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THANK YOU! You've bn VERY helpful

Your welcome smile
gah im just basically here to look for someone to start an aution with that would be around my talint level...... im not to talinted but not hidously bad either sweatdrop
how do I create a shop?
I have no idea. neutral
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ugh i wanted to know how breedable pets work. Does the owner of the shop make the next stage or does it automatically go to the next stage >.< if so how does that work does ne one know and can u heeelp me??
Hey just a quick question what kind of stuff do people sell do they draw and think of it themselves or do they find it on the internet
arrow lost and confused exclaim Anna
yea it sound good
im lost crying crying crying
helooo any one there
crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
does anyone have wings?
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<center>Welcome to
Mini Shops Assistance and Suggestions

This forum is for threads relating to Mini Shops, Breedables and Requests and Commissions that don't deal with the exchange of art or services.

Threads that belong here:

  • "How much would you pay for this?"100

  • "Would anyone buy this?"yes

  • Finding partners to work with.easy

  • Advice in setting up shop layouts.

  • Advice for improving business in your mini shop.

Threads which do not belong here:

Okay, I want to start a shop called "The Bishie Hunter Opaaru Inc." specializing in creating Gaia versions of anime characters. More specifically anime guys and their fangirls. (see siggy)

I'll also do avi edits upon request.

I was wondering where would I post the shop? Breedables...comissions...?
I want to creat a shop with my sister but I am not exactly sure on how. What Kind of Shops are there to make. Examples please.

Is it okay to make a shop where I take requests to draw anime styled sigs of their gaia character so they can have a signature for the forums?

I'm confused on what to make a shop for. Please Reply.
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Ok I'm going to start my own art shop but I have problems with the following:

1.Does it look nice?
2.How much should I sell them?
3.Making the thread in the mini shop forum is it the correct place?

Examples of my art:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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