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The art here could go a number of ways, and I want your input! Which do you prefer from the following options?

A single unisex gender egg-to-adult progression for all species. 0.017241379310345 1.7% [ 1 ]
A single unisex gender egg-to-adult progression, but with serious gender differences seen on particular species included on the adult lines. 0.1551724137931 15.5% [ 9 ]
A single unisex gender egg-to-yearling progression, but with multiple choices for the adult stage, for all species 0.20689655172414 20.7% [ 12 ]
Single unisex egg-to-hatchling stages, but then a split into male and female lines for all species. 0.20689655172414 20.7% [ 12 ]
A combination of all of the above types, dependant on the species. 0.32758620689655 32.8% [ 19 ]
I have another idea! (Please post it in thread!) 0.086206896551724 8.6% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 58 ]
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Hello, and a very warm welcome to Little House of Exotics!!

This B/C IT is based within a realistic pet shop setting, where individuals enter, nab themselves some genetically viable reptiles, and take them home where they can start their own breeding lines, collect an impressive private collection, or just enjoy the beauty of their "first reptile"!

It is the aim of the creators of LHoE to allow people to gain real knowledge and advice regarding reptile keeping, earn themselves some fantastic art and RP experience, and enjoy the company of other individuals that want to experience reptile keeping, without the real life costs!! There will even be a pseudo-realism RP area, where, if you so wish, you can RP out interactions between your reptiles, interactions between owners and breeders (that is, RP versions of yourselves) and the daily care of your reptiles!

Not only will there be many many reptile species for you to enjoy, but there will be fun and interactive ways of developing yourselves as notable keepers and breeders, an interesting and fun way to give your reptiles the best starts in life, and rewards for good housekeeping and keeping practices! There will even be noticeable punishments for bad keeping practices, so that everyone is encouraged to learn and evolve, and achieve the best for their virtual pets!

If you would like to contribute help and suggestions, this thread is the place to do so! Any and all advice and suggestions will be reviewed, and hopefully integrated in some manner, so that everyone can feel like they have contributed to making this B/C a unique and exciting place to be!!

Read on for how you can become a permanent member of staff, how you can suggest changes and assistance, and how you can become one of the first to own an LHoE reptile!!!



01 - Introduction, Contents & Initial Staff
02 - News & Announcements
03 - Rules
04 - Overview Of The Shop
05 - Stat And Token System Explanations
06 - Recruitment
07 - Affiliates List
08 - Giveaway Post & Temporary Owners List
09 - Credits & Disclaimer
10-15 - Reserved


Current Staff Members

User ImageMalhyanth | Co-owner | Artist | Behind-The-Scenes Manager

Malhyanth, known as Mal, or Malhy, is a very keen real life herper, who currently owns quite a vast collection of snakes, with plans to eventually diverse into lizards, specifically crested geckos, and who fosters non-feeding snakes as a favour to a good friend who owns a reptile shop so that these little trouble makers can become good, strong, healthy individuals that will make superb pets in the future. Malhy also volunteers in the same shop on Open Days, spreading the love he feels for snakes, specifically the starter snake Corn Snakes, and hoping to bring younger people into the hobby, so that they can show adults and friends alike that reptiles are actually fantastic, fascinating creatures!

"Little House of Exotics" is a dream of Malhy's that started around 2 years ago, with the welcoming into his life of Ripley, his first ever snake. A little Ghost Corn, Ripley was the beginning of what he hopes to be a life long obsession, that one day Malhy hopes will become a true career for him. In 2012, he made his first tentative steps into breeding, pairing Ripley and Widget, two of his longest kept corns.

Currently in Malhy's possession are the following beautiful critters:

Corn Snakes : 4.2.1
Conan (cb09 Carolina hets unknown) | Ripley (cb09 Ghost hets unknown) | Widget (cb09 Hypo Pewter hets unknown) | Dexter (cb10 Granite het Amel ph Charcoal) | Boa'tata (cb10 Bloodred ph Lavender) | Sliver (cb12 Carolina het Amel, Anery - Fostering) | Jonesy (cb09 Carolina hets unknown)

Other New World Rat Snakes
Wraith (cb07 Leucistic Texas Rat)

King Snakes : 1.0.0
Tanis (cb10 Mexican Black King)

Old World Rat Snakes : 1.1.0
Taiki (cb11 Taiwanese Beauty Snake) | Drogo (cb11 Taiwanese Beauty Snake)

Amazon Tree Boas : 1.0.0
Winston (cb07 Grey Phase Garden)

Royal Pythons : 1.1.0
Kaylee (cb12 Normal? hets unknown) | Jayne (cb12 Normal? hets unknown)

Eggs Incubating
18 corn snake eggs (Ghost hets unknown x [Granite het Amel ph Charcoal] or possibly [Hypo Pewter hets unknown])


User ImageThe Aurrie | Co-owner | Colourist | General Manager

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June 2012
10th | Woo! Finally got some time to sit down and do ALL the sketches for the first species being released; the corn snake! Now to put them up to find a lineartist, then I'll be forming these lines into templates to find our colourists! Hope you're all still following us, despite the few delays we've had in getting things on track!

May 2012
21st | Life has slowed down a little for Malhy once again, and hopefully some more can be done with this IT! There is a hiring notice on pg12 for those that are interested in becoming a part of the staff here with us!

April 2012
30th | A lot of information has been fleshed out in regards to what types of exotics are available at each stage, what those particular stages are, and how they affect you as users of this game! Next up is working on the Guild, and then the recruitment, and some more lines!
28th | The completed image of Scoresby is now available for viewing on pg7!! There is also a new poll, with the Green avatar winning out in the first. This poll is more to do with the way art will be drawn in the shop, so please make your views known!!
19th | Art sneak peek, pg 4! Welcome to Scoresby, Shop Mascot no.1!
17th | The first critter for LHoE is on his way to being completed! He will be the flagship of the shop, and will be the first owned critter that is on unique lines! Hopefully Aurrie will like his handsome little face once he's been fully made up!
15th | Fancy winning the first custom critter, and dictating the first lines to be drawn? Either vote in the poll, or post a tektek link to a mule appearance you think we'd prefer!
12th | Mal and Aurr start up the thread, and start tossing around some ideas!
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Below are outlined all the rules associated with this shop. Some will be filled in straight away, so those that are interested in this IT can come in straight off, and enjoy the process this shop is going to go through in order to come to fruition; others will be filled in as an when they become relevant.

This shop employs a yellow-yellow-red card system instead of a white/grey/black list system. It works in the following way.

> Minor incidents are given written warnings through PMs by the staff. These can range from constant spamming, pestering, unsportsmanship activity, and undignified debating that has caused upset. These minor incidences do not constitute a major warning, however, if you become a persistent minor irritant in whatever fashion, 10 written warnings from staff through PMs will amount straight away to 2 yellow cards for not heeding prior warnings.
> Major breaches of the rules will result in an instant yellow card. These cards will ONLY be given out by the two owners of this shop, but anyone that feels you should be reviewed is able to PM the mule. 1 yellow card will mean a freeze for 1 month on all your in-shop assets, so you will be unable to participate in any sales for that month, any breedings will be nullified, and any RP or points you try to earn will also be void for this duration of freezing. Anything you are trying to grow at this time will also be frozen until the month's freeze is over.
> A second major breach of the rules will result in a second yellow card. 2 yellow cards can also be given straight away for serious breaches in the rules, again, up to the discretion of the 2 shop owners. Once a second yellow card has been given, or when you receive two yellows in one go, a 3 month asset-freeze will be in affect.
> The banning card, a Red! If you simply push us a little too far, or a little too often, that is it. You will be banned, all of your pets seized and rehomed, regardless of whether they are customs of OCs or not. It is possible to go from no cards to an instant red if the two shop owners believe this to be a suitable course of action. We hope this will be a rare occurrence, hopefully one that will never occur.

General Thread Rules

Please ensure, regardless of any of the other rules written here, that you are ALWAYS following the Gaia T.O.S, and we also aim to uphold the Daisy Code here in our shop! If you do not know what this is, please check out the thread here User Image

1. Respect everyone who uses this thread! Whether it be a staff member, a regular user of the shop, or a newbie coming in for the first time, you must respect one another.
2. In a similar vein to above, any xenophobic/transphobic/homophobic/racist or any other form of degrading activity is simply not tolerated in this thread! This shop has been created and maintained by transgendered and gender fluid individuals, and as such we will instantly red card and ban any individual that comes in and makes any participant in this game feel uncomfortable, whether they be staff, or a fleeting visitor to the thread to see what we are all about! ANY sighting of such activity, whether it is in the guild or in the thread must be reported immediately to the mule, with a link to the offending post, but most importantly a screen shot of said post, as if that person decides to delete their message after causing uproar, we will still have grounds to red card!
3. Drama needs to be kept to a minimum please guys. Yes, this thread is likely to illicit a lot of debate on good exotics keeping, but please go about it in a friendly and dignified fashion. No "Just sayin'...", "GTFO you fool..." or "Well you're clearly wrong..." messages please.
4. Again, in relation to above, we accept that people have true phobias of reptiles, especially snakes, so we ask that, if you do not like snakes for this reason, you do not use this thread. We don't need people coming in specifically to say they don't like snakes, are scared of snakes and lizards, or whatever else silly little comments can be made.
5. If there are things being discussed that might make certain people uncomfortable (eg. pregnancy and childbirth, blood and needles, etc), there are two things that need to happen; a) those individuals affected by a conversation need to speak up in a reasonable and dignified manner to express that the current conversation makes them feel uncomfortable and b) those having the conversation need to cease in a timely fashion so that those that are feeling uncomfortable are not driven from the thread. The Discussion and Debate Area of Gaia might be great for your conversation after all!
6. Do not beg, whine, grumble and b***h to get pets here. We try to run everything in a fair and equal manner, and if you miss out on pets, then we are sorry, but better luck next time! Incredibly, there is a UK and a US person running this shop, so hopefully, there will be sales at all manner of times that will be suitable for everyone in the thread!
7. All pets sold or given away in this thread are the property of the artists, colourists and the owners that purchased that pet. Anyone found tracing, copying, reusing or stealing any part of the art, whether it be the lines, the colouring design, or the character design once owned, they will be reported to the B/C Mods, and red carded immediately from the shop!
8. If you want to ask for an affiliation, that's absolutely fine! However, do not repeatedly post your link in our thread. Please PM all affiliation requests to this mule, and we will add you to our lists!
9. Converse rather then emote/bump-spam us please guys! There will likely always be someone around to chat to, so just pipe up, and I'm sure someone will come a'runnin' to chat with you!
10. In accordance with above, please be aware we do very much appreciate literacy in our members, so please, when using this thread, keep text chat to a minimum. Obviously when playing silly-buggers, its absolutely fine, but when you are constantly making errors in your typing, and always using text speak, we will ask you to remedy your typing.
11. Most importantly read the entire front page before asking questions! We appreciate questions, as no question is a stupid question, but please make sure the answer you're looking for is not already available!


Sale Rules

1. There are only four ways to win exotics from LHoE; Auction, Flatsale, Custom/Bribe and Private Breeding (which is outlined in more detail below). This is due to the staff not wanting to put a huge emphasis on RP, though it is encouraged and rewarded.
2. In regards to Auctions;
  • Only bid gold that you have! If you are caught bidding gold that you do not have in your possession when it comes to your winning, you will be double yellow carded for falsifying the auction!
  • Items and gold are both accepted, but only items that are over 10k in price, and must be taken at that date's LMP.
  • No excessive supporting or booing of bidders. Obviously a little support is ok, but please don't be obnoxiously inconsiderate to the bidders!
  • Don't try to discourage others, be it through planning your bids, or posting how much you have to put on the auction, or asking for help from others, etc.
  • Likewise, don't guilt trip those with the funds to bid high on an auction because you don't have enough to compete!
  • Co-owning for co-bidders is allowed in SOME situations! This will be outlined as possible or not in each individual auction.
  • Proxying is allowed, should the individual that was initially bidding have to leave, or not be able to be there for the end. However, they must STILL be able to send the payment within the time frame below!
  • All payments must be sent within 48 hours of the auction's close. If you do not, then the prize will go to the next individual in line, regardless of the jump, or lack there of, in payment being offered. So, for example, The Aurrie bids 5mil on something, and Malhyanth bid only 200k. The Aurrie, without an explanation, misses the 48hr deadline for sending payment of 5mil, and so Malhyanth is contacted to send 200k for the auction prize.

3. In regards to Flatsales;
  • All flatsales will be Speed Sales. This is to make it seem more like a shop, in that it is first come first served.
  • There is no standard price for flatsales. Each exotic will have its own price!! This is to replicate its desirability, its genetics, and its phenotype.
  • There is to be absolutely no editing of posts!! Should this occur, the individual faces very stern consequences, dependant on their previous actions, and their reaction to being called out; people who are honest about their actions are likely to be treated at least a little more fairly then those that have cheated and try to deny it!
  • Proxying is allowed.
  • Flatsale prices must be sent to the mule within 48 hours of being declared the winner. If you do not, then those others that tried to claim the individual exotic will be raffled as the winner.

4. In the cases of Customs and Bribes;
  • Custom and Bribe prices will vary, dependant on what it is that is being requested. All prices that the colourist quote you will be run past Malhyanth and The Aurrie, to ensure fair pricing.
  • A time frame of around 1 month is expected for simple colouring customs and bribes, however, in the case of a unique custom, a time frame of between 2-3 months should be expected. This is to allow the colourists and artists a decent time frame to make things perfect, and is the absolute limit of time we would expect you to wait. If you have been waiting longer, you must contact this mule, not the colourist or artist, so that the owners of the shop can contact your colourist, find out what is occurring, and incur restraints on that individuals productivity in the shop until they can prove they can keep up with requirements.
  • No custom or bribe can result in a non-natural exotic. If you are wanting a bright green corn snake, with neon purple saddles, you will have your custom or bribe revoked, and you may find yourself unable to get a slot with that colourist again in the future. This shop is a 100% natural shop, so what you get is natural exotics! There are hundreds of morphs, and lots and lots of species in the pet trade you can chose from! There is sure to be something you like!
  • The agreed price of custom or bribe must be delivered within 48 hours of the agreement PM being sent to you. If this does not occur, you revoke your right to that custom that month, and you will have to wait another month to try again. The slot will then go to a Colourist Choice (CC), and they can approach any custom, bribe or quest that they have seen that takes their fancy, if they so decide.


Roleplaying Rules

1. Roleplaying is not required in Little House of Exotics. However, we will always encourage individuals to roleplay if they so chose, with increases in Keeper Reputation and individual Reptile Stats, dependant on what you have been RPing. These can contribute to getting new and interesting species, increased chances at successful breeding, the ability to produce healthier creatures, etc.
2. Anyone caught RPing any of the disapproved practices (outlined HERE) will run the risk of getting their pet taken away from them, injured, or even worse, killed. Your Keeper Reputation will also be greatly reduced, which will mean you cannot access more difficult species, nor do you get the chance to breed as successfully. The disapproved practices are always under debate, and can change at any time! Ensure you keep on top of this thread, and read it regularly!
3. Do not god mode or power play. Each person's exotics are their own, and their proposed Keeper is their own also, so do not RP any characters or exotics but your own!
4. Keep a log of your RPs, so if you want to use them to redeem any benefits, you can easily find and link us to them!


Breeding Rules

1. Although we do not condemn homosexual pets here, it is not possible to mate them to create offspring. This is merely due to this shop trying to be as realistic as possible, and it is just... not possible for a male snake or female lizard to mate with the same gender, and produce offspring.
2. There are only some cases where cross breeding of species will be possible, and we will try our best to keep on top of what hybrids are possible. Each hybrid breeding will go through a 'fertility' roll, so you will know before the infant is even born whether you will be able to breed with them in the future or not. We understand this is not always the case in exotics, for example corn x emoryi rats (Rootbeers, Creamsicles and Fudgesicles) are most often fertile, and able to continue to breed in real life, but to try and keep things a little more simple, we will do fertility rolls for all hybrids, to keep numbers as low as possible.
3. Each species breeding will have its own costs, so be sure to check how much it is going to cost you for the species you are planning to breed.
4. Some species will have predetermined offspring numbers; for example, many geckos will only have 1-2 offspring, whereas some snakes can have as many as 20. Those with very low numbers may just be predetermined as always having 2, whereas those that can produce a lot of offspring will always be rolled for, taking into consideration genetics, inbreeding, species, Keeper Reputation and Exotics Stats.
5. It is possible to inbreed to SOME degree. In exotics keeping, it is quite common for people to practice mother-to-son, father-to-daughter and brother-to-sister breeding to produce certain phenotypes of a particular type within a specific line or collection. It is not particularly frowned upon, but if your inbreeding ratings on your reptiles get above 40%, all offspring after that will be automatically deemed infertile. Each time you breed back in the family line, a 3% increase in the Inbreeding Rating will occur on the offspring. For example;
  • Snake A and Snake B breed, creating Snake C, D and E, all with an Inbreeding Rating of 0%.
  • Snake D is bred back to Snake A, and their offspring, Snake F, G and H all carry an Inbreeding Rating of 3%.
  • Snake H is then bred back to Snake D, and their offspring, Snake I and J, both have an Inbreeding Rating of 6%.
  • However, this time, Snake J is bred back to Snake A. This time, the offspring of Snake A and Snake J have an Inbreeding Rating of 6%. Due to breeding back to a grandparent, this has caused less damage then if it had been bred to its parent, so the Inbreeding Rating stays the same as the parents' Rating.
  • Bringing in a non-related member, so, for example, Snake 1 to breed with Snake J, the offspring, Snake 2, 3 and 4, will all have an Inbreeding Rating of 0%. This is so it is not TOO difficult to calculate, and new lines can be created.

7. Though it is not possible to sell your exotics' offspring for Gaia Gold, or even real life money, there is a way of getting "Exotics Tokens", which are something that can be gained from RPing, winning prizes and generally being an active member and being seen as a good Keeper! These Tokens allow you to buy items from the LHoE Accessory Stand (in this thread HERE) and even reduce the price of exotics that you buy from the LHoE shop. These tokens can also be traded between individuals in receipt of offspring that a particular Keeper has bred within their collection, or for items that they no longer need, etc. More information about the Little House of Exotics Token System can be read about HERE, and specifically how it will be implemented for those that are using them to buy offspring from others.


The Cards

1 Yellow

Currently no-one!

2 Yellows

Currently no-one!

The Red

Fenrir Feros/Captain Wolfe/Matahari Harimau/Zero and Below/robot kittio/any and all other aliases
A pre-emptive ban, due to continual harassment of multiple other shops that we simply do not want to experience here, thank you!
Tuatha De/any and all other aliases
A pre-emptive ban, due to past conflict with this individual that caused quite a riot. We simply don't want to experience that here, thank you!
giftwrapped/tetrachrome/any and all other aliases
A pre-emptive ban, due to past conflict with this individual that caused quite a riot. We simply don't want to experience that here, thank you!
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Unlike many B/Cs around currently, LHoE is not geared specifically to be a heavy RP required shop; the pets, stats and requirements involved in LHoE are mostly RNG based, dependant on the items purchased to increase chances, actions taken, and the bloodlines you have used in your breeding. It is designed to be a fun and exciting atmosphere, full of intrigue at what your actions may result in.

"Little House of Exotics" centers around a pet shop of the same name, where all manner of beginner, intermediate and experience required reptiles are for sale. The LHoE game will also extend into the personal collection of individuals in the game, where they can decide to breed within their own collection, to build up their collections. Items that will build up fantastic set ups for your reptile are also for sale in the shop, which could potentially induce higher chances of larger broods of eggs or litters in breeding, greater health bonuses, and higher 'breeder/keeper' reputation stats, which are very important for getting more chances at breeding each month, owning more reptiles and being given access to a vast variety of reptiles at stages that may not be open to you if you do not try to progress.

As mentioned, LHoE is not at all RP required, however, RP will not only reap benefits to Keeper Stats, but can also result in punishment if it is seen in RP that bad reptile keeping practices are being played out, such as live feeding of rodent prey to any reptile or continual inbreeding within personal collections. These bad keeping practices will be noted, and in-game consequences will be imposed, such as injury or genetic defects, and even the possibility of fatalities through RNG rolls.


The Little House of Exotics Floorplan

[[Image Here]]

1. Here
2. Here
3. Here


Exotics For Sale

The below lists outline the starter exotics for the shop, and the Keeper Reputation required in order to be able to get those exotics! We aim to have 4-5 starter exotics (1 snake, 1 lizard and 1-2 amphibians as a basic guideline) at each stage before the shop is officially open, and constantly add to these as people request exotics (which you can do HERE), but we will start giving away free and some priced exotics before we officially open, to get interest in the shop going!!

Keeper Reputation : Exotics Newbie

You've literally just walked in through the doors! You've never owned exotics before, but the sign above the shop door, and the images decorating the front intrigued you! You always went for fuzzy critters before, but that gecko?! You could see yourself really starting to enjoy exotic creatures if they look like that!

Species | Set-up | Difficulty | Price Range

Corn Snake | Basic - Terrestrial | Easy | 150-750g : T15-75
Crested Gecko | Tropical - Arboreal | Easy | 250-900g : T25-90
Axolotl | Basic - Aquatic | Easy | 100-300g : T10-30
White's Tree Frog | Tropical - Arboreal | Easy | 150-300g : T15-30

Requirements To Progress Up!

  • Own at least 3 'Exotics Newbie' pets for a month.
  • Have achieved a Keeper Reputation Rating of 20%.
    Achieved through buying better equipment (percentage increase will be listed with each item you buy), RPing if you so wish to and declaring said RPs to staff, interacting in thread and participating in Stat Bonus events.

Keeper Reputation : Beginner Keeper

That first exotic pet has given you the buzz! You just can't get enough, so you've decided to get some more! Whether it is from the lower level, or this new one that is available to you, you now have a greater variety to chose from and enjoy! Make sure you understand their requirements! Its going to be a bit more tricky to get perfect conditions now!

Species | Set-up | Difficulty | Price Range

Royal/Ball Pythons | Basic - Terrestrial | Relatively Easy | 650-3,500g : T65-350
Milk/King Snakes | Basic - Terrestrial | Easy | 350-750g : T35-75
Bearded Dragons | Desert - Terrestrial | Relatively Easy | 250-1,500g : T25-150
Leopard/Fat-Tailed Geckos | Desert - Terrestrial | Relatively Easy | 400-1,000g : T40-100
Tiger Salamanders | Tropical - Aquatic | Relatively Easy | 150-550g : T15-55
Oriental Fire-belly Toads | Tropical - Aquatic | Relatively Easy | 200-600g : T20-60

Requirements To Progress Up!

  • Own at least 5 'Beginner Keeper' pets for 2 months, in addition to any before.
  • Have achieved a Keeper Reputation Rating of 40%.
    Achieved through buying better equipment (percentage increase will be listed with each item you buy), RPing if you so wish to and declaring said RPs to staff, interacting in thread and participating in Stat Bonus events.
  • Bred any of your exotics at least twice.
    This does not necessarily mean that the same exotic needs to be bred twice, though this is perfectly viable; rather, any two of your collection can be bred, either within collection (that is, with another of your own exotics) or out of collection (with a friends' exotics!).
  • Have introduced at least 1 'Exotic Newbie' to Little House of Exotics!
    Within the exotics community, you will find that bringing in friends, family or spreading the love to people you've never even met will earn you respect within the hobby! Whether its helping someone who has just come into the thread to look around, or bringing in a friend from outside the thread, transcribe your conversation to the staff in HERE to earn yourself this achievement!

Keeper Reputation : Intermediate Keeper

You're getting pretty well known within the Little House of Exotics circle, and may even be approached by those coming into the hobby when you are in the shop for help and advice, especially if you have decided to focus your efforts on one particular type of exotic! You're less threatening to those who are new then the Experienced and Expert keepers, but you are also starting to be recognised by these individuals, and you can feel your confidence blooming! Your animals are healthy, strong, and you are loving your new hobby!

Species | Set-up | Difficulty | Price Range

Carpet Pythons | Varied - Semi-Arboreal | Intermediate | 1,500-7,500g : T150-750
Boa Constrictors | Basic - Terrestrial | Intermediate | 2,500-8,500g : T250-850
Bosc's/Savannah Monitors | Basic - Terrestrial | Relatively Easy | 650-2,500g : T65-250
Yemen/Panther Chameleons | Tropical - Arboreal | Intermediate | 600-1,500g : T60-150
Dart Frogs | Tropical - Aquatic | Intermediate | 150-550g : T15-55

Requirements To Progress Up!

  • Own at least 5 'Intermediate Keeper' pets for 2 months, in addition to any before.
  • Maintain individual Exotic Stats higher then 65% in all the pets you own.
    Achieved through buying better equipment, higher quality food (need only buy once per pet), RPing out high standards of keeping, if you so desire, and breeding in such a way that the animals you produce are of a high quality and so start out with a higher Exotics Stat.
  • Have achieved a Keeper Reputation Rating of 60%.
    Achieved through buying better equipment (percentage increase will be listed with each item you buy), RPing if you so wish to and declaring said RPs to staff, interacting in thread and participating in Stat Bonus events.
  • Bred any of your exotics at least five times.
    This does not necessarily mean that the same exotic needs to be bred five times, though this is perfectly viable; rather, any number, up to five, of your collection can be bred, either within collection (that is, with another of your own exotics) or out of collection (with a friends' exotics!).
  • Have introduced at least 3 'Exotic Newbies' to Little House of Exotics!
    Within the exotics community, you will find that bringing in friends, family or spreading the love to people you've never even met will earn you respect within the hobby! Whether its helping someone who has just come into the thread to look around, or bringing in a friend from outside the thread, transcribe your conversation to the staff in HERE to earn yourself this achievement!

Keeper Reputation : Experienced Keeper

You are a high-flying, well known Keeper and Breeder in these parts now! People idolise you and your collection, and are envious of the superb creatures you can show off! You are supportive of those that are new, you offer help where you can, and people want to be you in this hobby! Your name will pass through the years as someone that made it, and made this hobby great!

Species | Set-up | Difficulty | Price Range

Reticulated Pythons | Tropical - Arboreal | Difficult | 6,500-18,000g : T650-1,800
Burmese Pythons | Tropical - Terrestrial | Difficult | 5,500-15,000g : T550-1,500
Nile Monitors | Basic - Terrestrial | Intermediate | 4,500-8,500g : T450-850
Tegus | Tropical - Terrestrial | Intermediate | 6,000-15,000g : T600-1,500

Requirements To Progress Up!

  • Own at least 5 'Experienced Keeper' pets for 5 months, in addition to any before.
  • Maintain individual Exotic Stats higher then 80% in all the pets you own.
    Achieved through buying better equipment, higher quality food (need only buy once per pet), RPing out high standards of keeping, if you so desire, and breeding in such a way that the animals you produce are of a high quality and so start out with a higher Exotics Stat.
  • Have achieved a Keeper Reputation Rating of 80%.
    Achieved through buying better equipment (percentage increase will be listed with each item you buy), RPing if you so wish to and declaring said RPs to staff, interacting in thread and participating in Stat Bonus events.
  • Have successfully bred any of your Experienced Keeper' pets.
    These can be bred either within collection (that is, with another of your own exotics) or out of collection (with a friends' exotics).
  • Have introduced at least 5 'Exotic Newbies' to Little House of Exotics!
    Within the exotics community, you will find that bringing in friends, family or spreading the love to people you've never even met will earn you respect within the hobby! Whether its helping someone who has just come into the thread to look around, or bringing in a friend from outside the thread, transcribe your conversation to the staff in HERE to earn yourself this achievement!
  • Purchase a DWA (Dangerous And Wild Animal) license!
    This will, once you have progressed, enable you to buy the types of animal that will lead you to becoming an expert in the field, but it is not necessary. To become an Expert Keeper is simply another step you CAN take, but being an Experienced Keeper is the level we expect most people will stay at.

Keeper Reputation : Expert Keeper

You have gone above and beyond Little House of Exotics, and your name is known across Gaia! You are the pinnacle of exotics keeping, and are like Gods to us lowly mortals who are but mere keepers!

Species | Set-up | Difficulty | Price Range

--- | --- | --- | ---g : T---

Requirements To Progress Up!

There is no where else for you to progress to! Congratulations on reaching the top!
[[Banner Here]]

This area explains the differences between Keeper Reputation Stats, Individual Exotic Stats, the Token System, and how to go about implementing these in your game!

Keeper Reputation Stats

There are five types of 'Keeper Reputation' level to travel through, as discussed above;

  • Exotics Newbie
  • Beginner Keeper
  • Intermediate Keeper
  • Experienced Keeper
  • Expert Keeper

The way to progress through these stages is outlined above, but what exactly are these stats? Basically, your Keeper Reputation is your 'experience' within the game; the more exotics you own, the better your enclosures, the better your breeding regimes and the care you give, the higher your Reputation will be! RPing will also increase, or even decrease, your Keeper Reputation, dependant on what you have been RPing. Everything you do, both in play and out of it, just chilling out in the thread, will affect your Keeper Reputation!

Individual Exotics Stats

Individual Exotics Stats cover the following areas of your exotics' life;

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Satisfaction With Enclosure
  • Breeding Health
  • Controllability

Each of these areas is worth 25% of the total available 100% for Individual Exotics Stats. The higher the stats, the better kept your exotic is, and the higher any offspring's Individual Stat will be to begin with (Mother's Stats + Father's Stats / 4 to get the average / 2 of the parents ie. 89 + 67 / 4 = Offspring Stats all starting at 39%). All newly bought exotics will start at 15%.

To explain in a little more detail about each stat;

Health & Wellbeing : The general health of your exotic. They have no ailments, no genetic defaults, and are being well cared for, in the right temperature zones to digest properly, with limited stress as there is plenty of cover in their vivaria to keep them feeling safe and secure. This is possibly the most important stat, and can be affected quite easily by changes each week.
Satisfaction With Enclosure : The higher the standard of your exotics' enclosure, the greater their satisfaction, which will also impact on their Health & Wellbeing. Plenty of cover form foliage and hides, suitable activities, such as climbing branches, and suitable substrate are all important in keeping your exotic healthy and happy with its home!
Breeding Health : Overbreeding your exotic can cause serious health issues, and so being on top, not only of their Inbreeding Percentage, but also of the amount of times they have mated, you can keep a happy, healthy exotic in tip-top condition. Overbreeding, that is, breeding numerous times a year with the same exotic, will increase chances of illness derived from calcium deficiency, such as Metabolic Bone Disease, which can be fatal! Make sure you don't over stretch the capabilities of your breeding stock!
Controllability : That is, how tame and handleable your exotic is! Some exotics will not be handleable, due to sensitive skin, or even toxic skin that could be dangerous for your own health, but the general tameness of your exotic can be a great indication of how well you are looking after your exotics.

The Little House Token System

The Little House Token System is a bit like an in-shop banking system, that allows you to pay lower prices for items and exotics, and also allows you first choice, if it is permitted, within Breeding Sales run by other individuals. So how does it work exactly?

Tokens can be gotten through a number of ways;

  • Direct Transfers - The easiest way to earn Tokens, for every 5g of Gaia Gold, you can earn 1 Token. So, if you wanted to get yourself a starter set of T1000 (T being the symbol for Tokens here), then you send a trade of 5000g to the mule, and you will receive T1000 to your name in the Directory.
  • Breeding Sales - Every time you breed an exotic, you have the option of selling one per individual involved for Tokens. For example, if you are breeding within collection, that is, with two exotics in your personal collection, you can only sell 1 offspring per breeding though Tokens, and if you are breeding out of collection, that is, with someone else's exotics, you will have the option of selling 2 (1 per person) for Tokens. The rest must be given away for free, earned through some game or raffle for free for others, or can be given back to the shop, in exchange for Tokens that are priced as the shop sees fit.
  • Token Raffles - Every month, we will give away 1000 free Tokens to regular members of the thread. Everyone will be able to claim 1 ticket, but those that have been recognised as regular members who are always giving helpful advice and helping newbies will earn themselves 1 more free ticket! These raffles may also appear in large scale events, as well as monthly in the main thread! Keep an eye out, Tokens are awesome!

    Current Token System Users

    Username | Link To Directory | Token Count

    --- | --- | ---

    Each month, our Token System Manager will check Directories, to ensure that the system is not being abused. If someone is caught abusing the system, then we will firstly send a written warning, and then Yellow Card if we continue to see cheating in the system happening.

[[Banner Here]]

Here we outline all the recruitment that is needed to get this place up and running!

Shop Floor Personnel : The Inker

We are looking for 1 individual that will take the sketches I, Malhyanth, provide, and create clean, usable lines for the shop, that are realistic in appearance, though are not too details, as the scalation of the animals will be included in the shading templates.

We are not looking for any 1 specific type of lineart however, so regardless of your style of lining, if we think it will suit our way of creating the shading templates and colouring, then we will be interested in hiring you!

The following image shows the sketch style you'll be working with throughout this exercise, and also shows how they will most often arrive with you:

User Image
Click to see full size image

As you can see, these sketches are quite finalised in terms of the facial detail and the way the bodies are moving, and also include cross-hatching to show where the body is furthest from the camera, or being overlapped, so that the templater can quickly look at it to see what the sketcher was attempting to convey. All we need from YOU, however, is black lineart! You will be expected to take a little initiative in rounding edges, showing muscle definition, and following the facial structures set down in the sketches. If you don't feel comfortable giving the lines a little of your own flare, then maybe this job is not for you.

However, if this element of freedom appeals to you, as well as the chance of being a full member of staff for the foreseeable, here are the specifications we as employers will be looking for, and to provide:

> For each set you line, you will receive 20k. Consider that there are planned to be over 20 sets of lineart, and you may have an inclination of exactly how much we are considering to offer!
> Lines need to be clean, and the style psudo-realistic. We are not looking for cartoony critters to offer the clients here; we want good, realistic looking animals that closely relate to their real life models! If your style lends better to thick lined, cartoon like images, then perhaps this is not for you.
> We are looking to hire the individual we choose as an in-house lineartist. That is, we want to keep you on the books and in our staff fold, so when we chose to open full customs, you will be able to be called upon to ink! This means that even 3 years down the line, we may have work for you!
> For every 5 sets of lineart you ink, or, further down the line, for every 10 individual custom pieces you line, you will be entitled to 1 full colour/edit custom of your choice of species! These can be gifted away, or kept for yourself!
> We as the staff will hold the right to ask for your resignation from the job should you either start to fall drastically behind in orders given, or if your standard of linearting starts to slip to the point where we are constantly asking for corrections. Obviously real life happens, and we are not slave drivers! However, this right will remain in our power, as it is yours to be able to ask at any time to be given leave of the position. In either case, we will find a suitable replacement, able to replicate your style!

If these perks appeal to you, then please, fill out the following form, and show us what you are capable of!

[align=center][b][size=14]M[size]Y [size=14]L[/size]INEART [size=14]B[/size]RINGS [size=14]A[/size]LL [size=14]T[/size]HE [size=14]B[/size]OYS [size=14]T[/size]O [size=14]T[/size]HE [size=14]Y[/size]ARD...[/color][/b]

[b]Username :[/b] Here
[b]Timezone :[/b] GMT(+/-) ?
[b]Have any Reptile Experience? :[/b]

[b]Previous Work :[/b] Show us some examples from other shops/art you've done here!
[b]Still Working Anywhere? :[/b] Link us to shops you're working with currently! If hired, we'll affiliate!
[b]LHoE Examples :[/b] We're asking for UP TO 3 examples from the 4 available lines from the corn image. Please see below how to get the .PSD file for the corn sketches!
[b]Close Ups! :[/b] To see how clean your lines are, we would like to see 1 snippet from each of the shop examples you have provided. Preferably, this should be from quite a complex section, and given a coloured background to show us how good the lines are in terms of crispness and pixelation.
[b]Would You Like To Stay With Us Full-Time? :[/b] Obviously, some people are going to have other commitments, and may only wish to stay with us till the base lines are all done. However, if you would like to always be considered a staff member of LHoE, please let us know here!

To download the .PSD of the corn snake sketches, please download from the following LINK.

We are entrusting these sketches to your care, so please do not take these and use them for your own financial gain, or claim them as your own. If this is spotted, then we will be forced to cover them in obnoxious watermarks that will make lining these very difficult!


Colourists | Around 2-3 individuals of both full- and part-time employment that can prove to me that they have what it takes to take natural morphs of reptiles and make easily identifiable critters for the shop.


Duty Managers

Potentially recruiting:
RP Manager(s) | To keep track of RP events and RP point systems that are put in place.
Stat Manager(s) | To keep track of the stats owners have so that no one is abusing the system.


Maintenance Guy

Possibly the most important person! The graphics designer; blank banners, a matching cert, and dividers for the thread. The things that make this place appealing!
[[Banner Here]]

If you would like to be added to our Affiliations List, simply PM this mule, and provide a 200x40px banner. Any banners that are larger or smaller will not be added until such a time as an appropriately sized banner is provided; this is to make the affiliates post neat, tidy, and easy to navigate. If you do not have access to such a banner, then a word link will be added instead.

Staff Recommendations!

[[Banners Go Here For Other B/Cs Our Staff May Be Involved With In A Employed/Employee Capacity!]]

Our Colleagues In The Field

[[Banners Go Here For Other B/Cs With Reptiles At The Core]]

Our Friends And Neighbours

[[Banners Go Here For All Other B/Cs]]

[[Banner Here]]

So you'd like to spread the news that we, LHoE, is here! Fantastic! Below are some banners that you can house in your sig, and for true dedication, you may well be picked to receive a free critter for helping spread the word we're open for discussion!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[[Banner Here]]

This post will be home to any free little giveaways we do once we're on our feet. For now, it is just a place marker.

[[Banner Here]]

This here is where we will store the images of those that have won giveaways or have received a free critter for their dedication to the thread, both before and after the creation of our certs. Please respect the fact that these individuals own these images and animals, and do not try to steal the critter and claim it as your own, especially before our certs have been created.

Thank you!

Owner's Name | Animal's Name | Species | Morph (if applicable) | Stage | Link to Image

The Aurrie | Scoresby | Savannah/Bosc's Monitor | Rusty | Adult | [x]
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Link | Link | Link | Link

Brief overview of what these important links are. They will all be shop related.
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Little House Of Exotics (c) to Malhyanth & The Aurrie
Lineart >
All coloured or editted pet designs (c) to their respective colourists and the owners that have paid for the right to have those pets
NEVER use the uncert of a pet without prior consent of one of the Shop Owners, the Colourist AND the Owner of the pet
Stat System >
RP Point System >
Information provided about the animals included in this shop (c) to the websites and authors that will be acknowledged in each subsection of text regarding the set up, care and maintenance of any species mentioned; links, where possible, will be provided to said information in its original form



All information provided in this B/C shop is aimed at being educational, yet manageable for the world and internet setting, and with the fact that these are NOT REAL ANIMALS very much in the fore!

Where possible, we have provided the best possible advice for keeping such animals, as is true to real life keeping of such exotics, but it should be acknowledged that both the owners of this shop, though keepers of reptiles ourselves, accept no responsibility for the actions of people who use the information given and summarised in these pages, posts and in the guild, and take them into the real world.

Anyone that wishes to practice reptile and exotic keeping in the real world should do their own research and ensure that they are prepared for the responsibility of keeping such animals, and should not associate this shop with real reptile keeping. Our aim is to keep this place a light, fun and entertaining place for all who may get involved; whether they be completely new to exotics, old hands, or people that have always wanted to go beyond mere keeping and enter the breeding of such animals, but simply don't have the means in real life!

Where possible, we would like to avoid excessive confrontation regarding methods and practises of care, and want to enforce that such arguments and debates are not appreciated. There are many ways to practice safe exotics keeping, and this can vary greatly from country to country. If someone expresses a way vastly different to your own, then do not attack! We ask for grown up, practical discussion in this shop, and aim to make it a fun place with the help of our patrons and regulars!

Thank you!

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