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Hahahaha thug life. Man, my life. . .is a vegetating one. ******** life.
I just want to do nothing all day long erry day. < A >
Ah man, your rl friends sound like a pain. Mine are at times which is annoying as ******** but then you get used to them.
I actually like my online friends a lot more than my rl friends which is terrible to say but like, idk, I guess the less judgement, the ability to confide, the ability to be more accepting and not like be a serious d**k and s**t. idk. IDK.
And it's okay. xD I totally get what you mean and ranting is always good for the soul.
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Liberal Gaian

    I always disappear; like mid year.
    school and stress; and worst final year of high school /********]
username: silverstr
samples: dA // tumblr
costume: cat demon~<3
quote: "Rawr"? (I'll think of one later X3 )
thoughts: I'm all for grab bags! *u*
other: Uh...I love collecting random cute stuff, drawing hot guys, and drinking bubble tea! XD

lol. *waves* XD
Hey, how's it goin'? Long time no see. 8D
Okay..tired. XP
Yeah, it's been a while. How have you been? Ouo
School getting to you? xD
I've been really well actually. o vo) a lot has happened over the last couple of months. hahaha.
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sounds so fun! whyy does halloween have to happen when I should be studying for my exams crying
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Like posting a set of color palettes with slots and people get commissions using those palettes, have them halloween/fall themed?

IDK prob a silly idea, but the only thing I cam up with... haha.
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username: Angelic_Kirby 21
samples: [x] [X] [x]
costume: lol, well it could be my regular costume which is a thief or a cowboy.
quote: if its a thief it would be "gimme your wallet!" if its a cowboy...well i dunno yet.
thoughts: i think it would be great to try the grab bag idea ;D
other: well, I'm always dressed like a thief so that wouldn't be such a big difference lol and I always say gimme your wallet ;D Btw, I live in Puerto Rico and have 4 dogs....sooo...gimme your wallet and the job!

yea, i'm a thug
pffff...tbh my life is one too ;u;
i guess you get used to them, it's just some pet peeves of mine. D:<
ahhh, i get you. i feel the same way, online friends are just so much nicer sometimes and idk
it's so much easier to get along with them /:


awww that's too bad. if you ever come up with time between now and sat, feel free to apply c:


i'm sry? i still don't quite get it. do you mean using a strict set of palettes for their commission? or giving them a slot based on palettes? ;u;

Gazu Yuuki

i just disappear randomly /:
whenever i feel stressed i just dissapear yep
oh god i know. college apps is freaking me out right now because DEADLINES and here i am on gaia and not studying for tests
username: Honeybii
samples: tumblr
costume: Harpy
quote: "Imma git chu!"
thoughts: I kind of like the grab bag thing. Simplifies everything
other: ehh...ALPACA
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ahh sorry I'm bad at like... describing things, haha.

i mean like post say five palettes and each one has one or two slots or something to that tune, and their commission would be done in the palette they choose.

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