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                ████ █ WE ARE HIRING!User Image

                We're looking for fresh blood meat members, to join us! Yes...

                You don't have to be super well versed in DC or Marvel comics, but its a bonus if you are!

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                ████ █ ARTISTS! [CLOSED]
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                Originally, I wasn't going to make a distinction between parttime and guests, but I think its important that I do anyway. - 3-


                ☎ This means you'll be around for the long term, rather like me, Rika and Shnazz.
                ☎ LOG IN TO GAIA OFTEN. Or at least regularly. This is important because I use the guild to communicate. AIM is good too.
                ☎ Preferably be able to draw chibis to fullbody reg art. You won't be disadvantaged if you can't, but do let us know!
                ☎ Do be active in thread!

                GUEST POSITION

                ☎ This is for you if you intend to draw for us ONCE, or intend to give us all three stages (rookie, sidekick, hero) in one shot.
                ☎ You may or may not have crew status depending on how long you're sticking around.
                ☎ You need to remain contactable for growings! Obviously one of us can do the growing instead, but it'd be nice if you could do it personally right.

                █ PAYMENT

                You get to keep 90% of all profits from flatsales and auctions, and 100% of what you earn from customs. The 10% will go to managers for doing the thinking * v*
                And you get to have a rookie of your own, but ONLY if you're still sticking with us after two events. (This applies to just SA newbies.) Either drawn by yourself or another artist emotion_awesome

                For parttime artists who wish to have a mentor, you will need to show us writing/RP samples.

                █ ARTIST FORM

                [color=red][size=18]I am the one and only [USERNAME HERE][/size][/color][size=11]
                [b]Positon:[/b] Part/fulltime / guest
                [b]Art samples:[/b]
                [b]How often are you on gaia / timezone:[/b]
                [b]Got Skype?[/b]
                [b]Other comments?[/b]
                [b]Optional: Give us a concept of a rookie[/b] either for yourself or just a random one, if you don't wanna just delete this

                I am the one and only Batman.
                Positon: Forever....
                Art samples: link/gallery
                How often are you on gaia / timezone: Gotham timezone, everyday, checking on you........
                Got Skype? maybe
                Other comments? I am not Bruce Wayne
                Optional: Give us a concept of a rookie He will be a young boy from a circus, orphaned as a child. He has acrobatic skills and his costume will consist of shorts and pixie boots.

                ████ █ MANAGERS! [CLOSED]

                User Image

                Our priority now is finding one really good long term manager to stick it out with the rest of the current team.

                If you think you fit the bill, please feel free to apply!


                • Be around. You don't have to post every single day but your presence needs to be felt at the very least. That means RPing, posting in thread occasionally, etc, you'd know the drill if you're a b/c regular. No phantom managers please
                • Crit and approve quests! This is very important
                • Judge writing based contests and flatsales
                • Run some metaplots or events every now and then
                • Write up growth quests and stuff that needs writing up
                • Greet people in thread! Please don't scare them away
                • Be literate. You don't need to be Shakespeare, but you know, at the very least know your grammar and spellings and the difference between bear and bare, stuff like that
                • Have Skype so you can talk to other staff. This is very important. If you're going to be a manager, you and I and the rest of the staff need to be BFFs.

                  █ PAYMENT

                  All managers are entitled to one custom rookie for their efforts after probation. (Probation meaning you need to still be alive and working after two events.) Activity requirements will still apply, no exceptions.

                  Hero stage mentors for long term mods are optional and subject to approval. mori and staff will be scrutinizing your performance before we decide to let you have one.

                  █ MANAGER FORM

                  [color=darkcyan][size=18]I am the great [USERNAME HERE][/size][/color][size=11]
                  [b]Writing/RP samples:[/b] compulsory for long term mods
                  [b]And b/c experience:[/b] which b/cs you work/ed in and what you do/did there
                  [b]Current commitments:[/b] this refers to both gaia and rl commitments, anything that could potentially suck your life and time away
                  [b]How often are you on gaia / timezone:[/b]
                  [b]Got aim/msn/yahoo?[/b]
                  [b]Other comments?[/b]

                  [b]Optional for long term mods: Write a backstory for SA[/b] you know that post on the front page with the founders going hey lets start a school? That really needs a nice backstory to go there. Credit will be given if we use yours! If you're not interested just delete this

                  [b]Optional for all managers: An outline of an event[/b] Just something short and brief of what you plan to do if we hire you, yanno? If not, just delete this

                  I am the great [USERNAME HERE]
                  Writing/RP samples: compulsory for long term mods
                  Prior b/c experience: which b/cs you work/ed in and what you did there
                  Current commitments: this refers to both gaia and rl commitments, anything that could potentially suck your life and time away
                  How often are you on gaia / timezone:
                  Got aim?
                  Other comments?

                  Optional for long term mods: Write a backstory for SA you know that post on the front page with the founders going hey lets start a school? That really needs a nice backstory to go there. Credit will be given if we use yours! If you're not interested just delete this

                  Optional for event managers: An outline of an event Just something short and brief of what you plan to do if we hire you, yanno? If not, just delete this

                ████ █ APPLICANTS!
                User Image

                I am the great AndrAIa; Destroyer of Worlds, Queen of the Killer Squirrels

                Position: Long Term

                Writing/RP samples: Sample Thread (and my year+ of RPs in the shop, I guess OuO;; )

                And b/c experience: A couple of years ago I worked as an OL updater at Matope before school issues and a big move made that impossible. I’ve been hanging around the B/C since Gaia was still “Go” though, and I’ve had a lot of experience helping here and there.

                Current commitments: I run a game over on Myth-Weavers, and play in a few others, but I have no really time-consuming online commitments. In real life I am a full time student, which can be a time suck, and I’m heavily involved in Girl Guides of Canada which eats up a lot of weekends, but I still think I would have the time to help out at SA d(O u O)b .

                How often are you on gaia / timezone: I have issues getting online on the weekends lately – GIIIIIIRL GUIIIIIIIDES – but I’m online pretty consistently during the week, and when I do get on on the weekends… I’m online the whole weekend. Forty-eight hours is about as long as I ever go without logging on. I have issues. Usually I get on at least long enough to check PMs/threads every day. I live in PST (GMT-8).

                Got aim/msn/yahoo? Yes, but I don’t use it regularly. If you would like me to be available via IM on a regular basis, I’ll put it back on my phone.

                Optional for all managers: An outline of an event I would love to do some work on the “missions and DIY homework” OuO . My idea would be do have maybe two or three different homework assignments, changing them every month. Random challenges, games, and/or RP prompts~. (You may remember this from way back when.) (Not exactly an event, but XD .)

                Other: I am an excellent thread-keeper (in the sense of house-keeper; I’m a compulsive thread cleaner) and great at doing lots of menial tasks. All of those “little annoying things” that need to get done but you don’t want to do? I’d probably enjoy it. I love managing events and games, and I am great (not that I'm biased or anything) at developing systems (gaming systems, filing systems, paperwork, organization systems, etc).

                I am the great LAYKTONAMOR!

                Positon: Event
                Writing/RP samples: Oh man. I don't have much. I have my solo from SA [He he he and some solos from Puella Magi, journal. That is all I have. V.V
                And b/c experience: I was a manager in Rocket! before it closed down. I also helped put together the thread Blue Fairy before the owner disappeared and it died. I worked as an artist and event helper at Infected before the owner quit. (This seems to be a reoccuring pattern...) And I believe that is all.
                Current commitments: On Gaia, I am an artist at La Luna, have an art shop open, Into the Nucleus, and am currently slowly putting together an idea for a B/C. Outside of Gaia, I am a full time student and recently bought Guild Wars 2, so yeah. Lol.
                How often are you on gaia / timezone: I'm here all the time. Actually it is usually 3+ hours a day. Sometimes more. EST
                Got aim/msn/yahoo? Aim and yahoo. : D
                Other comments? I love this shop, so love me back? /sobs

                Optional for all managers: An outline of an event Make a team challange thing? People join in the event and the children get to form teams, or get put into teams. Each team competes in different games and earn points and possibly badges or something? New game everyday or every other day? Winning team gets bragging rights and possibly a mini pet or something like that.

                I am the great CheekieBirdiee

                Positon: Long term and or Event :I~
                Writing/RP samples: Hosted event. Hosted event. Here (I know that's a journal 8*D but if you go down there is a giant list of a bunch of rps there man) Semi-recent Solo
                And b/c experience: Rp manager and criter at both La Luna and Lilum Hallow. Line artist at La Luna and line artist at Remix.
                Current commitments: Wooooork in rl which is a six day a week job =w= b and Remix is now my only shop.
                How often are you on gaia / timezone: Daily 8*D for a few hours. CDT I believe.
                Got aim/msn/yahoo? Got aim bro
                Other comments? How you doing? I just want to help chuuuu SA I just want to help -ugly sobs-

                Optional for long term mods: Write a backstory for SA

                Looking at it now as it sat in the middle of the gulf ocean, no one would have guessed that Megapolis would host one of the worlds largest schools for super-powered adolescents and adults even though it was right in plain sight. Nested in the middle between Crantel and Tasea this public secret is a well kept one. While rumors fly only few know the actual truth of the schools purpose and among those are its three founders.

                While exactly who the founders of the school are is a complete mystery to most, those that attend themselves or asked.. the right people might be able to help quench the thirst of those wanting to know a little bit more about this island school. Are you one of the few that care to look beyond the rumors?... Well..have we got a story for you...

                It all started with Megapolis's finest; The Captain, Binary, and Phoenix. Combined they are not only one hell of a combination of heros but the one and only founders of Side Kick Academy. Yes even Binary wanted to help believe it or not even though some say it was just to impress Phoenix..but that's a whole another story. One foggy night after a rousing battle with Megapolis baddest villain's our group of hero's met atop the largest building in Crantel, tired worn. Ragged from battle The Captain slumped against the buildings rooftop entrance trying to catch his breath. It was in his eyes as he peered towards his tattered companions...

                They were all getting to old for this.

                "The next generation is it to soon to start wondering about that? " The Captain joked bitterly while letting his body fall to the ground, grinning his winning smile towards a scowling Phoenix whom chose to answer just as sassily as ever, "next generation, we are only in our late twenties!" To her response a snort that sounded oddly like a laugh came from under Binary's mask as the hero sat to lean against the edge of the building. Kicking his feet out Binary added to the conversation a dry, " is it already to soon to have little faith in the 'next generation?" The Captain rolled his eyes at the silver haired hero and rolled his neck deciding to use Binary's sarcasm against him teasingly, "well if you're already so faithless about them why not change the future Binary?" Grinning wider The Captain folded his arms over his chest and winked at a now laughing Phoenix.

                "What do you mean like a teacher? Binary as a teacher? Oh god don't make me laugh Captain it hurts." Chuckling the red-head grabbed her injured ribs and sent a glance towards Binary, deciding to tease him as well, "though if he was to teach the newbies how to be mysterious and stoic we might have us some real winners!" Binary grumbled under his mask and likely blushed as he turned to look out over the city of Crantel.

                The silence that came with Binary's turn engulfed all three heroes. Each thinking about the thought beyond the joke, thinking about the future and what it could bring. Thinking about if fighting who and what they did now would guarantee a brighter and better future or if it was all in vain. Thinking what if? What if it wasn't? What if a new generation of heroes, lots of heroes were needed ? How would they get to the level each of them were at now? It hadn't been a cake walk for any of the three, each had little help with their powers outside of themselves.

                To just stop and think about such a thing put a heavy weight on each of them. The Captain was the first to speak as per normal, only this time his tone was neither joking or bright with warm, it was for once serious. A serious that rarely seemed from the man but when it did his friends knew that he was serious, "lets do it....lets become teachers." Phoenix looked to the roof she sat on, pushing a lump of broken asphalt with the heel of her boot, silently looking to Binary's back. Binary tilted his head back and looked to the sky with a snort and a cold reply of, "I refuse." It wasn't till a hunk of asphalt hit the silver haired hero in the back of the head that he turned and glared at Phoenix giving away the hesitance in his eyes.

                Smiling to Binary Phoenix shrugged her shoulders and on a long sigh looked to The Captain, "...I think it'll be worth while but I'm not about to foot all the work. If you can build it, I'll come." Standing up she sends a stern look to Binary before adding, "and I had better see you there, it's not like you have anything better to do and besides it'll be good for you." Binary furrowed his brows in confusion at her words and opened his mouth to speak, only to clamp his mouth shut again when Phoenix decided to jump from the building and make her exit. Sighing he stood up and gave a hard glare to Captain, letting him know now he would be getting him back for this. Taking a step back on the ledge he stared at his friend and sighed, "I'm not teaching any brats." Captain let out a howl of laughter for the reply and stood waving his friend off with a, "does that mean you want to be the cook?" Chuckling he watched as Binary disappeared into the night.

                Looking out over Crantel a new ray of hope bloomed behind the hero's eyes.

                Not long after that night construction on the school started, days turned into months and months into a year. The Island that once housed nothing now had a grand academy built upon it and several traps to keep those that were not invited or meant to be there...out. Youths from all over now come seeking knowledge, help or just a place to fit in and SideKick Academy is now here to accept them with open arms.


                Optional for all managers: An outline of an event Pffft uh uh uh uh. How about......meet the founders day! -murdered-

                Or a scavenger hunt around the academy / island to get more rp familiar with the setting! The event would start in a large ORP and branch out into designated team searches for items and or places on the list to take pictures of- mods could intervene with things like YOU SPRUNG A TRAP OH NO! or something of the like.. to make the groups of kids think on their feet. Perhaps this could be something like an annual school thing to both test traps around the school and test out what the students have learned?
k we open now
melona-pan's avatar

Ruthless Senshi

I am the one and only GREAT MEAMEAA
Art samples: http://thisisntanartblog.tumblr.com/
How often are you on gaia / timezone: lmao like all day at work on my itouch, a few hours a day at home? and EST
Got aim? noooo but i have other messengers/could get aim - w-
Other comments? OH HEY THERE... emotion_dowant
Optional: Give us a concept of a rookie /POINTS TO ANEMONE
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Friendly Grabber

*loves on the hiring thread* heart
mori-zae's avatar

Dapper Codger

so I forgot about this for a bit rofl

btw mea has been hired if anyone is curious * U*
I am the one and only BATM- Yulo-chan.
Positon: Parttime
Art samples: http://yellowpencil.deviantart.com/gallery/
^ for characters
But something I can do quickly and well are non-characters
because I drew art for my school's newspaper a lot
Super old so I promise I'm x1000000 better now XD :
I can also draw my own style of stick figure. qwq
How often are you on gaia / timezone: Most days except for Monday / Eastern Time Zone (-5:00 GMT)
Got aim? Nope.
Other comments? This is obvious but I can't draw guys. XD
Optional: Give us a concept of a rookie An overconfident and clueless idiot who uses her powers over probability fields to make unlikely events happen. Or likely events not happen. Like making potted plants fall from 7th story windows. She wears a tricorn hat, redwhiteblue, and a cape with pride.
jjang we open mang
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Ruthless Senshi


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