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Crystal Tokyo is a distant myth. A legend. A bedtime story told to children, to give them good dreams and aspirations of peace in a world that hasn't known it in 100 years. No one knows just why Crystal Tokyo isn't around anymore. The myths vary. Some say they were corrupted and the kingdom just collapsed. Some say dark forces overpowered them. Others say the queen simply just...disappeared with her heir. No one knows...but it happened centuries ago.

Sailor Senshi and their Knights are also a myth. Those brave men and women whose Star Seeds gave them the power to protect the stars and planets and celestial bodies whose essence they held. Most say it's a fairy tale, something made to make little kids 'ooo' and 'aah'. But there are those who know the truth...they are NOT a myth. And they are returning.

But the question remains...

What happened to Crystal Tokyo?
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This is the interest thread for a BSSM-based shop called, obviously, Moon Revenge. In this shop, Crystal Tokyo hasn't been around for about 1000 years. No one knows why it disappeared...but fall it did, during the reign of Neo Queen Lady Serenity. Since then, the world has been in turmoil, and many things that became well known in Crystal Tokyo became nothing more than myths and stories. Countries formed and fell, armies rose and were defeated, leaders and tyrants took power and died.

And one-hundred and four years ago, some semblance of tenuous peace was achieved. The countries that had managed to hang onto their power for longer than a decade or two banded together, creating the Halcyonic Alliance, and starting a new system of tracking years...the New Era. These countries still warred with others, trying to maintain their borders, but they supported one another and did not war with each other. But this 'peace' is not perfect. There is still crime, and their technology is far from what it was in Crystal Tokyo.

And now this 'peace' is being threatened by something worse than bandits or thugs...Creatures unlike any natural animal strike in the night, boogiemen from stories long past. And unbeknownst to most of the world, the Galaxy Cauldron has decided it is finally time for those who can fight such creatures to return.

It started with the Shitennou being reborn. Their Star Seeds awoke in their mid-teens, and they were found by a man who called himself 'Artemis'. He trained them, and they then began to search for other Star Seeds like their own. They were joined by an odd woman who called herself Atena Kochi, and now...

They seek Awakening Senshi and Knights and Guardians, hoping to gather enough power to fight whatever threat is slowly making itself known...

The current year is 104 New Era (NE). That translates to 5520 Common Era (CE). And it's the Year of the Monkey. <3 (Yes, Tor seriously figured it out.)

  • Technology is about equivalent to what we currently have, but has a decidedly steampunk-ish flair to it. Anything 'futuristic' is recovered Crystal Tokyo technology. And one of the most coveted resources, the thing many wars have been fought over...are crystals, large and small, that are old power sources from Crystal Tokyo. They run longer, cleaner, and more powerful than power sources we (the players) are familiar with, and are what will power most things in the main city the RP will take place in.
  • The countries we currently know? They don't really exist anymore. We'll be making a list of the countries currently in the Halcyonic Alliance soon, with basic info about them.
  • Senshi and Knights and Youma are MYTHS. The general public has no freakin' idea they're real!
  • No, no one knows what happened to Crystal Tokyo. Even those NPCs who do know aren't going to tell. Not yet.
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I - Thou shalt be polite to all in the thread.
II - Thou shalt not use chtspk, 133tsp3ak, or other such things in profusion. We'd like to understand what you're typing. Perfect English is not expected however...we all have our days.
III - Thou shalt leave drama at the door.
IV - Thou shalt realize these are TEMPORARY rules, and will be expanded upon/made pretty/etc. as the shop undergoes construction.
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In Moon Revenge, there will be four types of characters available to start out with.

Your everyday person. Though they are technically a one-stage character, they fall into four different age categories: Preteen, Early Teen, Late Teen, and Adult. They can stay a civvie...or they can be awakened into something more.

Sailor Senshi
Those sailor-collared women of mystery, usually fighting for truth and justice! Tied to a celestial body beyond Earth, they've been reborn on Earth for reasons beyond anyone, even Artemis and Atena. They fall into four categories: Offensive, Defensive, Agility, and Ranged. All types have three stages: Senshi, Super Senshi, and Eternal Senshi. And sorry boys...but the sailor senshi are all women, no one is sure why. The 'exception' to this are women born biologically male. Their senshi form is biologically female.

While women are sailor senshi, men certainly aren't weak! Knights are the senshi's male counterparts, and are more physical power while the senshi are more magical. They, too, are tied to a celestial body beyond Earth, and fall into four categories: Offensive, Defensive, Agility, and Ranged. They have three stages: Knight, Lieutenant, and Captain. Women cannot be knights. The 'exception' to this are men born biologically female. Their knight form is biologically male.

Hidden on Earth, waiting for the right moment to awaken, these are the 'animals' from other planets who await the rebirth of their senshi and knights. There are twelve known 'species' currently: cat (from Mau), mouse (from Chuu), fox (from Huli), crow (from Coronis), sparrow (from Passeri), hawk (from Accipi), deer (from Cervus), snake (from Daija), ferret (from Duk), wolf (from Lupi), lizard (from Anolis), and rabbit (from Lago). They have two stages: Animal and Humanoid. Guardians can be male or female, and this is reflected best once their humanoid form is once again able to be taken.

More character types may be added as time goes on.
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Characters for Moon Revenge will be distributed in several ways.

The first is RP/Concept contests. These will be the most prominent. Some will require you to already have a quest going, others won't require you to set up a quest for approval until AFTER you've won a slot. Usually, these will be for premades, civilians, guardians, or normal-level senshi or knight (on par with a senshi like Sailor Mercury, rather than Sailor Moon or Sailor Venus).

Another way will be through raffles. Some will be paid, others will be free, and none will require a quest until after you've won the slot. Usually, these will be for premades, civilians, guardians, or normal-level senshi or knight (on par with a senshi like Sailor Mercury, rather than Sailor Moon or Sailor Venus).

A third way will be through auctions. These will usually be for higher-level senshi or knights (on par with Sailor Moon or Sailor Venus).

There may also be random events or 'Quest Fairies' popping up, depending on the workload of the artists.
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A cat Guardian originating from Mau, no one is sure whether he is the Artemis of legends or just a white Mauian calling himself Artemis. Either way, he looks middle-aged, and is one of the major 'mentors' for any re-awakened Guardians, Senshi, and Knights.

Atena Kochi
Appearing to be in her early 50s, Atena seems to know a LOT about being a Senshi. She met Artemis and the Shitennou shortly after the Shitennou's re-awakening, and has joined them in their search for awakening Senshi, Knights, and Guardians. She acts as the main mentor for Senshi at the moment.

No one knows who the snake is Guardian to, but she awakened long enough ago that she'll be acting as a mentor to newly-awakened Guardians.

-info here-

-info here-

-info here-

-info here-
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The City of Bande - Info soon. Located around what we know as the Ban Gioc - Dentian Falls.

The Country of Hayvn - Info soon.

The Neobedouins - A very old nomadic culture. Information found here.
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s**t here later
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Das Tor: Shop owner, artist, concept chick
NovaCracker: Shop owner, artist, concept chick
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Current Funds Available: 1,720,000 Gold.
Want to help us raise funds? Donations accepted, and should be sent directly to the mule Guardian Circe!

We may have found a base artist! She's getting her work priced now, and it may take some time to get all the art needed to start up depending on pricing, but....GLEE.
Yes, we're hiring. We're looking for ONE thing specifically at the moment, however...a base lineartist. We're in need of 58 different bases to get started, with 26 of them needed for opening (just the lineart, no shading). Gold is going to be gathered for this hiring as...well, RL money just isn't an option right now. Twelve of the bases needed are animals, so we may end up hiring two base lineartists, if the first cannot do animals. Please remember that base lineart is something like this. (And no, you can't steal that...Das Tor paid real money for that, and she will HURT YOU, somehow, if you try stealing it.)

There's also another thing we hope for with one or both of these artists...once in a while, hiring them to do full NPC artwork, such as Atena or Artemis or the current bad guys.

So if you're interested...post the following form, all filled out!

[b]I've got some SKILLS![/b]
[size=11][b]Name:[/b] Username, obviously
[b]Samples:[/b] Full art or lineart.
[b]Are you familiar with doing bases?:[/b]
[b]Are you interested in doing full art as well as bases?:[/b]
[b]Price Quote:[/b] For both full art, and per base. (That way, if you're hired...we know what we need to pay you.)
[b]Interested in doing future base lineart?:[/b] For future options in the shop.[/size]

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Shop Ideas/Setting (c) Das Tor & NovaCracker

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