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Next poll! What familiars would you like to see first?

Scorpio (scorpion) 0.11538461538462 11.5% [ 3 ]
Cancer (crab) 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
Canis Minor (wolf/dog) 0.34615384615385 34.6% [ 9 ]
Grus (crane) 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
Corvus (Crow) 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 4 ]
Serpens (Snake) 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
Vulpecula (Fox) 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 26 ]
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Welcome to this humble little interest thread.
Pardon our dust as this is under MAJOR CONSTRUCTION.

1/15/13 - IT is set up
1/18/13 - Started hiring process. Also Ad contest is up.
1/21/13 - Cert acquired!
2/2/13 - Main templates completed; New poll
2/14/13 - General setting filled

To do list
Make some familiars
Figure out the setting
Main shop banners
Finalize other smaller details
Hire colorists?
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1. As always, follow Gaia ToS.
2. Daisy Code is cool too.
3. No begging.
4. No stealing.
5. Patience is a virtue!
6. Respect staff and other shop/IT goers.
7. RP is not required.
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The Pet

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Stage 1 - Star
It's a fallen star. With a bear spirit.

Stage 2 - Cub
It's now a cub! It has a piece of the star fragment in its head.

Stage 3 - Adolescent
Teen years. Bear style.

Stage 4 - Adult
Full grown bear, ready to do all sorts of bear things.
*Better descriptions to come in future

General bear Info
A lot of this will be determined by the setting itself, but the bears are roughly the same size as grizzlies. Their diet is omnivorous. They eat fruit, insects, meat, whatever. The star fragment in their heads could potentially hold some sort of power.. or it might just be a shiny thing. It may be possible that different fragment shapes might hold different meanings.
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None drawn just yet. BUT. Here are a few species that I am considering.

Cancer (Crab)
Scorpio (Scorpion)
Capricorn (Fish Goat?)
Canis Minor (Little wolf/dog)
Basically any from this list

Any suggestions? Preferences? It should keep to some sort of constellation if possible. It does not have to be a western constellation either.
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General Setting

A long time ago, the world was filled with magic. It was said that the ability to use it was a gift from the skies. Those who were lucky or perhaps strong enough, were given power directly from the stars themselves. But something occurred, which caused individuals to stop gaining this power.

Much time has passed since then.

The modern world, one very much like our own in many ways, is one that is busting with civilization. Technology is growing strong as people continue to develop better computers and faster and more efficient ways to share information over the internet. In the wake of technology, magic has been dwindling. More people can tap into what technology has to offer after all. And those who are unable to wield magic often view it as being something too dangerous and unrestrained to be a good thing to have around.

But, there are those who are still trying to preserve what is left of the magic in the world. They seek of ways to combine the best of two worlds through Magitek.

Twenty years ago, this group sought out a way to try and bolster magic. They recalled the tales of old, and looked to the stars to try and see if they could tap into this power once more. If they could pull this off, then maybe magic could continue to exist.

Experiment after experiment, Magitek failed to be able to get much progress. Until, one day, the first star fell to Earth for the first time in ages. The result was one that was highly unexpected. Yes, the one who was lucky enough to be granted with the star's power had managed to earn more magical abilities, but with it came... a bear?

This... wasn't in the legends.
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Other info and questions

Shop title
Does Ursa Major sound good? Or would something else perhaps be better?

I'm thinking the bears will be 5k?
Familiars probably... 2k
Custom and breeding prices have yet to be determined. Input on this would be nice.

Speaking of customs, edits will be somewhat limited. No wings allowed yet, and clothing items are fairly restricted. Bangles and some headpieces are fine. But no pants or anything like that. This means that cosplays will have to be worked around in some fashion.

This is subject to change, but as of now I am thinking that same sex breeding will be allowed as regardless of the setting, they're pretty much still magical spirit-bear-things. Litter sizes will probably be around 2 cubs as the default.

Roleplaying will be welcome, but not required for anything. It might give a bonus to breeding or some other little perks.

More added as they come to mind.
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Alright, Let's get this show on the road. I'll be looking for a couple of colorists. There's no full/part time positions since you'll pretty much color whatever you want. However, whatever you color, it must be complete.

-Colorists will receive Full amount of the pets they color
-For growing pets, colorists are expected to have all stages done before submitting.
-Able to make a free pet once a month either for yourself or for a friend, if you've contributed to the shop that month as a colorist.
-Color when you want. Though for events, it would be nice to chip in.
-Line art editing skills are nice, but not necessary.

To apply, download This template, fill out the form and post it in this thread. I would like at least 2 examples. Also please don't steal the template.

[b][size=18]LETS COLOR SOME BEARS[/size][/b]
[b]Time Zone:[/b]
[b]Other coloring samples:[/b] Perhaps from other shops

Username: MatildaLove
Time Zone: Eastern
doodle bear
firy arrow bear
Cherry Blossom Bear (I was reading your forum XD )
Other coloring samples: I don't have any "Colorist" samples from other shops, never worked for one, but here is my DeviantArt. Everything on there I drew and colored myself... except the glass wolf's head. That I cast.

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None at this time!

Advertising Contest!

If you'd like to help spread the word a bit and possibly get something in return, there's the thing for you!
End date for this contest is ETA but for each day you have one of the banners in your sig and post "I'm Advertising today!" you get a point.
Also if someone comes on in saying that you sent them, you get 3 points.

Person with the most points whenever this is up will win a free full custom bear!
More prizes may be added in the future as well.

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Current points
Chibi_Kokoro143: ||||| ||||| ||||| |
Poke mattix: |

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Current owners

Bernhard - Apple Blossom19
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Concept - Blade Kuroda
Lineart - Blade Kuroda
Cert - Pales

Special thanks to...
Onion, for helping me fix these lines!
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That should do to get things started. The thread is now open for posting!
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