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We here at Magesc are hiring talented artists and writers to help us with our endeavors! If you visit the Magesc dA, you will see what our resident artists have done and what we expect other artists to be up to par with. Go to the guild and look through some of the threads to realize what all is needed of an RP manager! Here is what we need:

We need 1-2 talented, not so busy ARTISTS to help with the art aspect of the shop. Creating new characters and taking over the growths of a couple of our more busy artists that are transitioning to new places in their lives outside of Gaia. That and also being apart of staff discussions on many RP and art aspects of the shop.

Magescians will need the following pieces:
Infant: 1 FullBody Reg [[ Baby/Small Child 1-4 ]] ***
Apprentice: 1 FullBody Chibi/Reg [[ Child 7-13 ]]
Adept: 1 Waistup Reg [[ Teen 15-20 ]]
Expert: 1 Waistup Reg [[ Young Adult 23-28 ]]
Master: 1 Fullbody Reg [[ Adult 30+ ]]

*** This stage is ONLY used when two characters mate. Most characters will start at Apprentice.

Khehora require the following:
Egg: Recolored Preset Lines
Orakoi: Recolored Preset Lines (possible editing in some cases)
Orakoir: Recolored Preset Lines (possible editing in some cases)
Orakovan: Recolored Preset Lines (possible editing in some cases)
Khehorian: 1 Fullbody Reg

Your payment will be FULL COMMISSION on Customs. Also, an incentive may be given for future stages of art passed the first stage on most Flatsales if wanted/needed. The incentive is 50k for Adept, 50k for Expert, and 100k for Master. During auctions, 60% is given to the artist and the other 40% is kept by the shop to pay for incentives and/or RP managers. Flatsale and other game characters profits goes to the shop to fund the growth incentives. (but this can be case to case basis, just tell us if you'd prefer to have profits on a certain character/event)

A FULL TIME artist is required to do at least 2 characters every 3 months as well as all growths of that character. A PART TIME artist is required to do 1 character (or more if wanted) every 5 months as well as all growths of that character in the future. A GUEST ARTIST is only responsible for the characters they wish to give/draw for Magesc. They don't have art limits but are rather just responsible for the art they do, and their character's growths. Guest artists don't have privileges to be able to hold auctions only flatsales. (Guest artist though can ask for incentives)

As far as a Dragon and Companion Artist goes, we need one of you too! Someone who specializes in animal art. You will receive 250k per Dragon Form and/or Companion you draw. This is a very relaxed job, because Dragon Forms and Companions are only given out to those who have acquired the Master stage. This is in additional piece not necessarily included in the final art piece. The 250k is commissioned by the owner of the character, not necessarily the shop itself, since it's an additional, not required piece. You may actually ask for more (300k or more) if you find that 250k is not to your liking. We do ask that you keep the prices reasonable because the B/C is focused more on the RP aspect of Gaia and not the art.

+ Please write if your applying for FULL TIME, PART TIME, COLORIST or DRAGON/COMPANION ARTIST!
++ Please give examples of animal art if you can.


RP Manager
We are also in need of 1-2 RP managers that have enough time to commit to the shops high demands and the world of Magesc. Someone preferably who is able to learn quickly about the world and all aspects of the shop including both the Battle and Civilian Paths, dragons, the different races, Khehora, and all other aspects. Your role will help us in creating META plots, helping develop new and interesting ORPs and events for the thread goers, as well as help the thread goers with questions and helping with shop events.

Your payment will be given after some effort is put in through the shop staff boards. We are offering payment in Gold and POSSIBLY a Semi-Custom character of your choosing (obviously going through the questing stage as well).


If you are interested, grab the code below and post it within this thread with the information filled out. You can ask any questions you wish or need. I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have!

Thank you for taking the time to read through and apply if you are interested! It means more to us than you know!

[size=15][align=center][color=#0070D1].: APPLICATION :.[/color][/align][/size]
[b]Username:[/b] [[ Self Explanatory ]]
[b]Interested Position:[/b] [[ Artist -(full time/part time/colorist/dragon or companion) | RP Manager ]]
[b]Online Time:[/b] [[ How often are you online daily/weekly and the time you will hopefully devote to your position in Magesc if accepted. ]]
[b]Character:[/b] [[ IF you are accepted, would you be making yourself an RPable character? ]]
[b]Examples of Work:[/b] [[ Examples of your Artwork / Story Writing / RPs || Please be up to par with our current list of artists and RP managers! ]]
[b]Previous Experience:[/b] [[ Any previous experience in the B/C shops ]]
[b]Suggestions:[/b] [[ Any suggestions you may have for the shop ]]
[b]Preferred Payment Method:[/b] [[ Gold/Customs/Characters--other suggestions? ]]
[b]Other:[/b] [[ Anything else you want to tell us? ]]

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.: Artists :.


.: Colorists :.


.: RP Managers :.


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Magesc Concept and All Written Content © Brolis (Justin Peterson 2008-2014)
Character Art © Respective Artists
Character Profiles © Respective Owners
Dragon Race Art © Gilded hearts
Peddler's Rock Item Art © Bluessence, Jayoku, Yorugami
Banners © Tangled Puppet and Brolis
Certificates © _ p a o cx
Map Concept © Brolis
Map Art © Sora Icefreeze
Map Images © Their Respective Games/Titles/Artists
Some Wording and Concepts © Pokemon, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Avatar: The Last Airbender

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