Hometown: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: Low Blows, Chair Shots, Groping

Little is known about Yuji Shimada's past, except that he is a former mixed martial arts referee. He currently assists Nobuhiko Takada in booking HUSTLE and sometimes referees matches while wearing a luchador mask. His role in HUSTLE is a sleazy money grubbing perverted manager and is seen managing almost every member of the MONSTER Army. To date, he's only competed in one match in HUSTLE, teaming with Giant Vabo against The Great Sasuke and Japanese Gravure Idol, Hitomi Kaikawa, in a losing effort. Shimada left the MONSTER Army at the 7.30 Show after Kawada took power.

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Name: An Jo
Real Name: Yoji Anjo
Nicknames: Commander An Jo, Mr. 300%
DOB: March 28, 1967
Hometown: Suginami, Japan
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Trained by: NJPW Dojo
Finishers: 300% Armbreaker, Fujiwara Armbar, High Knee Lift
Theme Song: James Brown is Dead by LA Style

Yoji Anjo started with an unsuccessful career in sumo wrestling, then transitioned to professional wrestling, being one of the few that left New Japan Pro Wrestling to join Universal Wrestling Federation. After UWF folded, he returned to NJPW, but gained little to no success unlike the rest of the former UWF roster. He soon left NJPW again to join Nobuhiko Takada's UWF-i, instantly becoming one of the most over competitors in the promotion and the biggest heel, having notable feuds against Takada, Kazuo Yamazaki, and Genichiro Tenryu. After UWF-i folded, Anjo rejoined New Japan Pro Wrestling and teamed with Super Strong Machine making a masked duo, though once again, Anjo had no success in NJPW. In 2000 after Giant Baba had passed away, he briefly helped out with rebuilding, then transitioned into mixed martial arts, competing in PRIDE with a terrible record of W: 0 L: 5. Immediately after HUSTLE was opened, Anjo was hired by his old friend, and competed in a few matches, before finally joining fulltime and essentially playing his old UWF-i gimmick of a cocky b*****d. Since being in HUSTLE, Anjo mostly does tag matches or matches against weaker competitors, he either usually getting the better of his frequent taunting, heelish tactics, and experience or the other way around. Too date, his most famous match in HUSTLE was against 1980s singer, Yasuha, at HUSTLEMania 2008 where after he taunted, embarrassed, and even beat her down with a kendo stick, he lost when Yasuha's manager got involved, causing Yasuha to win with a victory roll-up. An Jo left the MONSTER Army after Kawada took over, not pleased with the idea that he couldn't be the replacement for Takada.

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"Muy Bien!"

Name: Ray Ohara
Real Name: Hajime Ohara
Nicknames: N/A
DOB: July 24th, 1984
Hometown: N/A
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 86 kg
Trained by: Ultimo Dragon
Finishers: Do It Now!, Muy Bien

Trained by Ultimo Dragon in Toryumon Mexico, Hajime Ohara has mostly worked fulltime in Mexico, though still making a few random appearances in Japan every once in awhile. In late 2008, he defeated his trainer and mentor Ultimo Dragon in Mexico to win the NWA International Junior Heavyweight title. In that same month, Ohara made his debut in HUSTLE at their Christmas Show under the name Ray Ohara, bringing his belt along. Already impressed, Takada booked him in a tag match where he defeated two of HUSTLE's rising stars, KUSHIDA and Chie, starting a feud between Ohara and KUSHIDA for his belt. Back in the fourth these two went, leading to a Hair vs Title match, which Ohara won. KUSHIDA, now bald, enraged by Ohara's disrespectful attitude and cheating ways once again challenged Ohara for the belt, stating that the loser had to leave HUSTLE. Ray Ohara was once against victorious against KUSHIDA and as promised, KUSHIDA had to leave the promotion. REY Ohara left the MONSTER Army after Kawada took over, claiming he would rather continue his work in Mexico than be lead by Kawada.

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Name: Nise HG
Real Name: Keizo Matsuda
Nicknames: Fake HG
DOB: March 2nd, 1995
Hometown: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Trained by: N/A
Finishers: 69 Driver, Shattered Dreams
Theme Song: Goldfinger 99 by Hiromi Go

Little is known about Matsuda, except he mostly frequented promotions like IWA Japan and FMW with little success. Due to his friendship with Tajiri, Matsuda was invited to work for HUSTLE in 2008 playing the role of Hard Gay's clone, Nise. Nise HG made his debut in a match that was originally billed as Toshiaki Kawada and Hard Gay vs Genichiro Tenryu and Real Gay. The fans looked on confused as they noticed that "HG" was more muscular than usual. Also seeing something strange with his "friend", RG tried to talk sense into him, but soon found out the hard way that this wasn't HG as Nise proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Since working for HUSTLE, Nise HG has been involved in a lot of comedy tag matches, has done the honor of singing at two HUSTLE shows, and has become one of HUSTLE's most popular characters.

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"Bakayo, ******** you!"

Name: Tiger Jeet Singh
Real Name: Jagit Singh Hans
Nickname: The Tiger
DOB: 1944
Hometown: Ludhiana, Punjab
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Trained by: Fred Atkins
Finishers: Tiger Claw, Cobra Sleeper, Camel Clutch

Regarded as one of the forefathers of hardcore wrestling, Singh moved to Canada from his home country of India in 1965. An avid weightlifter, Singh would watch TV while working out when he stopped at a channel that showed a professional wrestling bout. After watching the match, Singh told himself, "If those guys could do that, so can I.", so Singh got to work and eventually met famous Canadian promoter, Frank Tunney. Tunney introduced Singh to bodybuilder and wrestler, Fred Atkins, and after months of grueling training, Singh made his debut in the Maple Leaf Gardens as a foreign heel the likes of no one has seen before, often using illegal tactics and weapons to beat his opponents. In his career in Canada, he has faced the likes of Gene Kiniski, Bruno Sammartino, Johnny Valentine, and facing The Sheik in a cage match at the Maple Leaf Gardens to a sellout crowd. Tiger Jeet Singh soon found out the money he'd make in Japan and caught the attention of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Antonio Inoki. While in Japan, he provoked the legend in a market and slapped his wife across the face. This lead to a match where Tiger Jeet Singh got the upset victory over Inoki which started an almost eight year feud between the two. In the words of Antonio Inoki, "It would take a baseball bat to beat this crazy Indian." Singh continued to wrestle in Japan, even competing in the now famous IWA Japan King of the Deathmatch Tournament in 1995. Stating that he feels bored just sitting around the house all day, Tiger Jeet Singh has made it clear that he has no plan to retire and still continues to wrestle to this day. In 2005, Tiger Jeet Singh appeared in HUSTLE and faced Naoya Ogawa in a bloody match, which he lost. Since then, Tiger Jeet Singh has made many appearances in HUSTLE, causing fans to riot, and putting fear in the hearts of his opponents with his barbaric hardcore style of wrestling.

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Name: Giant Silva
Real Name: Paulo César da Silva
Nicknames: N/A
DOB: July 21, 1963
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Height: 230 cm
Weight: 180 kg
Trained by: Dory Funk Jr, Tom Prichard
Finishers: Bottom Rope Splash, Giant Slam, Superplex
Theme Song: Giant Press

Paulo Cesar da Silva first started out in basketball even competing in the Olympics for the Brazilian team. He was soon scouted by Tom Prichard and signed with WWE, only working for one year as he was apart of the short lived Oddities stable. Though his time in WWE was short and unmemorable, he continued to wrestle professionally as he moved to Japan and wrestled in New Japan Pro Wrestling, forming a popular tag team with Giant Singh, now more commonly known as WWE's The Great Khali. Also while in Japan, he has competed in PRIDE FC, having terrible fights where he's mostly lost. Silva has been with HUSTLE since day one, as he competed in a hanidcap match against ZERO-1's Kohei Sato and Katsuhisa Fuji, and even interfered in the main event, costing Naoya Ogawa his match against Goldberg as revenge for easily beating him in their MMA fight. Since then, Silva has joined the MONSTER Army and makes occasional appearances whenever he can.

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"I'M GONNA ******** YOU UP, BOY!"

Name: Lance Cade
Real Name: Lance K. McNaught
Nicknames: Cowboy, Garrison Cade
DOB: March 2, 1981
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 118 kg
Trained by: Shawn Michaels
Finishers: Western Lariat, Sitout Spinebuster, Diving Texas

Lance K. McNaught along with his good friend, Bryan Danielson, trained under Shawn Michaels in 1999. A few months after completing training, McNaught under the name Garrison Cade teamed with Bryan Danielson, who was masked and using the name, The Dagger, competed in Japan for the Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling promotion. Cade stayed in FMW until 2001 when WWE signed him. After two years in development, Garrison Cade debuted in WWE and aligned with Mark Jindrak, though the two never won tag team gold. Cade was then sent back into development and returned, renamed Lance Cade and formed a successful tag team with Trevor Murdoch, winning multiple tag team gold. In 2008, the team had split when Trevor Murdoch became a country music singer and Cade briefly aligned with Chris Jericho against his trainer, Shawn Michaels, but was then released from WWE after having a seizure on a plane. In late 2008, Cade debuted in HUSTLE and was in a masked tag team with other former WWE Wrestler, Rene Dupree, as the Sharpe Brothers, claiming to be made from the DNA of Larry Sharpe. After the two were defeated by Genichiro Tenryu and Shiro Koshinaka at HUSTLEMania 2008, the team disbanded and Lance Cade officially debuted as himself in February, defeating Bono-kun and TAJIRI in a tag match. Cade has made it clear that'll he be working for the HUSTLE promotion fulltime now.

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Name: Red Onigumo/Minoru Fujita
Real Name: Minoru Fujita
Nickname: N/A
DOB: September 5, 1977
Hometown: Onoda, Yamaguchi, Japan
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Trained by: TAJIRI, Kazuo Sakurada
Finishers: BONEYARD, Fujita Driver

Minoru Fujita debuted in 1997 playing the protege of his trainer, TAJIRI. When TAJIRI had left the promotion, Fujita left as well to work in the shoot style company, BattlArts. He soon then worked in promotions based in Mexico and even worked in IWA Puerto Rico, until he was picked up by Shinya Hashimoto and wrestled in his promotion, Pro Wrestling ZERO-1, teaming frequently with Ikuto Hidaka. While working for ZERO-1, Fujita made his debut in HUSTLE in 2004, playing a spider gimmick of Red Onigumo along with his partner, Blue Onigumo. Fujita worked for HUSTLE as the Red Onigumo for five years, until in 2009, Fujita who was finally unmasked interfered in a tag match involving Ray Ohara, TAJIRI, and KUSHIDA. Though he hasn't made much of an impact since then, time will tell if Fujita will make his mark in HUSTLE.

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Name: Francoise
Real Name: N/A
Nicknames: N/A
Hometown: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Trained by: Gamma, Super Delfin?
Finishers: Being slutty

As you can tell by the stats that I've written for Francoise, I do not know a lot about her. All I know is she used to date current Dragon Gate wrestler, Gamma, and that she competed in Osaka Pro. Francoise made her HUSTLE debut in February 2009, bringing along her client and rumored boyfriend, Lance Cade. Since then, she has engaged in a tiny feud with Bono-kun, often distracting him by flirting with him, removing her top, and stretching at ringside. It's been suggested that Francoise may be a replacement for Yinling who left HUSTLE in 2008.

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Name: 2nd Generation Monster C
Real Name: Kentaro Shiga
Nicknames: N/A
DOB: December 6, 1974
Hometown: Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Trained by: Giant Baba, Tamon Honda
Finishers: Shiga Spiral Shooter, Shiga Sleeper

Kentaro Shiga debuted in All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1994, mainly doing openers and midcard until after Giant Baba's death, Mitsuharu Misawa started the Pro Wrestling NOAH promotion and like many others, left AJPW and joined NOAH. Shiga continued to do midcard in NOAH and was even a two time GHC Tag Team champion, until he had to take a hiatus from wrestling for two years due to injury in 2005. Shiga soon returned in 2007 and continued to do tag matches in NOAH. In 2009, it was announced that Monster C was forced to retire due to his "C-ing" arm being injured and that MONSTER Army would be holding auditions to crown a 2nd Generation Monster C. Kentaro Shiga showed interest in the competition and appeared at the March 25 show, competing in 4 Man Over the Top Battle Royal between himself, a Mitsuharu Misawa impersonator, a five year old toddler, and an eccentric comedian. With little to no effort, Shiga won the royal, impressing Generalissimo Takada, and was soon chosen to be the next Monster C.

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Name: Monster C
Real Name: Steve Corino
Nicknames: King of Old School, Mr. Wrestling 3, The ******** God of Wrestling
DOB: May 29, 1973
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Trained by: Tom Brandi
Finishers: (As C) Mexican Surfboard

Steve Corino first had exposure in Matt and Jeff Hardy's promotion in North Carolina, Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts, where he worked with anti-hardcore gimmick. Steve Corino stayed with OMEGA and was even their last champion, until the company folded due to the Hardy Boyz signing with WWE. Corino had then made his debut in 1998 in Extreme Championship Wrestling in a match against Nova after being spotted by Paul Heyman at an independent wrestling show. During his time in ECW, Corino kept his King of Old School gimmick and performed as a manager, aligning with Jack Victory and managing Tajiri and Rhyno. He soon aligned with Cyrus the Virus' Network and feuded with the likes of Jerry Lynn, Sandman, and Justin Credible. He soon won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship and held it for a few months, then made a face turn as soon as he lost it, developing a feud with the Network until ECW folded in 2001. Corino soon made his mark in the Pennsylvania indies, performing in MLW and Ring of Honor, having a gory feud with Homicide for a few years. He soon attracted the attention of Shinya Hashimoto and joined Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE, making his Japanese and international career. In 2004, Steve Corino debuted at the first ever HUSTLE show in a tag match where he lost to Mil Mascaras. Corino continued to make appearances throughout HUSTLE, until in 2005 he debuted the Monster C gimmick, where he rallied up the crowd using taunts and maneuvers that resembled the letter 'C'. In 2007, Steve Corino announced that would he be retiring and made a few more HUSTLE appearances, until he announced he wouldn't be retiring, but for a short period of time, Steve Corino was replaced with the Monster C gimmick until he returned fulltime in late 2008. In 2009, it was announced Monster C had broken his arm, limiting himself from continuing to use his taunts and moves that the fans were so familiar with. The original Monster C said his last goodbyes on March 25, 2009 and left to a standing ovation. According to Steve Corino's forum, it's been referenced several times that Corino disliked working for HUSTLE due to it's comedy and prefers serious wrestling. Despite this, the original Monster C returned in a tag match with his replacement in a losing effort.

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Name: Arma
Real Name: Travis David Tomko
Nicknames: Tyson Tomko, Travis Bane, Tomko, The Problem Solver
DOB: March 23, 1976
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 133 kg
Trained by: OVW, Jim Cornette, Hack Meyers, Danny Davis
Finishers: Chainsaw Kick, Choke Slam

Travis Tomko first started his career as the bodyguard for Limp Bizkit. He was a close personal friend of Fred Durst and even appeared in a few music videos and was thanked in their album, Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water. About two years after the album's release, Travis Tomko left the band and was signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. He was immediately assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling working in a Satanist stable called the Disciples of Synn where he teamed with the likes of Leviathan and Seven (who you all may know as Batista and Kevin Thorn). After a year of teaming with Seven, Tomko was brought up to the RAW brand interfering in a match between Chris Jericho and Christian where he attacked Jericho on Christian's behalf. He was now known as Christian's Problem Solver and personal adviser, where he would watch Christian's back or disagree with Christian's stupidity and immaturity (No). In 2004, Tomko was left on his own as Christian was drafted to Smackdown. After months of squashing jobbers on Heat, he would soon team with Gene Snitsky continuing to defeat the talent on Heat, but the team had separated in 2005 as Tomko left WWE on good terms as he had wished to make his name in Japan. Tomko debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling a little after his release and teamed with former World Wrestling Entertainment employee, Giant Bernard (Albert/A-Train) in an dominant tag team. The duo soon captured tag team gold as they defeated Takao Omori and Manabu Nakanishi for the IWGP Tag Team Titles on March 11, 2007, holding the titles for a whole year until they lost the belts to Togi Makabe and Toru Yano. Tomko left NJPW due to budget cuts and found his way to Total Nonstop Action where he was once again with his friend, Christian, in his group called the Christian Coalition where Tomko teamed with AJ Styles in a very successful tag team, even capturing the TNA Tag Team Titles. The team soon turned on Christian and aligned with Kurt Angle, but Tomko's allegiance to Kurt didn't last long as he left the group citing, "If we were on the line of fire, I wouldn't bother to take a bullet for you." Tomko left TNA as he once again resigned with World Wrestling Entertainment. This deal didn't last very long, however, as with Tomko's nagging injuries on the road and his weight gain, Tomko was once again released by WWE. On June, 25 2009, Tomko made his debut in HUSTLE working for the MONSTER faction as he teamed with the former Rene Bonaparte as the duo of Armageddon.


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HUSTLE Jihad! 10.10!

King RIKI, Riki Choshu, Yoshihiro Takayama, Genichiro Tenryu, & Wataru Sakata vs. Magnum TOKYO, Shiro Koshinaka, Rene Dupree, Toshiaki Kawada, & RG

KG & Mystery Partner vs. Hajime Ohara & Super Crazy

TAJIRI vs. Muscle Sakai

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Magnum TOKYO, Wataru Sakata, & TAJIRI defeated Genichiro Tenryu, Toshiaki Kawada, & Yoji Anjo
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi defeated RG
Shiro Koshinaka defeated Akira Shoji
HUSTLE Ranger Yellow & KG defeated Hajime Ohara & Monster C

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Official HUSTLE:
HUSTLE: Fighting Opera (JP)
The Official Website of HUSTLE. Contains news, wallpaper, roster page, fight card, and media exclusive to members. Though the language may turn you off, it's still to look at the roster page and see all the former and current WWE/ECW/WCW/TNA wrestlers who have worked for the promotion.

HUSTLE Online Store
The Official Online Store of HUSTLE. T-Shirts, Pins, DVDs, and even Wrestling Masks! Again, the language barrier and the fact that they only accept yen may turn you off, but it's nice to see the crazy merchandise they have.
WARNING: If you somehow have possession of yen and wish to purchase from the site, don't. Overpriced and service is crap.

HUSTLE Official Music Videos:
HUSTLE History
A music video that details the events that happened between 2004-2005. First showed at HUSTLEMania 2005. Though, very hard to understand, a good and funny watch. Plus...IT HAS GOLDBERG!

Yinling's Career Highlights
A sad music video that shows Yinling's highlights in HUSTLE. First showed at HUSTLE Aid 2008 as a tribute to Yinling since her character was officially killed off.

The MONSTER Family
Another sad music showcasing Bono-chan, Yinling, and the Great Muta. Briefly explains how they came to be and how the family separated.

HUSTLEMania 2006 Recap
Video hyping the events leading to HUSTLEMania 2006. Familiar faces such as Team 3-D, Matt Morgan, and Awesome Kong are included.

A funny video where former HUSTLE Army leader, Naoya Ogawa, explains the famous feud.

Touger Than a Bear
A music video by RIKI. HE FIGHTS A ******** BEAR!

Another music video by RIKI. HE'S ON A BOAT!

Kawada Sings!:
Kawada sings a song called "Tochigi" at HUSTLE Aid 2008.

Kawada and Takada do a duet, singing "Yah Yah Yah" by Chage & Aska. Funny stuff.

Kawada sings a song called Kubokuro.

Kawada sings a song, hypes up the show, then does a duet.

Meet the Wiggles?!
Kawada is confronted by a comedy duo who urge him to dance and stretch.

Honey FLASH!
Kawada takes on HUSTLE Army Member, Ryouji Sai, in a sing off! Kawada's song of choice? The theme song to famous anime, Cutie Honey!

Kawada takes off his pants and dances in his underoos with Yoshio Kojima (Think of him as the Japanese equivalent to the Numa Numa Guy and Tay Zonday)

HUSTLE Fan Music Videos:
The Esperanza
Music video showcasing all the incarnations of Esperanza up to 2007. Made by koopadx.

"MONSTER K" Toshiaki Kawada
Another music video made by koopadx. Showcases Kawada's career while aligned with the MONSTER Army.

Kintaro Kanemura: Come Out & Play
Tribute video to HUSTLE Alumni, Kintaro Kanemura. Shows a few clips of him in HUSTLE. Made by LubricuntShawn (me!).

Monster HG: MONSTER, FOO~!
Small tribute to Monster HG also made by LubricuntShawn (me!). It was a request and I did not have alot of clips to work with, but I think it's still pretty decent.

Full HUSTLE Shows:

If you would like to see a full HUSTLE Show, please make an account at Dailymotion.com and add both of my accounts. They're privated and only people on my friends list may watch them. Don't worry, I'll add anyone who's interested to the product once I see a request. Depending on how many matches and whether or not it was taken from the TV show, most HUSTLE Shows are about 2 Hours long.

Contains three full HUSTLE shows and large collection of HUSTLE matches.

Contains about 7-9 full HUSTLE shows.

Done here. Now to the painful task of fixing this s**t up.
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Generalissimo Takada

HUSTLE Under New Management
As soon as Takada had gained ownership of the promotion, the style began to change. While still promoting cards with shoot fighters, mixed martial artists, and pro wrestlers, the promotion began to be overrun with whacky, over the top characters. The roster themselves being remodeled with new gimmicks. Even Nobuhiko Takada had made his own alter ego, under the name of the tyrannical, Generalissimo Takada, who had claimed that he had bought the HUSTLE promotion with a Million MONSTER Dollars and would take over with his own army. This started the famous neverending feud between Takada's MONSTER Army and HUSTLE main eventer, Naoya Ogawa, who opposed Takada's new rule.

I'm stuck at work for another two hours... but seriously, reading this just made my day. rofl
HUSTLE History and HUSTLE Army Member list done. Going to take a break and do the rest later, since I typed all of that info instead of the traditional copy and paste. gonk

For now, if you want to talk about HUSTLE or even ask questions about the promotion, feel free to post. Not only did I make this thread to talk with fellow HUSTLE fans, but to also introduce the promotion.
MONSTER Army profiles added. I'm going to add the Fight Card, Results, and Link section, then do the Alumni profiles tomorrow as they're the least important part now.

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