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Shop in it's entirety drawn for and created by Shad-O 1315

Note: I'm a Christian and this shop has nothing to do with putting down or dismissing religion.

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1|| Introduction & Contents [YOU ARE HERE]
2|| Story and Demon Information
3|| To do List and suggestion form
5|| Affiliates
6|| Ad Contest
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"Once upon a time... no, no that's not true..." *ahem* "Just a little while ago... no, damn! It's happening right now! Ok, ok here we go.." *cough gag cough cough*

"Hell, as you very well know, was a feared place by many. what with the torture and the fire and the screaming.... hm? Oh sorry, lost myself there for a moment. You see I remember that hell, good times! At least until the end of humanity came. (Eh, how? Well wouldn't you like to know!) Without souls to torture hell has sort of.. devolved. No longer the "dark empire of the underworld. is once was, no. Now this hell is truly a hell, so little we knew how to do that didn't involve tormenting the damned that we could barely feed ourselves without the abundant human prey that once scurried timidly across these lands. We demons left to our own devices had to survive in the barren damned wasteland and we've done a good job of it if I do say so myself! Today demons thrive across the lands, but in this land of little there is always competition. Nothing like good old anger and bloodshed to bring back sweet memories... oh there I go again..

Well now, what will your demon make of itself? Born into a hell that dosn't need it anymore and left to survive of it's own accord. It will make it if it's strong enough, but weakness is dangerous in this god forsaken land and the underworld is not kind to the lazy..

Good luck!

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Demons go through four stages of life: Egg, Kit, Beast, and adult.

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++They live in "clans" which will basically be just groups of demons you and your friends can RP together like a family that works together to survive.

++They have a mouth but it only appears when the demon eats and it not used for speaking (too many teeth!) they use telepathy for that. They also have claws to help in combat.

++This will be a Survival RP setting, this hell is like a giant wasteland and demons have to do everything they can to survive and claim their own territory, even fight other demons! (there will be a simple dice combination set up for "battles" when the shop opens)

++there will be sub-types of demons in the future like furry ones for the frozen lands and perhaps wanderers/clanless ones with unique lines once i get them done and feel like introducing them. I have the cold lines done as you can see below, these are not edited bases, they were drawn completely from scratch:
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++THEY ARE NOT INHERENTLY EVIL. Yes, they are demons, yes, this is hell. No, they are not evil back stabbing little gremlins...at least not anymore. Years of having to survive have tempered them and now they possess a full range of emotions from happy to sad to love to boiling hatred. You can give your demon any personality you want but remember they ARE demons and most of them probably won't be all "sunshine and butterflies"

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This is a map of the area of hell this shop is set in. There are many neat and interesting places you can RP your demon in and you can also make up little places you think would be found there. (ex: lava pools, stone caverns, their clan home...etc)

There are three main zones of this land: The Desolate lands, the livable lands, and the frozen lands. The Desolate lands are full of mountains with the odd canyon or two, on the edge of these lands there's the start of a dead forest that lead into the livable lands. Most of the Desolate lands are wasteland with little food and harsh weather so very few demons choose to live there willingly. Demons may wander these lands after being driven out of the livable lands by a stronger clan.

The Livable lands have plenty of food and many demons choose to make their clan homes here either in the dead forests, at the bottom of the few canyons or high in the mountains to the north or south. The rest of this land is flat, rocky wastes where food wanders timidly in the open.

The frozen lands are just that. Hell did indeed freeze over and only demons who are well adapted to the cold dare to make their homes here. Snow and ice cover this land and even the lava around it has solidified into rock that will never thaw. Think of an arctic wasteland with mountains, glaciers, and lots of snow. The the mild north there's a small dead forest that some demons have found to be tolerable.

One RP idea would be a brave demon's adventure into the desolate lands, or perhaps they and their friends are up for a trek to the mountains to find a nice cave to live in or maybe they already do? The sky is the limit so have fun. =D

To Do List
++Polar and wanderer demons lines/templates
==Make ranking system concept and do lines for three ranks: Warrior, pregnant, and clan leader.
++ Work on Valentines event
++ Consider hiring people now or putting it off until after the shop lives for a bit.

You are also free to suggest things that you think would work with the shop. =D
Just keep in mind i don't have to use your suggestion if i don't want to so don't get upset if i choose not to.
( Still debating on whether or not to hire people right now or after the shop is around a while but probably will be looking for colorists and an RP manager eventually! )
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Wanna affiliate with us? No problem! Just post or PM me your banner and take ours in exchange!

(please 200X40 or similar size banners only)

Our Banner

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In order to make sure people know about us i'm offering one unique lines custom to the winner of this ad contest! That means i will draw you a normal or frozen lands demon completely from scratch and it's lines will not be reused!

To participate please put out banner on your signature and post this code everyday
[size=14][color=red]I'M ADVERTISING TODAY!![/color][/size]

For every day you post that code you will earn 1 POINT! [up to five]

In addition to that for every person that comes in and says you referred them you will get another POINT!

This contest is NOW OPEN and will close when the main shop opens on February 3rd!
**Please stay around if you participate and please try to get people to come in here to stay, not just to boost your score, it's annoying.

None yet!

And here's some colored up for a sale later on during the G.O.
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and some valentines ones i made for the grand opening in february.

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Thank you!
heart heart
-Rolls around-
-derps around and works on an ad contest demon-

To see if we can gather some interest here's a dice game for a battle worn female adult.

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RNG 1-50 and land on 15, 27 or 42 to win her!

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