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Just a Brief Reminder

This topic is a place that was created solely to explain the Pricing and Assistance subforum to people. The OP has not been here in a VERY long time and is unlikely to ever come BACK.


If you need help for any reason with your art shop, please post a TOPIC in this SUBFORUM saying so! DO NOT REPLY TO THIS TOPIC. There are lots of people who are willing to help out but only if they know you exist and very few people frequent this topic at all. YOU WILL LIKELY GET NO HELP IF YOU POST HERE. Please create your OWN topic asking for pricing or help and providing art samples.

Also, this subforum moves SLOWLY. You should only need to bump MAYBE once every 10 minutes.... And you must have some patience if you want lots of people to come into your thread to price or offer assistance.

LASTLY, for those asking questions about B/C shops, I suggest reading the following guide!
A Complete n00bs Guide to BCP

For those asking with layout and starting an artshop help, I suggest reading the following guide!
User Image

For those of you unable to take criticism or who are very sensitive about your work, I suggest NOT starting an artshop of any sort. This subforum - and most other ones related to art - will eat you alive.
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Along time ago before I was born one of my Mothers Ex-Husband* Made a drawing. Before he could finish it he died of a heart attack due to stress. My Mother remarried to my current Father. In which I was born from. As I turned Fourteen, I was really interested in becoming a graphic designer for video games and such. So my Mother gave me her old Husbands drawing to finish. Well I sure managed to do that and now i want to see it put to good use. Now my question his I need a full explantion on how to sell my 1 uber-awesome picture, And possibly some "Okay" Anime pictures here on Gaia.

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visit my shop and tell me if you like it ^^ http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-shops/rainy-queen-s-art-shop-open/t.75027045_1/#2
omg im like so happy they made this forum cuz i have no idea how to price my avi art now i do wooottt biggrin heart heart
I honestly really want to create my own clothes for my avi!!!!!!! some of the clothed on here are great and some of them really suck! I want to be able to wear what ever my mind can imagine. all the good clothes are expensive I dont want to have to spend money I dont have on gaia cash and I dont want to sign up for stuff I am not going to use just for gaia cash where the hell is the logic in that!!!
thanks smile
I need Scene clothes!!! for male. where do i go?!?! or help me out?
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Cool! I'm thinking about opening an art shop, so i needed some money advice! biggrin
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Hi, I'm starting an art shop and I want some advice and suggestions for improving what I have so far. If you're wondering, I used my mule account as the first customer because I've learned that people are a bit hesitant to be "first" so yeah. I want to see what people think before I officially open it. :3 It's still a W.I.P and it's still in the Test Forum so you can't buy from it and yeah...please tell me what you think :3

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I've seen shopes that were startd a month ago still on the top of the list...I want to start one but am afraid it will go on another page after afew days were no one will see it. How do I get it to stay at the top?

Bump it.

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