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                      hello there! welcome to the interest thread for the upcoming
                      breedable/changing pets shop, Bunny Luv! here - if it's not obvious -
                      we will be offering premade and custom bunnies.
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                      surgeon general's warning: bunnies may cause a severe overdose in cuteness.
                      symptoms include, but are not limited to: cavities, nausea, vomiting, dizziness,
                      fainting spells, hallucinations, squeeing, excessive use of Japanese expressions,
                      unusual friendliness, random sobbing fits, massive amounts of rage, and death.

                      important links: guild & main thread

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              hiring - manager

                      I'd also like to have some managers on staff to help me out~ grace fails at being organized. srsly. she really needs someone to help her out.
                      know this: if you are hired and don't post in the shop or do ANYTHING for over a month without
                      any notification of reason why, but we see that you are on gaia doing other things,
                      YOU WILL BE FIRED. possibly without warning
                      if you don't have time for us, DON'T APPLY. just that simple

                      you'll be counted on for updating things - thread titles, ticket list, high bids,
                      things like that! you'll also be given a bunch of precoloured pets to give out,
                      so you should be able to host games for those.also, if you have coloring abilities
                      sometimes we allow you to make some premade uneditted pets to give away

                      managers get paid in points, which can be cashed in for your choice of pets
                      or gold. other perks may come up as well!

                      [color=darkgreen][b]I wanna manage for you![/b][/color]
                      [b]game ideas:[/b] tell me about some games you'd like to run!
                      [b]references:[/b] optional~
                      [b]time online:[/b] how often can we expect to see you around the shop?
                      please include your timezone here!
                      [b]tell me why:[/b] why do you want to work here?
                      [b]anything else?:[/b] well, is there? c:

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              hiring - editting and breeding colourists

                      I am seeking roughly 2-3 breeders
                      you must must must be able to fully edit, match line/shading style.
                      uneditting? if you can't edit, we won't tell you that you can't apply, but in all likelihood
                      you may be passed up for someone who can edit. we need editting artists very badly
                      you can download the template here! don't worry, there's no folders or brushes
                      that should bother certain programs~ (please only download the file if you plan
                      to apply, though! if you applied, you may use samples on this template as
                      samples elsewhere, if you wish.)

                      I would love to see at least two uneditted samples from each applicant - one bunny with
                      natural colours/markings, and one with unnatural colours/markings. we want to see how you work with colors and designs on your own. heavy brush use will likely hurt your chances
                      feel free to edit your application once it's posted, or do more than two samples.
                      additionally, you will need 2 more editted samples
                      and you will need to breed your 2 samples and make a littler of 2-4 babies from those parents
                      as your job in shop will be to help breed.

                      please be sure to colour the lines (and preferably, the shading, too)!

                      complete at least 2-3 breedings a month
                      and sometimes assist with events with some premade pets
                      all pets must be completed and uploaded to shop pb before you accept trades/payment
                      there is now an activity requirement. active staffers who love our bunnies, love collecting and being part of a bunny community... IS ESSENTIAL. In any b/c, a lot of success comes from the staff who participate in the shop as part of the community of friends and owners. i'd like staffies to post at least once a week; but at least every other week.
                      If a month goes by without hardly a word from you; but we can plainly see you are elsewhere on gaia active.. then you may be let go, with or without warning. please be advised.
                      *accepting payment for uncompleted work is grounds for termination
                      *inactivity is grounds for termination

                      colourists get 100% of flatsales, breedings, customs, and raffles; and 80% of auctions, 90% of bribes the 10/20% taken out is used to pay anyone who wishes to redeem credits for gaia gold. of course, if you do a pet trade; you owe the shop nothing.

                      [color=darkgreen][b]I wanna colour for you![/b][/color]
                      [b]Bunny Luv samples:[/b] at least two!
                      [b]other samples & references:[/b] optional~
                      [b]time online:[/b] how often can we expect to see you around the shop?
                      please include your timezone here!
                      [b]tell me why:[/b] why do you want to work here?
                      [b]anything else?:[/b] well, is there? c:
                      you acknowledge that if you go awol while employed here, that you may be let go with or without warning after one month: there is only one answer to this

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              hiring - applications

                      hiring ends Feb. 29th, at 12pm EST!
                      (was extended due to lack of applications)
                      desirable applicants may be hired in before it's over

                      - dark hikari p3
                      - xKOVAKtheWOLFx p4
                      UniqueOlive p.8

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              contest - advertising

                      User Image
                      if you'd like a shot at winning the bunny shown here, all you've got to do is advertise
                      for us! take the banner below and stick it in your signature. then post here letting us
                      know you advertised for that day! each day you stop in and point out that banner in
                      your signature, you'll get a raffle ticket! if someone comes in saying they came here
                      because of your signature, you get another ticket. if that someone happens to apply
                      for a position, you'll get another ticket - and a free semi custom if they're hired!
                      we do accept affiliates, but only IT or hiring affiliates - just as long as you follow that thread's affiliation rules when you make the request. make the request, then post here with their
                      200x40 banner (sorry, that's all we accept!), and we'll give you a ticket, and a second one if they add us back!

                      at the end of the hiring process, a winner will be selected from the participants, raffle-style.
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                      1. littledevil freakzoid
                      2. littledevil freakzoid
                      3. littledevil freakzoid
                      4. littledevil freakzoid
                      5. littledevil freakzoid
                      6. littledevil freakzoid

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                      lebbie: lineart, templates, cert, graphics, shop & concept.
                      three tailed fox:original owner of the shop
                      graceangel: owner, colorist and certer
                      current active coloring staff for having stayed with us so long: thanks for your loyalty and dedication

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              hiring FAQ

                      have a question you don't see here?
                      anyone from our staff is welcome to answer for you as soon as we see it. for speedy
                      responses that may affect whether you apply or not; quote Graceangel. she'll be
                      happy to answer your questions.

                      would you say this is a SRS shop?
                      by all means, no! I don't like serious shops. this is meant as a fun,
                      easy-going place to play games and roleplay at your leisure. the only
                      real rules I have here are don't steal the art/concepts, and don't be a
                      total douchebag. we have a strict rule about being respectful of our staff.
                      break it and there'll be consequences

                      how does breeding work here? can homosexual bunnies breed?
                      yes, homosexual bunnies can breed. you have a few options when you
                      choose to breed your bunnies - you can have a natural breeding (passing
                      down the parents' traits), an unnatural breeding (attracting random bunnies),
                      or a mix of both. homosexual couples can only have unnatural breedings,
                      and heterosexual couples can choose any of the breeding options. all
                      breeding options are the same cost.

                      how many babies can my bunny have?
                      litters range from 1-6 babies (or carrots), but the most common amount
                      per litter is 3. owners of the parents may keep 1 baby each, and the rest
                      must be given away.

                      so the bunnies come from carrots?
                      no, the carrot 'stage' is meant to be a representation of setting out bait for
                      a bunny. in the next stage, the bunny has been attracted, ate your carrot,
                      and now it's yours to roleplay with!

                      Can I earn bribes?
                      yes. you can earn bribes. you will have to fork over a small percentage to the shop,
                      so you might want to always get a portion of it in pure to send to the mule. also, you
                      need to have completed a minimum quota and have been active in order to open one

                      will I only ever do breedings?
                      no. probably not. you will always be able to opt in and make premade pets for events.
                      also, you're welcome to make pets for in game giveaways. also, if you complete
                      a minimal quota; sometimes you may be given a greenlight to open a few customs

                      if i breed a couple with both parents having heavy edits?
                      just because you breed an editted couple does not mean you'll be obligated to give
                      any/all of the offspring edits. they can be on the baby stage and adult stage or only the adult
                      stage. whichever method you use, you should have that in your breeding thread posted
                      for customers to see.

                      if I worked here before?

                      you're more than welcome to apply again if you like, but you can also just
                      talk to grace. previous employees are all welcome back with open arms if they have
                      the time to give to us. please don't come back on a whim to only disappear again

                      what's the shop's setting?
                      a large farm where all the little bunnies can hop around. I want that to be as
                      open-ended as you, the roleplayer, would like it to be - shape the roleplay
                      universe however you like! your bunnies don't have to live on this farm,
                      however, and you're welcome to make up whatever roleplay setting you want
                      to for them. there are no restrictions, as long as it's fairly realistic!

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and.... this is open now heart
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Yay hiring!
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heart xD chibi...
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<3 *Flops in and works on things*
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Feral Bunny

15,100 Points
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo 100
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Feral Bunny

15,100 Points
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo 100
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
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Feral Bunny

15,100 Points
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo 100
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
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