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A little before Hogan, barely now.
I used to like TNA for the matches (because, let's face it, the storylines were always s**t), but now you couldn't pay me to watch it.
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I gotta say, I disagree with a majority of you.

I don't hate it as much as you, because some of it entertains me.

As much as I hate to say it, Hardy keeps me seated. Well, I haven't watched it for 2-3 weeks? But some of his stuff he always does still keeps me entertained, even though it's the same old.

Can't stand Hogan, Flair, or Bischoff, but I'm being hyprocritical.

When Macho Man returned for a bit, I was going crazy. Mainly because that was my childhood hero but hey, whatever.

Shark Boy was a ******** joke.

When Punk was in it, of course it was great.

I mean, I appreciate older TNA then I do now. Some moments were just amazing, and it didn't require loud moments and flashy lights [WWE]. Tommy Dreamer appearing was awesome.

But my major thing? The X Division. I'm sorry, but I see serious potentinal there. Like , alot of it. I feel as though John Morrison needs to show up, along with Kofi and maybe even Sin Cara, cause I see that as there rightful home.

Hell, I'll even say if the X-Division had it's own TV show [adding in a few peeps like Jo-Mo, Chris Hero, Sin Cara, and Evan Bourne], I'd watch that more than WWE and TNA.
When TNA actually took the X-Division and Knockouts seriously, it was awesome. But that hasn't been their focus since the Main Event Mafia, and it's only gotten worse since Hogan and Bischoff took over.
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Liked the show when the ring was hexagonal, then Hulk Hogan came in, and then I just completely forgot what TNA is, since they change the ring to a traditional square ring.

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