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As you sail along the shallow seas a lonely cove catches your eye...
Welcome to Treasure Trove Cove!

Owners Album

Welcome to the interest thread for Treasure Trove Cove! This is a shop idea i've had since way back in early '08 when I bought the first version of these lines. Unfortunately the artist has to take a break from gaia due to real life issues but thankfully she returned and now Brittlebear is templating the lines so I can finally set this up!

This will be a laid back and friendly shop where users can come and chat and make friends and of course obtain cute as can be treasures! This will also be a slow paces "I'll work on it when I have time" kind of shop that I will color for when I get a break from my main shop The Lights of Ha'Raidu. That being the case there will be sales and such but big events will be few and far between. This is more of a chill out shop that I can work with so i don't get burnt out on coloring for TLOHR.

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1|| Welcome and contents
2|| News
3|| Rules
4|| Story
5|| Stages and Species
6|| Ad contest
7|| Reserved
8|| Dice game
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Latest News

9/28/2012 : Our template artist had returned! New art on page 24! Say hello the our two newest treasures: Bracelet Dogs and Hairpin Foxes!!

Old News

7/11/2012 : An Ad Raffle has been set up as well as a Dice game! The Raffle is the same as an Advertising contest and anyone is welcome to play! Just snag out banner form the post on the front page and you're ready to play!
7/08/2012 : All done setting up and I've added a free dice game to help bring in new people. =D Which of course would gather interest as that is what an interest thread is for.

7/8/2012 : Setting up a shiny new interest thread! Dice games will be set up once i finish copy and pasting this from the wrong forum. =D

7/8/2012 : After our first interest thread was moved to the wrong forum by one of gaia's lovely mods I'm remaking it again in the right forum. Should they feel the need to move it again then I will feel the need to report them for harassment.
7/07/2012 : Thread is now set up and open for posting! I'll be setting up an ad contest today so keep and eye out for it. There will also be plenty of free games to bring people in so watch for those too!
7/06/2012 : IT is setting up! I will be looking for someone to make a map and I'll be holding free games once everything's set up so keep an eye out!
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General Rules

1|| Be polite to your fellow gaians and leave all drama llamas at the door
2|| Do not steal the art.
3|| You must host your own images, do not direct link.
4|| Obey all Gaia ToS while here.

Game Rules

1|| Please read an follow all game rules.
2|| Do not whine if you don't win.
3|| Do not pester people into giving you the pet they just won.
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Long ago in the days of old there sailed the pirates three.
Twas Gale the fierce, Samson the Brute, and Caleb; the most vile he.
They pillaged and plundered the whole world over and in the cove they stashed their booty.
Then came a day when all three were caught, then promptly hanged for their crimes omg.

For many years no ships appeared and gone were the days of old.
No hands touched for many years these trinkets of silver and gold.
The jewels lay hidden from the world outside...
Hidden so long that they've all come alive!

-By Shad-O 1315

---------------------------------------THE BASICS----------------------------------------

--- > These are animals that magically evolve from treasures that were brought to the cove by pirates years ago and have sat so long that they gained life.

--- > They're all very intelligent and able to speak to each other and have limited communication with humans. They all make animal sounds and cannot speak but they can use body language, paw/hoof/wing motions and draw symbols to help humans understand them.

--- > I love the templates on these because it's just how I wanted it. Because these critters come from treasures they all have a slight shine to them and a magical aura that immediately tells you these are not normal animals.

--- > The setting is the cove, now abandoned for centuries, You can RP yourself here as a human if you want to RP along side your treasure or you can just RP treasures. Human OCs will lack any magical abilities and probably just be random sailors or tourists or rich people on vacation or what not.

User Image

Here's what our CERT looks like. =D

Each Treasure has three normal stages of life: Treasure, Child, and Adult.

You come across this little thing half buried in the sand. It's just a normal trinket, or so you think. As you keep it with you it begins to grow warm as if it were alive and if you keep it long enough it will begin to glow!

One morning you are surprised to see that in place of the treasure now sleeps a baby animal! You don't know how this came to bee but it's coloration is just like the treasure. You come to realize that this little baby is the treasure though you're still not sure how...

The little baby has now become much larger and more energetic then ever! Adult treasures can now go off on their own to find others like them. They can even settle down and start a family... though you're not sure how. o.o

There is a rumor that if a treasure reaches a certain age it can become more human-like though this has not been proven yet. (Anthro stages are in the works but they will not be RP required or anything, it'll just take a long time to grow there and you'll have to be active in the shop.)


There are several different treasures one might find in Treasure Cove's sands or many caves and tunnels. Here are the treasures I've gotten lineart for so far:

User Image

There are many more sets left to get. Here is a short bit of info about each treasure:

Ring (Cats)
These fancy felines are quick and nimble. They are found prowling the wooded areas around the cove and are loving and friendly although they can be a bit arrogant.

Wish Tag (Bunnies)
Hyper and happy, these bunnies can be here one moment and there the next. They're always hopping about helping others and most of them are cheerful and quick witted.

Bracelet (Dogs)
Loyal and brave. The dogs of Treasure Cove are fun loving and always out to find something exciting to do. They're very intelligent and will always lend an ear or paw in times of need. Many treasures consider the dogs their guardians.

Earring (Horses)
Horses are not a common sight on the sandy shores of the cove but there are a few of them none the less. They are slow speaking and thoughtful, always planning each action and carefully considering their next words. Horses are friendly and strong.

Pearls (Mermaids)
No one is quite sure what these sea dwelling creatures are but the Treasures call them mermaids. Mermaids are water bound and are the only treasure that can breath under water. They love to swim with other treasures and play games in the shallow sea.

Choker (Dragons)
Mighty lizards of legend. The dragons are rough and tough treasures with fire breath and firey tempers. Proud and intelligent, they look down on others as being less then beautiful compared to a dragon. Despite this flaw in character a dragon can be a powerful and fierce friend.

Hairpins (Foxes)
Should you find your pockets picked and your mind in a haze you may be near a Hairpin Fox. These Treasures are witty and mischievous, always into everything yet cunning enough to not be captured. Foxes have the slight ability to bend the mind and create illusions including making themselves invisible for a short time! Foxes love riddles and tests of the mind.

Flame Halos (Phoenixes)
Fire birds from myths of old. The phoenix is a massive, fire breathing master of the skies and is the only treasure capable of sustained flight. Calm and quiet, no one knows what a phoenix is thinking unless they feel you're worthy of telling. These are the rarest of all treasures and some say they haven't existed in ages.

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--All dice games are free--
Roll two ten sided dice and land on 15 to win this Red Panda inspired ring cat!

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If you would like to affiliate with this thread please take our banner and PM me yours!
affiliates will be transferred over when the shop is set up

Large Banner :
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Small Banner :
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What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change.

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The choir sings, the church bells ring
So won't you give this man his wings?
What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change.

The dragons are done!!!
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The choir sings, the church bells ring
So won't you give this man his wings?
What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change.

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The choir sings, the church bells ring
So won't you give this man his wings?
What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change.

User Image

The choir sings, the church bells ring
So won't you give this man his wings?
Dragons look great, and I'm also glad to see this back where it belongs. I might try my hand at the map contest, too. o:
What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change.

I've set up a dice game!
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The choir sings, the church bells ring
So won't you give this man his wings?

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