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TGC is about connecting people's hearts. Bringing them together, in which to create a fun environment, where we can play, and make friends. Here you will create a civilian, of which you can choose to be blessed with the cauldron's light, and become a Senshi. It's going to be some hard work along the way, but I know you can do it. Fighting!!

Unlike other popular Senshi shops you might've been apart of, or know. This one does not focus on a main setting or story. These things are up to you. To find others to roleplay with in settings of your choosing. As any heart can become destined. However, if you're in need of a setting, this shop takes place right at the beginning of the Sailor V manga; right as the need to awaken scouts it becoming important. Yes, that does mean Sailor Moon and her friends will be making an appearance, but not for a long time. And they'll only be available as Event gains, so don't bother trying to quest for them. Haha. We'll also not be focusing on them, but we might have a meta in the future. We, also for you interest, are manga faithful. We include some anime aspects, but for the most part, refer to the manga in most cases.

In the very center of Star Sagittarius Zero, a holy place, known as the Galaxy Cauldron was born from the cosmos. Over this place, a maiden known as Guardian Cosmos reigned. Here, she raised souls as if they were her own children, adopting the name The Mother. Once grown, these souls would turn into Star Seeds and be transported all across the universe. Each seeking a home in a host… where maybe, maybe… they might grow and awaken.

Every maiden who gains a starseed has the potential to awaken and become the avatar of a planet. Gaining knowledge and power beyond their dreams…

Each knight is chosen by a planet, a male unto which the planet grants it’s power in times of dire peril, when a second guardian is needed.

However, these hosts are unknowing to their true power, until they're needed. But the time is soon, as a dark force is growing, just on the very edge of the Earth’s atmosphere... a deadly power that once was locked away in a dormant sleep, now stirs, seeking the power it once had.

This threat is now sending out monsters, attacking the people on the planet, sucking them dry of the energy. Why is this happening? Could there be a deeper motive to the attacks? ...Are they searching for something…?

A boy having restless dreams about a princess asking for a Silver Crystal, stirs.

A girl of blonde hair and a red bow, with her white furred feline mentor, struggle against a never ending siege of monsters. And soon she falls, and her mentor is forced to call for help. Asking the universe for help. From anyone.

And above, somewhere in the Galaxy, The Mother hears please, and send out the signal….

Will any here answer the call of the power growing within?

It is only the beginning…

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.HOW IT WORKS
You'll begin by creating your CIVILIAN -- not every Senshi starts as a Senshi.They have their alternate identity, in which they may blend into the rest of the world around them, watching silently. You will then have the chance to have them gain their Senshi form through a Power-up event, or by applying for one. Participating in a Power-up event is beneficial as powering up is as easy as filling out your Senshi form, and answering a prompt. Applying for one is just as easy, but might take a little longer, as you must wait for approvals. With an event, you're guaranteed your Power-Up, as long as you're chosen. AT CURRENT, ALL SENSHI ARE FEMALE.

However, you may have a male civilian.

Male civilians can be upgraded to a knight in the same was a senshi.

You may alternatively choose to create a guardian, which start in an animal form (our approved animals are: feline, canine, and rodent). You can create a civilian form for them, but you will have to gain the power up in the same way as a senshi; guardians are a very rare character, as there are not many known to exist, so you will have to win a guardian in an event. OR a female or male villain character. Villains are such characters like the Witches 5 or the Shinennou for example. You may also attempt to create and plot for a major antagonist, but please run the idea across us via pm. Villain slot must also be won in an event.

We will also be offering up any character that appears in the manga as an event gain. In which you can create a civilian for if they do not have one. If you have any questions please ask.

Staff Expectations
Be friendly, open minded, and courteous.
We have a lot of different types, and different minded people come through the shop. I'd like everyone to be nice and respect everyone and anyone, even if someone comes through that you hate.
Be active and responsible.
If you go away for awhile, or life catches up to you, please send a PM to one of the staff to notify them of your leave. Help bump and hold conversation in the main thread and the hiring thread as needed.
Be dedicated.
Show that you love it here. Hold contests. Give out doodles. Whatever you'd like.
Try to be reachable.
If I, or any of the staff, cannot get a hold of you, things will stall. Having a instant messenger helps with this. Skype is preferable.
Be informed of what time is optimal for users to participate in events.
The ability to meet deadlines.
If you take on a CIVILIAN or SENSHI for an event, keep in mind that you will need to finish all stages required by the end of the event. I will grow them according to growing requirements, but I would like to have the art ready.
The shop does not keep any profit.
Comission goes right back to the artist!
Customs and semi-custom slots need permission before being opened.

Artists and Colorists:
You will have the ability to commission another artist ( and // or a colorist, to color it ) for one CIVILIAN AND SENSHI/KNIGHT/GUARDIAN or a VILLIAN (ie ONE Civilian + Power up OR a Villain) of their own, or design one for themselves. Artists are allowed to hold their own auctions at their leisure. In addition to any event auctions, you may also hold raffles or flaffles. You may create as many civilans/senshi as you wishto distribute for the shop, but you may only own 1 civilian and 1 senshi or a guardian or a villian at a time. Guardians start in an ANIMAL form.

The style were looking for: Think like if you took the Sailor Moon manga, colored it, and animated it. That's the kind of style we're looking for. So give us your best representation of this idea!

  • Full artists must complete assigned pieces in a timely manner (sketch, lines, color). You may choose to work with a colorist, however, and just only complete sketch and lines
  • Line Artist must complete assigned pieces in a timely manner. Make sure to communicate with your assigned colorists.
  • Colorists must complete assigned pieces in a timely manner.

Payment Breakdown
If a participant orders any full custom from any full artist, and they complete the art in full themselves, they get 80% of the payment. 20% goes to the thread manager to be split among the other staff.

If a participant orders any full custom and an artist does lines and then a colorist colors, the payment is split 50/50. 20% goes to the thread manager to be split among the other staff.

If a custom slots is won by way of a raffle, the 20% cut is waived.

Artists Needed:
  • FULL, CIVILIANS [colors & lines]
      - MALE DEDICATED ARTIST - 2 slots open
      - BOTH GENDER DEDICATED ARTIST - 2 slots open

  • FULL, SENSHI [colors & lines] - 2 Artists (female characters only)
  • FULL, GUARDIANS [colors and lines - ANIMAL FORMS: feline, canine, rodent

  • LINES ONLY, ALL - 4 slots open

  • LINES ONLY, SENSHI - 2 Female Character Artists
    >When I say female/male, means you specialize in females or males as an artist.
    >FULL artists can also choose to only do lines and/or color at their own leisure; just make sure to collab with the proper other party.

Artists, if interested, sketch and/or ink a CIVILIAN or SENSHI or GUARDIAN (ANIMAL form!!) of your choice (or one of each, if you're applying for more than one). If applying for a full artist you must submit both finished lines and a finished colored piece. Colored piece can be the same as the finished lines. Please indicate if you are doing a full piece (with color) or just Line Art. Please indicate if you're doing both genders, or only one or the other (for Civis). Please indicate which job you want from the above.

Alternatively, Line Artist Only Applicants can also using the following bases to draw on clothes/hair. You can also alter the face.

Colorists, just take the supplied lines and color to your hearts content!
Regular Colorist App - ONLINE | Guardian Colorist App - ONLINE

And then post the following form, filled out, with your art samples into
[b][u][size=25][color=#cc6699]月に代わって、お仕置きよ !![/color][/size][/u][/b][size=9][color=#cc9999]

[b]Job[/b]: (Full [lines and color], Lines Only, Color Only; you can pick more than one)
[b]Stage[/b]: (Civilian, Senshi, Guardian; you can pick more than one)
[b]Gender[/b]: (Female, Male, both; if applying for colorist, skip this)
[b]How often are you online?[/b]:
[b]Do you have Skype?[/b]:
[b]How long would it take you to finish each stage?[/b]:
[b]Provided Sample[/b]:
[b]Other Comments[/b]:[/size][/color]

Cert Artist, Certists, Thread Managers, RP Managers, Quest Managers and Critiquists: OPEN.
Do you habe a skill with graphic design and photoshop? Do you know your way around photoshop and how to use psds? re you good at organization? Coming up with ideas? Good at helping people pound out characters? Apply Below!

You will have the ability to commission for one CIVILIAN AND SENSHI/KNIGHT/GUARDIAN or a VILLIAN (ie ONE Civilian + Power up OR a Villain).

Post the following form, filled out, into THIS THREAD.
[b][u][size=25][color=red]Luna P Magic !![/color][/size][/u][/b]

[b]How often are you online?[/b]:
[b]Do you have Skype?[/b]:
[b]Related Experience[/b]: it can be other shops, fanfiction betaing, things you've written. Just give us a link!
[b]Other Comments[/b]:
[b]Cert Artist and Certists link to past cert work examples[/b]:

Currently, our pricing stands at following:
Custom/Bribe Order - 1mil minimum. Artist will negotiate a price with you.
Auctions - start at 1k minimum, 50k max. at artist's discretion. rare event. or not. depending on artist. AutoBuy min is 5bil, if autobuy is specified.
Flatsale - premade characters at the low low price of 250k!
Raffle Tickets - 1000g ea.
Free Raffles - Free
Custom raffles - ahop held event in agreement with 1 or lore artists, raffle can be free (1 ticket per person) or sold many tickets perperson) and will carry raffle ticket price. Once you win, you will have to pay the custom amount required by that artist. More details to surface when we hold such events.
Flaffles - Free raffle where if you win you pay the custom price to obtain your character OR to purchase a premade.
Games - Free

Games and Events you might encounter here at the shop:
- advertising competition, who can get the most referrals in a month?!
- creation contests (character, story, plot, etc)
- choose you own adventure
- giveaways (often!)
- plot events
- create-a-character-and-rp (you'll win the character you entered into the rp)


Raffles are where people buy tickets, which are later drawn for prizes. They're a staple of B/C shops, and the rules vary widely according to each shop's preference. Here, the overall rules are:

★ Raffles will typically be newbie/lowbie events, so don't be surprised if you don't get to play much once you have a couple characters
★ You can proxy for one other person, but no one else can proxy for that person after you do
★ Raffles do not begin or end until a member of staff says GO or STOP.
★ Specific rules may contradict the general rules, so above all else - READ THE RULES


Auctions! Another staple of B/C shops. Here, people compete to try and win a prize by making the best offer for it! Rules tend to be fairly consistent across the board, though small variations are notable. Here, we go by:

★ PURE GOLD ONLY. For now...
★ Bids cannot be retracted once made, so BID WISELY
★ There will be a 10 minute anti-sniping window. Any bids made within the last 10 minutes of the auction will extend that auction another 10 minutes, ad infinitum, until 10 minutes passes with no bids. This is to prevent people from swooping in at the last second and stealing an auction.
★ An auction does not begin or end until a member of staff says GO or STOP
★ The exception to this is if there is an auto buy (AB) available. If someone posts the auto buy, then the auction is over, even if staff has not yet said STOP.
★ No proxies, sorry, and no combining bids.

★Role Play Contests★

Writing prompts! Not all B/C shops have these. Rules vary from shop to shop and even within a shop, contest to contest. Our basic rules will be:

★ Editing an entry is fine as long as the contest has not yet ended. Once the contest has concluded, all editing afterward is subject to disqualification.
★ Only one entry per prompt, please
★ No proxies! These are skill competitions!
★ Only use the prompts provided
★ These contests will not be restricted overwhelmingly to one group- people of all experience will get a chance to play!
★ As rules differ from contest to contest, pay attention to any rules for an individual contest that conflict with these general rules. If there is conflict, go with the specific rule-set!
★ Writing competitions do not begin until a staff member says GO, but will end when time runs out, regardless of whether or not a staff member says STOP. Any entries posted after the cut-off will not be counted.


Sometimes there are contests we run that don't just fit into one mold or the other. These will be fairly rare, as our shop will tend to run on writing contests and flatsales, but here are examples of what we'll typically run:

★Flaffles★ which are a mix of raffle and flatsale in that you raffle off and if you win, you pay x amount of gold for your prize. Rules typically include:

★ no proxying
★ only one ticket per person

★Treasure hunts★ etc, which are rp-based scavenger hunts where the prize can be anything, from a voucher for the next flatsale, to a guardian animal, getting that first civvie, or even growing into a senshi. Rules vary, but will usually include:

★ no proxying
★ must have an accepted quest or established character
★ limited slots on a first-come, first-serve basis
★ only one slot per person
★ begin when leading staffer says GO, ends when leading staffer proclaims the winner
for those of you hanging around for support, here's the civilian form so you can work on your characters. or adopting a character from another shop to this one!

character creation subforum


[b]USERNAME[/b] ☆ (leave blank for now)
[b]CHARACTER NAME[/b] ☆ (add nicknames if applicable)
[b]AGE[/b] ☆
[b]BIRTHDAY[/b] ☆
[b]BIRTHPLACE[/b] ☆ (where was your character born?)
[b]CURRENT LOCATION[/b] ☆ (where does your character live now?)
[i]height[/i] ♥
[i]weight[/i] ♥
[i]hair color/style[/i] ♥
[i]eye color[/i] ♥
[i]clothing[/i] ♥ [/list]
[b]PERSONALITY[/b] ☆[list]
[i]demeanor[/i] ♥ (are the more introverted or extroverted?)
[i]traits[/i] ♥ (3 positive and 3 negative, give some description) [list]
[b]BIOGRAPHY[/b] ☆ (briefly tell us about your characters life up til now.)

school (for the 13-17 range)
name of school •
grade •
school life •

job (for the 16+ range)
job • (short description, what they do, where they work)

Knight/Villian Name •
Senshi/Leader • (Do you have a specific senshi in mind that your knight will be tied to? Do they not know their senshi yet? Or if Villian, please state who you answer to.)
Alignment •
Uniform •
Weapons and Abilities •

Senshi Name •
Power Source •
Alignment •
Fuku Design •
[i]Base Color:[/i]
[i]Accent Color One:[/i]
[i]Accent Color Two:[/i] (optional)
[i]Sailor Collar:[/i]
Sailor Weaponry •
[i]Level OneTransformation Call:[/i] [senshi name] Power, Make-up!
[i]Level Two Transformation Call:[/i] [senshi name] [asteroid/constellation/star/planet/etc.] Power, Make-Up!
[i]Level Three Transformation Call:[/i] [senshi name] [eternal/crystal], Make-up!

[i]Level One Attack:[/i] (what's it's name? what can it do? is it offensive or defensive? can it benefit your teammates? how long does it last?)
[i]Level Two Attack:[/i] (is it a more powerful version then your first one? or is it a new attack all together? remember to explain what it does and how long it lasts!)
[i]Level Three Attack:[/i] (is it a more powerful version of your second one? a new attack? explain it to me. make sure it makes sense!)

Planet • (cats = Mau; mice/rodents = Chuu; Birds=Coronia)

Fur/Feathers • (what do they have? what are the color/patterns of each?)
Eyes •
Markings • (All non-Lunar guardians (i.e Luna, Artie, Diana), or guardians whose senshi have no set symbol, have a star on their forehead, but it can be made to whatever you specify).
Specifications are clear: either create us a cert, or modify the one provided. We'll vote when we open the shop!
Winner gets a free civilian!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - ONLINE

Download in the link! 8D

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Plop the following code into your sig and whoever gets the most referrals will win a free civi! WOOHOO!

Basic Referrals > 1 pt
Referrals who apply > 2 pts
Referrals who get hired > 5pts
guess i should've mentioned this, huh?





User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Sirene Naiads's avatar

Fashionable Lover

Very nice looking interest thread.
I hope you do get some people applying. The 'Sailor Moon 2013: News & Information' group on Facebook even posted a link here wanting people to come take a look at it.
Trying to do what I can! :3
Sirene Naiads's avatar

Fashionable Lover

I think it has potential.
If you don't mind me asking, what is the Skye you are talking about? I googled it but as it is still in beta, I wasn't too sure about it.
It's a site similar to this; or will be once its up. I'll be hosting the shop there.
Sirene Naiads's avatar

Fashionable Lover

That's what I thought.

I'll have to look more into it.
So... I'm pretty sure I wanna do this, but I have no idea what I can do to help... And yeah. That's basically my only dilemma
Sirene Naiads's avatar

Fashionable Lover

Honestly, I hope you don't mind me sticking around.

It's a good reminder for me to check out the website >.<
So... I'm pretty sure I wanna do this, but I have no idea what I can do to help... And yeah. That's basically my only dilemma

What were in you interested in doing? Art? Coloring? Thread manager?
I'll also be needing some rp/event & quest managers.

If you're interested in either of those, feel free to fill out the 'thread manager' form and supply links for crits you've done (for quest manager) or describe what sort of rp/events you've done for shops. smile

Sirene Naiads

That's perfectly fine!! 8D

Also, feel free to request to join the AIM chat group, here!

[rolls around in thread

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