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Username: XaiHong
Samples (at least 3):1 2 3
Character of Choice:N
2nd Choice Character: Bianca
Do's: Anything in the don'ts
Don't: Nudity, Over cluttered
HB offer: 1 Half-body
AB offer: 1 Fullbody + 1 Chibi
User Image
User Image

                                      Oh my god. I spy shirtless Jack Frost.
I've decided to end early so we can all start working on our theme pictures!
Here are the people I've chosen, thank you SO much for everyone who applied! The talent was amazing!:

Pugnacious Banana

Gemini Genesis


loveless doe



And I will be Rosa~~
Now! Theme pictures will be 240 x 400 in size. If you need help cropping them, don't hesitate to ask! They will be due January 30. This is in about two weeks! Don't procrastinate! If everyone finishes early, we can start the auction early.
Chatting is also appreciated here, as we like to make sure everyone's up to speed and making sure everyone gets their theme pictures done on time. This is a fun place! Please show WIPs and if you have any art-related questions, don't be afraid to throw them out there!
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Questionable Gawker

User Imagexxx/User Imagexxx/User Imagexxx/User Imagexxx/User Imagexxx/User Image

『 N O T H I N G ◦ I S ◦ T R U E ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

                                      Awesome~ Thanks for accepting me! > u<
                                      I will get started ASAP! > 0< //

━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ E V E R Y T H I N G ◦ I S ◦ P E R M I T T E D 』
yum_puddi Uwaa thank you for accepting me hahaha that was fast!!

Work In Progress; Here is my work in progress xD;
I hope it is okay so far!
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Shameless Fatcat

Thank you for accepting me! ; w ;
I gotta cover a couple commissions real quick, and then I'll get started!
I'm so excited! emotion_dowant
User Image
User Image
                                      Xai;; WOW! My jaw dropped!!! He is soooo sexy @___@ Thanks for being so quick!

                                      loveless;; Take your time~ I'm excited too!

                                      Xyana;; Yup! Your art is super cute. 3nodding

                                      Now we just have to hear from Gemini and Orinthogale~
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Super Guest

yay ty. i'll start working on my pic 3nodding
Yep, it's an honor to work with you again~ whee
Here is my theme pic uOu
Ooh fun I'll get started <3
I can't see it because I'm at school and tumblr is blocked. crying
But I'm sure it's gorgeous!
N is such a great character emo
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Shameless Fatcat

Okay! I finished mine as well. c:

FFF Your N is so gorgeous. ; u ; /dead
User Image
User Image
                                      OMG HES SO CUTE
hey havi's avatar

Shameless Fatcat


I can't wait for this to beginnnn?? <3
User Image
User Image
                                      Me too!!!!!! hahaha. *works on theme pic*

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