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tea essence

ooooooooou lovely art
and i feel your pain bro
school is slowly killing my will to live as well ;u;
i'll add you to the pending list later, i'm on my phone right now so...
studying spanish whilst watching jersey shore
HAHAHAHHAAHHAHA. You're a perv. my god. HAHAHA.
. . .yeah. . .I meant. . .cosplay. wow. wow. I knew I wrote it wrong but I couldn't figure it out.
Wow. Wooooow. /shotkill'd/ I'm really out of it. Orz
Hmmmm, I really need to think hard about it though. I might just do sengoku basara cosplay. heh.
Do block in the general shape? Eh? What do you mean? Actually, what I'm doing right now is experimental.
I'm colouring before doing the lines on top and yeah. I usually do it the other way around. I also colour like
a lot of different ways. Like this or this. I'm generally just really inconsistent because I don't know what I
want to do. /shot

that's a sucky yolo dude. lmfao

i prefer the term liberal
no one needs clothes kay
esp in pics ;u;
ahhhh well as long as you can get a quote, you can do whatever you want c:
it's pretty much the same, you just define the shape with colors before lining
so am i! i pretty much have no idea what im doing most of the time ;u;
pretty btdubs

dont judge me D:< i am both asian and a wallflower
this is the closest i get to yolo at approx. 6:30 sunday night
ahahahahah. liberal. xDDDD
ohhhh okay. That makes sense then. And really? HOORAY FOR PEOPLE NOT KNOWING
WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!! EEEEEE. Hahahahaha. And thank you. u v u)

. . .what does Asian have to do about that? xDDDD /asian

yeaaaaa son, liberal. D:<
yeppp, i find that's how i get thru life too. c:

uhhh you know that asian stereotype where we're nerds and spend all of our time studying minus whatever time we devote to tumblr and hiss at the appearance of sunlight? that is me. i am that stereotype.
my spirit animal is prolly a vampire. but not even one of those cool ones, more like a twilight one.
a vampire isn't even an animal. HAHAHAHALFJDSLJFLSFKD. That's so sad, dude.
You a schizoid or something?
Shujitsun's avatar

Dedicated Loiterer

username: Shujitsun
costume:Devil? xD
quote: Join the dark side, we have cookies!
thoughts: grabbags o uo It'd be easier to set up.
other: I like to procrastinate. And I should be finishing my essay right now...
username: anihun
samples: x wip wip
costume: I'm going to do cosplay. Prolly Sengoku Basara.
quote: IDK. "PUT YA GUNS ONNNN"? I have to choose a better one when I know which character to cosplay as. HAHA.
thoughts: grab bagssss. And I already think it's a snazzy idea and you know it. heh.
other: I have no life and am secretly a vegetating cow.
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Mewling Lunatic

7,300 Points
  • Nudist Colony 200
  • Tipsy 100
  • Peoplewatcher 100
username: meredy
samples: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/meredyarttag
costume: pin up or sexy maid :'O
quote: can i fluff your pillow? wink wonk
thoughts: idk might be fun to do like color palette slots or something like idk.. :'O
other: i like disney and a lot of shows and tumblr... i'm almost done reading ADWD... and i'm from florida. i have two cats named cas(kiss-kiss-tiel) and connor(con con) (also their mother cricket) and that's basically me. :'>
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Liberal Gaian

    hello hello; is it too harsh to say your alive again ? :>
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Unbeatable Hunter

8,150 Points
  • Happy Birthday! 100
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Survivor 150
username: Creative Monster Noms Yew
samples: dA
costume: a Yandere Lolita (if that counts ^^' )
quote: "Don't you love me?" i-is that what a yandere would say? ;n;'
thoughts: Grabbags <3 i love the idea of everyone getting a suprise.
other: well i've just moved to a new country and we don't celebrate halloween here OTL i would really love to do this to fill the void of not having halloween ;n; i also love to play video games~ i'm currently addicted to League of Legends and Guild Wars 2...also i love to cook, but i'm really bad at it 8C

pffff a spirit animal can be anything. for example, my second spirit animal is prolly jack sparrow /:
nahhh, i'm just awkward around people in person and i get annoyed to easily. ;u;
internet friends are so much easier
god i sound sad.


color palette slots? you're gonna have to explain, sry. i don't quite understand the concept. ;u;

Gazu Yuuki

nahhhh, i have this habit of disappearing randomly from gaia. ;u;
it doesn't help that all of my stores are during the school yr for some reason. /:

Creative Monster Noms Yew

awww that sucks. what country do you live in now then?
there's not a lot of halloween celebrating with my family, we don't really celebrate any holiday so i get you. ;u;
. . .LOL. That. . .pirate? HAHAHAHAHA.
Of course, not saying you should be a masochist or anything ahah. |D
Nah, it's okay. Internet friends, you don't need to acknowledge them all the time.

well yes, he is me. but i prefer the term ragamuffin.
or thug
i think my life motto is prolly thug life
ehhh, it's not really that i don't have the patience, but i just don't relate sometimes. like i heart my rl friends, i'd drop anything for them. sometimes tho they just annoy me with their habits and issues. like i have a friend that tends to cut into everything, she just sorta takes over jobs for projects without asking and it's kinda annoying. and i have this other friend that's just...spoiled i guess. that's not to say that i'm not, but she just expects things and asdjfkl;
it just annoys me /:
sry i'm unloading my issues onto you ;u;
EXACTLY. i love internet friends, there is only minimal judging over the internet C:

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