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Table of Contents
1. About/News
2. Rules
3. Teasers
4. Contests
5. Affiliates
6. Hiring

About the Shop:

............This is a project I've been working on for quite some time. I love the B/C and it's the only reason I returned to Gaia after being away for about a year. There's just nowhere else I'd rather be.

............Cheesiness aside, I've decided to finally start up this massive shop. At opening we'll have a over 100 lines between creatures, animals, humanoids and items, all drawn by several different artists. There will be Dragons, Hippocampus, Phoenixes, Gryphons and Kirins, along with an anthro version of each, tons of animal pets and quite a few items that will have different effects. Each of the creatures has 7 stages, from egg to elder and special extra stages (like angelic or demonic) and even a special breeding stage that is essentially a couple's picture.

............I plan to try and encourage RP through rewards without making it a requirement for anything. There will always be a way to get something you can earn through RP, though it might be a little more difficult. There will be a main story, uncovered in metaplot, and I feel that the world is coming together nicely so far, but I do want participation from everyone. I want players to have a place in shaping the story (hence the naming contest for the continents, and that's just the first step).

............Most importantly, I'm not in this for the gold! I want to do as many free things as possible. Sure, if I have guest colorists, there will be gold paid to them, but I don't actually plan on taking a single gold the shop makes. There are prices on certain things, since I couldn't think of any other way to keep them from having RP requirements, but not overworking myself in the process, but that gold will go to paying guest colorists and possibly some more artists in the future.

I'm really excited about this shop, and I hope you can be too.

Guild Link:
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(Apply for Updates)

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......11/15/12 - Reopening IT for hiring after artist dropout. This is why we won't actually open til we have the art. <3
......07/03/12 - Shop officially on hold again, contests closed, only participant autowinner when we reopen.
......04/23/12 - Looking for a cel-shader for two sets of lines (hippocamps & anthros).
......04/20/12 - IT opens. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Continent Naming Contest and Affiliate Contest open.
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As we get art, I'll post more teasers here.

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Our first teaser is the cert (fourth one I did, and the one I'm actually satisfied with)
and the first fairy that will be given away (free) during the opening celebration.

Teaser Log Thread - click to see past posts.
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Start: Now // End: TBA

Our very first I/T contest will be to name the continents. I want as much player involvement as
possible in the development of the world, so this is how I'm going to kick things off.

About: The World

There are six main continents that need naming. If we get a lot of entries, I might open it up to
naming individual islands, seas, lakes, etc. It all depends on how much interest this sparks.

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[b][size=18]I want to name a continent![/size][/b]
[b]Username:[/b] (yours)
[b]Continent:[/b] (fire/water/air/earth/wood/spirit)
[b]Suggestion:[/b] (continent name)
[b]Description:[/b] (of the continent, why that name, or whatever) (optional)

User Image

Winners will receive an elder creature from the continent they name.
Fire - Phoenix, Water - Hippocampus, Air - Gryphon, Earth - Hydra, Wood - Kirin, Spirit - Dragon.
You get to choose the gender and three colors.

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To have your shop added to this list, simply add any one of our links below to your shop and PM Japi or post a link here in the thread. Please only PM/post once. We'll add a link of equivalent size to our list.

All I/T affiliates will be carried over to the shop.

[note to self : update links]

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Start Date: tba
End Date: tba


1. For every day you have our link in your sig, you get 1 point.
2. For every person you get to drop by and say hi, you get 1 point.
3. For every person who stays a while, you get 3 points.
4. If you own a shop and you affiliate with us, you get 3 points.

To let me know you're participating (and so I can see our link in your sig), you have to post at least once each day. Your first post should be

[color=indigo][b]I'm participating in the affiliate contest![/b][/color]

Those with the most points at the end get a prize, the first choosing first, and so on.
There will be as many winners as prizes and we might add more prizes if we get a lot of competitors.


Custom Humanoid of Choice
Custom Adult Creature of Choice (Not Dragon)
Custom Adult Dragon


Previous Winners:
Melomar (for sticking around for the first open attempt). We don't forget our patrons. heart

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We've hired an artist for the Phoenixes, but unfortunately they're unable to ink at this time. When we do receive the sketches, I'd like to hire someone to ink. I might give it a try myself, if no one else applies, but no guarantee that'll turn out usable. xd


Looking for someone to do cel-shading for the hippocamps and chibi-anthros and their corresponding animal stages so that all the pets will all
have the same shading. ninja I don't care if the same person does both sets, or if two separate
people each do a set. Post or PM samples and prices.

Hippocampus Set
Super-Simple: Egg, Infant
Simple: Baby, Female Child, Male Child
Normal: Female Teen, Male Teen, Female Adult, Male Adult
Complex: Female Elder, Male Elder, Angelic, Demonic, Tame
Super-Complex: Breeding (two hippocamps)

Chibis: 13, five hairstyles each
Animals: 7

Artist found: Pending Price Agreement...


Looking for someone to do the lineart for the last remaining sets...

Kirin Set

like this but with a horn like the one here.
Perfect example of female: sketch by previous lineartist, Wynter Frostbite

Unisex Stages: Egg, Infant, Baby || Angelic, Demonic, Tame
Male & Female Stages: Child, Teen, Adult, Elder || Breeding Stage

Whiskers on males only. Also, longer manes and tails on males.
No scales for infant, baby and child stages.

Stage Breakdown
Egg - scaled egg sitting on fluff (looks like their tail hair...)
Infant - ugly-cute... Like newborn foal, no horn
Baby - starting to grow stub-horn
Angelic - Lanky build, more deer-like than horse-like. Antler horn.
Demonic - Clydesdale build, Ixion horn (maybe just a bit smaller.
Tame - Ornate reins
2 Child (1 male, 1 female)
2 Teen (1 m, 1 f) - first sign of male's whiskers, but super tiny.
2 Adult (1 m, 1 f)
2 Elder (1 m, 1 f)
Breeding Pair - (m & f adults)

Familiars - Deer, Rabbit, Raccoon, Squirrel, Chipmunk

Phoenix Set

good example

Unisex Stages: Pile of Ash (egg), Infant , Baby || Angelic, Demonic, Tame

Male & Female Stages: Child, Teen, Adult, Elder (smoldering) || Breeding pair

Male plumes are more elegant and long, while female are more plain. Female necks are longer and more slender, while males are shorter and thicker.

Stage Breakdown
Pile of Ash (Egg Stage)
Infant Stage (Ugly - no fire - look up bird hatchlings to see)
Baby (bursting into flame)
Angelic (more feathers than fire)
Demonic (more fire than feathers)
Tame (less fire, some sort of harness)
2 Child (1 male, 1 female)
2 Teen (1 m, 1 f)
2 Adult (1 m, 1 f) - most spectacular stage
2 Elder (1 m, 1 f) - aging considerably... losing feathers... will need to go through rebirth cycle to become beautiful again (return to adult stage)
Breeding Pair (1 m, 1 f, since they're phoenixes, it needs to be special, if you have any ideas...?) edit: reaching up to the sky and bursting into flames together! (my hubby came up with that)

Familiars - Owl, Pigeon, Dove, Hawk, Sparrow

Extra Familiars

More familiar sets needed wanted:

Toad, Frog, Snake, Turtle, Salamander, Bearded Dragon, Frill-necked Lizard
Spider, Bat, Beetle, Firefly, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Moth
Monkey, Duck-billed Platypus, Sloth, Kangaroo, Dog, Wolf
Anglerfish, Seahorse, Octopus, Penguin, Sandpiper (bird), Crane

All familiars are single stage and should be around the same detail level with cel-shading templates.

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OPEN! heart
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There, I wrote a bit of an 'about' to explain the shop a bit more... maybe I'll add more later.
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*sneaks in* This is really exciting. biggrin
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I know. whee I just couldn't wait anymore, even if I am waiting on art still.
Rawr exciting!
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It's going to be amazing.
I'm pretty excited biggrin
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I've already made some awesome friends. 4laugh This is what the B/C is for. heart Of course, there's the pets too. xp
Wait, theres pets too?!

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