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>W< *keeps playing white 2*
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*playing white2 right now*


The raffle will end tomorrow at 10am.
Anyone can eter.
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Yay! I finally finished my application whee
Pokemon: Absol 
Pokemon's Name: Hisui (Jade in Japanese)
Pokemon's Nature: Bold
Pokemon's Characteristic: Highly curious
Pokemon's Quote: "Life is short, so be bold and have a little fun "
Guild: Performer's museum 
Prompt Answer:
Hisui walked calmly up a dirt path, humming a little tune as she went. A tribute from her guild to the goddess was wrapped up and . She was thinking about how her life was before she joined the performers. Before she joined she had been a loner, not much purpose to her life, it was depressing her a little as she thought about it, but she still continued to hum as she walked on. After she had depressed herself enough she began to think about the past couple of months, almost a year now, that she had been with the Performer's guild. The guild had welcomed her with open arms and hearts, quickly training her in the different arts. She laughed as she remembered the first time she attempted to paint. There was no way she could ever forget the horrified  look on her mentor's face when she saw her painting. Since then it had been discovered that Hisui was a prodigy writer and singer. She still hadn't conquered painting or drawing, and wasn't the best at dancing quite yet, but she hoped to get there some time in the future. 
Hisui's thoughts were suddenly disturbed when she heard the cry of a fellow Pokemon. She stopped for a moment and at first considered seeing what the noise was, but then trotted on when she decided it was buttery biscuit's job to take care of those kinds of things. 
It didn't take long for Hisui to reach the alter and take care of her initial mission of paying tribute to the goddess. Even before completeing her quest Hisui had felt guilty, but now that she had finished her quest guilt overwhelmed the Absol and she rushed to where she had heard the cry coming from.
It did not take long for Hisui to stumble upon a band of nomadic Pokemon that had been attacked. Hisui felt horrible, she now wished she had helped when she heard their crys before, but when she tried to help now the Pokemon would let her. They pushed her away saying things like "Leave us alone." or "There is nothing you can possibly do to help, just leave." which only made Hisui feel worse. 
Hisui had finally gotten tired of being turned down the Absol began to walk away, when she noticed three little children crying. She walked over to see what was wrong but just received an angry "Leave us alone!" in reply. Instead of granting their wishes Hisui began singing and dancing. It took a few minutes, but the children joined in, then a few of the adults, and before long the entire nomadic group joined in the happy song. 
Later, once she had helped the, now joyful, nomadic group get on their way the Hisui danced happily back to the guild. She was still a little upset with herself that she had not helped the group the first time, but she was glad she was able to use her talents to help the Pokemon in the long shot.

Example mission:
You must teach new guild members the ways of the guild. Teach them the basics of visual art, singing, dancing, writing, as well as our morals, how to get around and how to get the most out of being in the guild.
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I'd like a ticket!

Man I need to work on my application.
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Gosh I slept the day away @_@. I think my house manager got me sick > n>

Fea Line
I love his name XD

-Flicker was near a wall, practicing making shadow puppets with various objects and random flicks of his flame... till he spotted Ludwig and grew a mischievous smile. He wondered if he could make the little igglybuff jump-

Haha it was the first thing that came to mind with the sheet music, plus it's such a serious name for such a cute little pokemon xD

Ludwig: *pauses and looks up from his sheet, blinking and looking around, before staring back down at it and continuing, muttering to himself*
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*spots a lithia* Well hello there!

And no need to rush on applications~ we'll be keeping them open for quite some time.

Alrigh only about 2 hours left to claim a ticket!!
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Raffle? Am I still in time to claim a ticket?
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30 minutes left c:
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I didn't really come in here yesterday because work and Black 2 kept me busy. XD Glad I popped in on time, though.
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I understand XD.
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I wish I could skip work today and play more B2. razz

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