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OK... one of my friends opened a shop on here where they
took art that they did not draw, and changed it into custom
designs. Her shop got closed since her art wasn't actually 'drawn'
by her. But, since she did change the artwork significantly,
isn't that her own original work?

samples of the work in question:
User Image
User Image
If she just added Sparkles to the image then no she didn't do the whole thing. She should at least said I got this from here and added this on and there.. Hope that makes some sense..
How do you make a shop in the marketplace? (I know, you must think I'm pretty syupid, huh?) redface Please mail me because I will not be on the boards. THANX BUNCHES exclaim
I do't know how to make a shop on the market place either
Hi! I want to know how i can make a mini shop and what i can sell or do there to get money sweatdrop .. plx answer my post or PM me 3nodding .
Hi!! How do I get a shop?? And how do I get the stuff to sell??
hi....um, i am new to Gaia and was wondering how i could make my own shop. i am so confused, everyone talks about it but i have no idea how to make a mini shop. can you help me?
um, how do i make a mini shop?
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Demonic Spirit

to make a mini shop:
go to forums, then scroll down untill you find the mini shop forum, go into it, then near the top(above the other shops) there will be a new topic link, just click that and type in what you want the name of it to be and what you want on the 1st post..
So I hope that helps you guys. XD.. Heya Gothic. Gonna go check your shop. smile
How do i start a weapon shop and make them?
how do i put my art into a type i cant do it for some reason why?
Anlina S.
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Mini Shops Assistance and Suggestions

This forum is for threads relating to Mini Shops, Breedables and Requests and Commissions that don't deal with the exchange of art or services.

Threads that belong here:

  • "How much would you pay for this?"

  • "Would anyone buy this?"

  • Finding partners to work with.

  • Advice in setting up shop layouts.

  • Advice for improving business in your mini shop.

Threads which do not belong here:

Do you need some help with working? If you need it, I would like to help you. But if you will plz write back.

man, this forum = heart

but it can get so lonely somtimes ;_;
oh and, thanks for the pink link !

Edit 12/24/04 - DUDE thanks for another one X3

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