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Spring Collective
Planning Thread

Submission Deadline: Feb. 28th 4th March!
This deadline may be extended.


Welcome to the planning thread for the Spring Collective!
If you're interested in participating in the Collective, please read on.

Many collectives have been run by people in the past;
Mau was the original planner and has run numerous fun and successful collectives.
Since previous collectives have done so well, we've decided to keep the tradition alive.

All the information you need to know about the Collective is below.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. ^^
Remember: just have fun!

Table of Contents

Post 1: Introduction
Post 2: Basic Information
Post 3: Frequent Questions
Post 4: Artist Information
Post 5: Staff Information
Post 6: Other Collectives
Post 7: Helpful Information

Basic Information

What is a Collective?
The Collective is a single thread where many different artists gather together and sell their holiday or season-themed products.
In the past, the collectives have served as an ordering thread where people could go to collect holiday graphics to decorate their sigs, journals, and quest threads. It has always been a lot of fun to participate in the Collective and to look at all of the different artists' artwork.

Due to the number of people who usually participate, the artists' work is displayed on a website for easier ordering and convenience.
In the spirit of the Collective, as well as because of the mass amount of ordering, profits are split evenly between all the artists when the Collective is over.
There are restrictions and rules to abide by when submitting and ordering, so if you'd like to learn more, please read the entire front page before posting!

What can be submitted?
Due to the nature of this mini-shop, only certain kinds of work can be submitted.
Here's a brief list:
  • pixel and hand-drawn art
    (this includes all art, graphics, pets, etc.)
  • avatar edits
  • Breedables (candygram like pets ONLY)
  • profile themes
All work must be NON-CUSTOMIZABLE!

This is not an extension of a single artist's shop; orders are placed through a thread and the subject material is sent out from a private, shared Photobucket account that only shop helpers have access to.

Since more than one person will be sending out orders, it is important that the work submitted has no special instructions so that nothing needs to be changed by the artist later. The only exception to this rule is avatar edits and certs.

What are the restrictions?
There are specific rules for the artwork you can submit.
Please keep these in mind when creating your items.

  • Art must be sig-friendly, meaning a maximum size of 500 x 500 pixels and 100,000 bytes (that's a little less than 100 KB)

  • It must be the artist's own work.
    Any person found to be submitting work that is not their own will be banned from the thread, have their share of the profits forfeited, and be reported to a moderator for art theft.


  • The art should be themed after Spring and Spring Holidays

  • If you're submitting pets from a breedables shop, ALL pets from that shop MUST be listed under either the B/C Shop Mule OR the Owner. You, the submitter, will be required to fill your own cert orders. Not us, not a staff member of your B/C, YOU. You are also required to send us backup copies of blank certs and pet uncerts so in the event you disappear, we may still deliver orders.

  • It should be non-customizable, pre-made art, graphics, and pets
    (some certing is allowed, but please check before you submit).
    In the case of avatar edits, nothing should have to be edited except for replacing the base.
    However, edits can also be sold as-is.

  • Work submitted to the Collective may not be sold in your mini-shop.
    The appeal of the Collective is that everyone can come to one place to do all of their ordering!

  • Past work from previous holidays and collectives can be submitted as long as you send it again. However, it is now REQUIRED that you must submit new stuff as well if you're a returning artist.

  • You must send both a sample image and a normal image.

  • Please send the prices for your work when you submit your images.

A special note for profile themes and breedables:
Since profile themes are in such demand, the prices on them can get pretty high.
If you are planning on submitting profile themes please keep the quality and pricing under 3k. Because of the way the Collective is run and set up, expensive profile themes will not sell, so it is in your best interest to follow this guideline. This also goes for B/C pets. Expensive ones, since they are like grams anyway, do not sell well. The normal price is 1k while some are a bit less. They should be NO MORE than 2k.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to submit my work to the Collective! What do I need to do?
First off, please read the whole page first.
Once you've done that, fill out the form provided in the Artist Information post. Post the form here, do not pm it.
Give us your name, your shop link (so we can link to your shop, though it isn't required), and some samples of your work. Anyone can join, but we do have certain requirements. If your art is sloppy, you will not be allowed to join unless you improve it to our liking. Currenly we have no guide for this, but overall, most people are accepted without problem.

I'd like to help with setting up the thread, filling orders, updating, etc.
Currently, we do not require any such help. If we do, however, an announcement will be made and you will need to follow the procedure below. Keep in mind, just because you apply, DOES NOT mean you will be accepted.

Fill out the form provided in the Staff Information post. You can either post the form in the thread or PM it to HolidayJubilee.

Provide your name, about how much time you can set aside for the collective, and what you want to do...it's that simple!

What you will be helping with, if anything, is up to staff discretion.

How long will this run?
Times for each collectives vary but they are usually open for around 1 1/2 months, some longer. Submission deadlines are in the 1st post.

I'd like to receive notifications about the collectives. Can I add HolidayJubilee to my friendslist?
Of course! You're more than welcome to send a friend request to this account. You may also want to join 'The Collective Guild' to receive quick announcements of when planning for a new collective is starting or when a collective is open and accepting orders.

So how exactly does this work?
Artists create their own work and submit it to the shop mule. All submissions are then uploaded to a shared Photobucket account that is password-protected. The work is displayed on a website under the artists' respective names. Buyers look through the work on the website, either by section or by clicking on the artists' names, and figure out what they want. Orders will then be placed through a thread in the Mini-shops forum, and trades are sent to a mule account (HolidayJubilee) created and maintained by the shop helpers.
Artists are paid at the end of the Collective, after all trades have been confirmed and all orders have been sent.

And what exactly is allowed to be submitted? Anything?
Almost anything.
All submissions must be themed after what the collective is about. See post above. In addition, the submission must be made completely by the artist and only the artist. You are allowed to use brushes and stock images if the creator allows it and you follow ALL requested terms.

Submissions can include, but are not limited to, art, graphics, pixel art, animated art, avatar edits, pixel pets, etc. For the most part, anything you could sell in your mini-shop that is non-customizable could be sold in the Collective.
The samples you provide with the form do not have to be themed around the current collective planning, but your submissions for the Collective do. You may submit past work as long as you submit it again. Again, it is now REQUIRED that you submit new stuff as well if you're a returning artist.


Just some clarification...

Any sig-friendly hand-drawn or computer-created art or graphic that can be sold at a set price for the duration of the Collective is accepted. No work is to be drawn or customized for individuals once the work has been submitted and the shop has opened.
Minimal exceptions are made for avatar edits and certs.

Avatar edits may not be custom. The only customizing that needs to be done is the individual base of the purchaser on your edit.

Again, if you're submitting pets from a Breedables shop, you may only submit under ONE name. You are not allowed to have your colorists submit work from the same shop. All submissions from a breedable shop needs submitted under either the shop owners name or the shop mule name.

Artist Information

When you are submitting the finished work, please remember to send it in a PM along with how much you're going to sell it for and sample images to HolidayJubilee, the shop mule.

There will be a deadline for all work submitted.
The deadline may be extended once, but no more. There is too much work to do to wait on the artists' submissions after an extended deadline.
If you don't have your work submitted by the deadline date, you will not be added.

Once your work is complete, make sure to PM it to the shop mule, HolidayJubilee.

Please keep submissions sig friendly (500x500 pixels and 100,000 bytes) and themed around this time of year.

Two images must be submitted. One will be the image that is PMed to the buyer and the other will be the sample image that is displayed on the thread/website. A sample image is just the normal image with a large "S" or "sample" written across it to prevent people from stealing the work without paying.

Make sure to indicate the prices of your items! If you don't know how much to sell it for, ask in the thread or consult another artist.

Also, if you don't know what to make there's a list of popular ideas as well!

Payment and Perks
Every artist is paid an equal share from the whole profit of the Collective after it closes, regardless of how much he or she actually sells.

In addition, all artists who submit work receive 50% off of their orders from other artists.

Other Important Stuff
All work is credited to the artist that made it!

Also, a certain number of interested parties, at least 15-20, is required or the Collective will have to be closed. However, gathering interested artists has never been an issue, so there shouldn't be a problem. There's no limit to how many artists we will sign; the more the merrier!

You may always post or PM the shop mule with questions if you have any.

How to become an Interested Artist
Just fill out the form below and post it in the thread or PM it to the shop mule.
Your samples do not have to be holiday themed, but the work you submit for the Collective does.

Name: (your username)
Shop Link: (optional; post as the ACTUAL LINK CODE! Not the Clickable button)
Samples of Previous Work: (anything you've made)

Interested Artists

Evergreen Willow
Flammable Rainbowz
Gemini Genesis *
Kiwi Hatake
lan-neko *
MiniMisteek *
rimedragona *
Rose Demon Axel *
Ryna27 *
Sachie Whitby
Serkunet *

* = submitted work to mule
Staff Information

Shop Helpers


Helpers edit the thread if necessary, reply to questions, confirm trades, and help with delivery.

We have a shop mule, HolidayJubilee, to use for easier access for the artists and helpers. This will allow multiple people to manage the shop.

Only trusted members of the Mini-shops community can help with the main shop tasks.
It's probably best that we keep those tasks restricted to a small few so that mistakes and miscommunication are limited.

Shop Layout

We will need a small, easy-to-use website to show what is being sold, who is selling it, and how much it is being sold for. This allows the buyers to easily sort through all of the artists' work and make their selection.
Here is a great example of what the website should be.

We'd prefer that helpers with this have basic HTML and javascripting experience. You don't have to know CSS, but some moderate knowledge of frames would be excellent since a frames site is easier to order from.

If you're interested, please post or PM the shop mule.

Deliverers fill and send out orders to customers via the shop mule.
Only trusted members of the Mini-shops community can help with this important task. We determine whom we allow, at our discretion.

How to become a Helper
Just fill out the form below and post it here or PM it to the shop mule.
If you are accepted but find out later you can't do it, that's alright. Let us know and we'll take your name off the list.

Name: (your username)
What to Help With: (shop helper, deliverer, website, etc.)
Time You Can Spend to Help: (how many hours you can help out)

Where Help is Needed
  • setting up thread
  • making banners and sig buttons
  • contacting artists who may be interested
  • sending out updates
  • filling orders
  • keeping track of received/sent orders
  • website coding and updating

Anyone applying to make thread banners must be aware that they are expected to be done PROMPTLY and be decent or they will not be used. Also, ABSOLUTELY NO animated images whatsoever for the banners. Link buttons may be animated, within reason. Also, other people may make link buttons as well. They will also be added under the Links section, along with the one made to match the banners.

Interested Helpers

Other Collectives


User Image


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User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Collectives that have been deleted by Gaia:

Easter 2004
St Patrick's Day 2004
Valentine's Day 2004
Winter 2003
Halloween Bizarre Bazaar 2003
Helpful Information

About Pricing

You are free to charge whatever you like, but keep in mind that the collectives are known for having less expensive things than you'd ordinarily find in the minishop forum. At one time we had a pricing guide, but it's old, outdated, and currently no one has the time to discuss alterations, so you're on your own, or you may ask for suggestions here in the thread.

List of Ideas

  • St. Patrick's Day
  • clovers
  • beer (xD)
  • green
  • leprechauns
  • pots of gold
  • rainbows
  • dancing
  • fiddles and harps

  • bunnies
  • chicks
  • eggs
  • baskets
  • chocolate
  • marshmellows
  • doves
  • lambs, puppies, kittens, etc.
  • babies
  • pastel colors

  • flowers, trees, grass, etc.
  • birds
  • ducks
  • sunshine
  • rain, storms, etc.
  • umbrellas and raincoats
  • picnics
  • playing outside (swinging, running, etc.)
  • gardens, gardening
  • mushrooms
  • butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, etc.
  • elves, trolls, fairies, unicorns
  • kites
  • bicycling
  • ribbons
  • worms
  • turtles, frogs, lizards
  • camping
  • melting snow

This should help get you started, at least. :3 Have more suggestions? Just post!
Open for posting!
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Samples of Previous Work: Previous Collectives

I'll send out a friendlist pm and guild announcement probably later tonight.
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Name: MiniMisteek
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Samples of Previous Work: Previous Collectives

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