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>>> RoCK MoNSTeRS >>>

... a high pop culture, modern day monster shop ;; hip styles, yo
... a cool place to chill ;; get your fix

shop concept/everything & art (c) shnazz

rules of conduct
>> do not steal this concept or art
>> do not whine/beg for anything here
>> respect each other and have fun
>> follow the Gaia ToS
>> do not harass anyone
>> these are RP-required pets (mild requirements)
>> literate RP please
>> follow the Daisy Code
>> read the entire front page
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>>> uPDaTeS >>>

>> june 27, 2011 ;; semi-custom haiku game and catch-the-fish game begin
>> june 26, 2011 ;; Apollyna wins the barbed wire gal in the free raffle
>> may 31, 2011 ;; rp manager search begins
>> may 27, 2011 ;; free raffle begins
>> may 25, 2011 ;; IT created
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>>> SToRY iNTRo >>>

... it all started that summer he decided to work at gramps' arcade for a little extra cash. it was a usual busy Saturday when he vaguely decided to check the back storage for some inventory things when he found it.

an old-school arcade machine in mint condition.

not bothering to ask his gramps why it wasn't out on the floor, he managed to move it out and install it in the far east corner of the shop. giving it a whirl, it was the most bizarre nonsensical game he'd ever played. whenever he died and had to restart, it seemed as though each restart was an entirely different game.

when he finally managed to beat one of the strange worlds, the machine buzzed and fussed until some strange prize came out of the bottom slot he hadn't even noticed until he heard the round marble prize rolling down a spiral shoot behind the metal exterior of the machine.

upon closer inspection of the semi-large object, it was an oddly colored hard candy ... this arcade is located in Times Square NY, tourist central

;; who else dares to win a prize from the mysterious arcade game? ;;


User Imagetime for an explanation!

how do the game worlds work? simple. every time you start a game, it is an entirely new world that will give you an idea of what kind of candy you would receive if you beat it. for example, the mono stripes' game world would have most likely been a lot of black and white. maybe a platformer... with whips as your sole weapon. once that game world has been beaten, it will never appear again in the cycle of the arcade machine. the cycle is entirely random at best, so the chances of you finding the same world twice is pretty low though not impossible.

the game the monster comes from is built based on each individual monster, which makes each game unique. their look, ability and personality all come into play when comprising the game.


join the guild! ;; click me

though the story is small now, it will evolve as the shop moves along.
so look forward to it!
>>> STaGeS >>>

User Image

;; example's type : mono stripes ;; male ;; mischievous, quiet, determined ;;
;; ability : black white finger whips ;;

;; stage 1 : rock candy ;;

... the essence of the monster has been compressed into this solidified form where it awaits to be released

>> Reqs : Journal setup, 2 Journals ;; one on obtaining, one on releasing
>> Wait : Minimum 2 Weeks

;; stage 2 : imp ;; (child)

... after being released, the monster is forced to take this child-like form until it can regain its true form

>> Reqs : 2 Journals, 3 RPs
>> Wait : Minimum 1 Month

;; stage 3 : demigod ;; (teen)

... it is now about half or a little more than half of its ultimate potential and have regained its usual size

>> Reqs : 4 Journals, 6 RPs
>> Wait : Minimum 2 Months

;; stage 4 : havoc ;; (adult)

... the final stage, all of their usual powers, and perhaps new ones, have been restored ; they may or may not cause havoc

;; possible stage 5 : ultima ;;

... not sure if this stage will actually happen, but basically it's like an 'elder' stage? haven't decided yet to do it or not

User Image

>>> candy shape relevance <<<
;; sphere : common - core domain, abilities are simple, generally physical/weapon-based and non-magical
;; cube : uncommon - mixing pot, abilities are either magical weapon or single-type magic
;; pyramid : uncommon - on point, unusual specialized abilities
;; diamond : rare - fairy court, the upper crust
;; gon-family : rare - parade, royals

the shape of the candy determines the origin of the monster, and partly dictates their abilities

the otherworld is divided into an orbit of small planets. core domain is the largest and central planet of this orbit where many of the monsters originate from. it is like a metropolis, a thriving city filled with anything one can imagine. it is also the most chaotic and disorderly of all the planets in the otherworld.

mixing pot and on point are respectfully to the east and west of the core domain. mixing pot is a highly cultural planet and one of the smaller planets. they are very rooted in traditions while maintaining a very diverse multitude of smaller communities which leaves the monsters from here sturdy in their morality and other beliefs though they may vary.

on point is a bit like wild country and semi-large in size. though it may be bigger, its population is spread out across all the odd sorts of different environments of land. it is known for its odd climate, as it may be blistering winter on one border but a few feet away may be a boiling desert. monsters from here tend to follow their own rule, which makes them unusually difficult to cooperate with.

fairy court is to the south while parade is to the north of core domain. ironically though the fairy court is considered 'the upper crust' it is 'below' all the other planets. it is of a well-proportioned size and is considered very 'exotic'. though they are a step below royalty, they consider themselves higher class and deserving of admiration. in fact they tend to rival the true adorned royals. however their abilities are unknown, but some rumors are that some can turn into majestically mythical creatures. other rumors say they have deep magical roots connected to ancients.

parade is the least known about planet so far. all that can be really revealed is that they're royalty and seen as the feared rulers of the otherworld. their bond to each other is strong because they care greatly for each other, considering each other 'family' though they are not all related.
>>> FaQS >>>

>> how may i obtain a monster?
... through events such as flatsales, games, contests or customs/bribes

>> how much do these cost?
... flatsales will be a solid 30k, raffle tickets 100g, game entry fees 5k

>> how many can i win from an event?
... one! you may enter whatever games/flatsales/auctions/raffles that are being held, but you may only win one from an entire event unless otherwise noted

>> how many can i have?
... as many as you can handle, note that you may only try for a second after your first has reached the demigod stage ;; if, and i doubt this may happen, you manage to obtain several (say four or five) and all have stopped at the demigod stage you will not be able to try for any more until they have all reached havoc stage

>> what's the setting of this shop?
... present day, our world, our Earth, everything that is in our world at this very moment is the setting of this shop

>> will there be meta and big rp plots?
... yes, but probably not for a while until there's enough activity going on

>> how long must journals and rps be?
... journals should be minimum 600 words and rps should be minimum 15 posts for each person involved

>> is the winner of the hard candy vital? do i have to keep them in the development of my monster?
... no, not if you don't want them to be ;; you may choose to let the winner release the monster and then have the monster leave of its own accord and never return to its releaser, or you may choose to keep the pair together: it is really up to you but you must keep the winner in play until they have released the monster from the candy form

>> how are monsters 'released'?
... once it is dropped into any sort of liquid, it will dissolve and then reform itself into its imp form; how long it takes to dissolve often depends

>> how long would a monster take to dissolve more specifically? hours? weeks?
... it may depend on the power of the monster and the reluctance of it being brought to the 'new world' ;; so if let's say one has a simple ability like finger whips and is eager to see the 'new world', it would take perhaps an hour to a day ;; obviously the uncommon and rare types would take longer due to the magnitude of their ability and disdain to being forced to the 'new world'

>> what is the 'new world'?
... it is the name the monsters of the otherworld have named Earth. many of the higher class, or rarer types of monsters are uninterested in the new world because of their status in their own. this mostly holding true for diamond or gon family shaped candies. opinions of other planet monsters tend to vary from the thrill of conquering a new world and causing terror to indifference to amusement at powerless humans to whatever else you can imagine

>> how fast do they grow?
... typically they grow at a faster pace than humans, so from child to teen it may only take a matter of months and from teen to adult perhaps another year or so.

>> can i come up with the background/game world for the monster i win?
... of course! go wild, as long as it all makes sense there should be no problem

>> what about for their back story from when they were in the otherworld?
... yesss... you can, but i ask that you run your idea by me before you get hardcore into it

>> do the monsters remember their lives in the otherworld?
... this varies. there are the 'newborns' who are really children when they are transported through the arcade machine, and then there are those who are only physically reverted back to a child's body due to the portal who mentally are still whatever age they were back home in the otherworld

>> which types are more likely to have strong otherworld back stories?
... uncommon and rare types most likely have a very set role/background from their hometown, though that doesn't exempt them from there being any 'newborns' from those planets

>> what about common types?
... these are the most prone to being 'newborns', should there be any that have a past from the core domain it will probably be along the lines an ordinary lifestyle of being a regular citizen, as the majority population of the core domain are normal residents ;; there are no higher/lower/special statuses there as there are on the other planets

ask more questions and this will be updated
>>> eVeNTS // GaMeS >>>

User Image
barbed wire ;; female ;; defensive, suspicious, analytical

interested in winning this particular candy? it's easy! because it's a free raffle~
all you have to do is post:

[size=18][color=indigo]GIMME A TICKET FOR THAT SPIKE CANDY, please![/color][/size]

post it once a day for more chances to win this lovely gal~!

begins : may 27, 2011
ends : june 26, 2011 ;; 11PM EST

current ticket list ;;
1. Saint-Cinq
2. Saint-Cinq
3. Apollyna
4. Saint-Cinq
5. Apollyna
6. Apollyna
7. Saint-Cinq
8. Apollyna
9. Saint-Cinq
10. Apollyna
11. Saint-Cinq
12. Apollyna
13. Saint-Cinq
14. Apollyna
15. Saint-Cinq
16. Apollyna
17. Saint-Cinq
18. Apollyna
19. iStoleYurVamps
20. Saint-Cinq
21. Apollyna
22. Saint-Cinq
23. Apollyna
24. Saint-Cinq
25. Apollyna
26. Saint-Cinq
27. Apollyna
28. Saint-Cinq
29. Saint-Cinq
30. Apollyna congrats! you just won the barbed wire gal~
31. Apollyna
32. Saint-Cinq
33. Apollyna
34. Saint-Cinq
35. Apollyna
36. Saint-Cinq
37. Apollyna
38. Apollyna

User Image
fish bones ;; male ;; eerie, shy, meticulous

begins : june 27, 2011
ends : july 16, 2011

here's the rundown!
you want to win this guy? simple.

this game is catch the fish! just 'catch' my posts with one of these fish in them, and it will win you points!
most points wins!

point system
;; little fish : 2 points
;; koi fish : 3 points
;; eel : 4 points

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Saint-Cinq - 9
Contumelious - 2


SeMi-CuSToM HaiKu GaMe

what is this?
well basically what you're going to be doing is writing a haiku, explaining what kind of candy monster.
the only things that are necessary to put is what type, for example 'rainbow', 'mono stripes', 'barbed wire'.
the rest of the haiku can describe the monster's personality/looks, whatever you can imagine.

begins : june 27, 2011
ends : july 16, 2011

>> rules: >>
;; sphere types only
;; you may enter as many as you like, though inevitably i will be looking for quality
;; follow the rules of haikus, 5-7-5
;; quote me with your entry
;; i reserve the right to not choose one should there be none that impress me

>> entries:


    Fills my home with warmth
    With fond hands are born scrumptious
    I want more Baked Sweets.


I am just a slug
Though, unlike my land brother,
I am kind of cute.

Grey silk slowly slides
From the half-open windows.
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

haiku is fun! : )

>>> aD CoNTeST >>>

what you will be all gunning for...

User ImageUser Image

this rock candy made of rainbow
wonder what a rainbow monster will look like...?
what we do know is that this rock monster is female and is bright, obnoxious and cheeky...!

>> rules
... initially you must put the shop banner in your signature for 2 points, please post this:

[color=green]I'VE STARTED A CANDY TRAIL![/color]

... every day you have the shop banner in your signature is an extra 1 point, you must post this in thread:

[color=red]I HAVE ROCK CANDY (put the date here)!![/color]

... for each person you refer, you gain another 2 points ; each person must post this in thread:
[color=blue]I FOLLOWED (your username here) TO CANDYLAND![/color]

;; end date : end of the g/o, tentative date is august

>> entrants :: points >>
Apollyna - 21
Saint-Cinq - 7
>>> aFFiLiaTeS >>>

my shop banner ;;

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
User Image


other shops ;;

User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
>>> CHeCKLiST >>>

>> finish example stages
>> make a shop banner
>> make ad contest candy

>> make a cert (or pluck up the courage to ask mori to do it cause she's awesome.... :B) awesome Apollyna is also doing this~ <3
>> hire rp manager
>> guild?
>> setup guild?
>> post banners or hire graphics person? awesome Apollyna is doing this~ <3
>> fix up thread layout?
>> IT game candy
>> free raffle candy
>> semi-custom game?
>> make a mule?
>> shiny up the mule with some fancy new clothes~
>> mock-up official thread layout? (har har ask Apollyna to do this? 8D;; ) /end pirate-ness

>> g/o event game gals
>> g/o event flatsale boys
>> g/o event strip tease~ ;D
>>> HiRiNG RP MaNaGeRS >>>


so, what am i looking for?
these things:

>> someone to bounce ideas off of and help keep an eye on all shop activity
>> help with metaplot/events/prompts
>> help judge prompt-based events
>> checking on journals/RPs, growth requests and other guild-related things
>> maybe RP NPCs

payment will include:
>> one custom candy initially, to keep for yourself or to give away to a friend
>> if you enter for a flatsale or game, the candy will be free of charge ;; raffles not included
>> crew membership to the guild~ (you'll get to sneak into my Secret Lair! oh no! D8 )
>> an NPC and other meta characters when the time comes
>> gold payment may also be discussed if so desired

i am looking for possibly two rp managers

[b][color=violet][size=18]RP MANAGER Application Form:[/size][/color][/b]

[b]Username:[/b] (or preferred name)
[b]Past Experience:[/b] (Which shops have you worked at if any?)
[b]RP Examples:[/b]
[b]Current Suggestions?[/b]
[b]What messengers:[/b]
[b]Time Zone:[/b]
[b]Anything you think I should know?[/b]

Saint-Cinq - page 18

>>> HiRiNG GueST aRTiSTS >>>

>> if you're interested in this, just quote me and leave me some links to your art~ (:
>> when RP manager hiring ends, i'll make an announcement if i'd like to have you or not
>> be aware that these are growing pets, you will have to stick around until all your work is done or you may do your set in one entire batch
>> it would be nice if you stuck around though



I just love these pets, and the art is so cool!
I would also be very interested in becoming a guest artist!
(my deviantart)


My DeviantArt ::


>>> SuGGeSTioN BoX >>>

what would you like to see in ROCK MONSTERS?
would you like to share your opinions?
please fill out this form!

if your suggestion intrigues me so much, i may incorporate it! and who knows, maybe if you have a ton of great suggestions you'll get something great later!

[b]Story Suggestions:[/b]

[b]Rock Monster Suggestions:[/b]

[b]General Shop Suggestions:[/b]

[b]What do you think needs more developing at this current time?[/b]
>>> STaFF >>>

;; my awesome super-duper crew? ;;

>> owner/artist >> Shnazz
>> graphic artist/guest artist >> Apollyna
>> guest artist >>
>> rp manager >> Saint-Cinq
>> rp manager >>
Okay. Now I have to go finish drawing something non-shop related. Hahaha.
Tox~ <3

I should be able to finish some more art today~

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