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Jeseia Moretia
Can someone please post something about not bumping threads every minute and a half? It's getting aggravating.

And ImmortalBlue, yes this forum is the right place.

Is there an actual rule against bumping your thread? You have people afraid to bump because you tell them not to. sweatdrop I ran a quick scan, and I can't find a rule AGAINST bumping. 3nodding Maybe you shouldn't tell people not to bump if it's not a real rule? sweatdrop
Well how much should i sell my artwork for
Input would be nice 3nodding
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Hi, I've been having trouble with my shop, simply no one's buying, could someone give me advice? There's a banner in my sig, thanks. heart
@ Dark_Kitsune666 and Ketti-chan: Make a thread and ask your questions there. 3nodding

Real reason I'm posting here: Just an idea, but maybe there should be a rule against creating multiple threads that consist of the same information? The farther back I look, the more double post I find that look exactly the same as their other thread. Many many many people are creating double threads. I think I've seen someone who had around 5 and they all had the same thing... except I think a few of them had a new example. sweatdrop It'd cut down majorly on the number of threads created if there was such a rule against double threads with the same information. 3nodding Hehe, I don't know. Just a thought. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

On that note, I just realized there are no rules at all, except for what threads should and shouldn't be in this subforum. Interesting...
what i would like to no, is how to open up a shop. i would like to no, please and thankies. blaugh
hey i am selling
I need help on opening a shop If you know how to do it please pm me!
hi i am selling some things
I was wondering. I was told that there was a shop similar to mine that is already in existance. That's no reason for my shop to be closed just because the names are similar yet clearly different. Especially when I have in the first post that I'm not claming to be the other shop, is it? I was told that the owners of the other shop would report me.
hey, umm..i was wondering...exactly how would i go about opening a shop and creating my own items for sale? i kinda just joine dtoday *hangs head* so any info would really help and would be very much appreciated! domokun
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is anyone on here????... I was wondering if anyone had a picture of the Black Catscratch Hat? much appreciated.
Sorry redface

Gaia lagged and I thought I was on the right thing and then it decided to post here instead of making a new topic gonk

It's been doing that to me a lot lately xd

heart 3nodding heart 3nodding heart
ok this might sound stupid to u guys but im a newbie and i dont know where to get clothes can anyone help me?

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