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So yeah, it's been a long long time since I've done any real art for Gaia, I've been searching around the mini-shops forums trying to figure out where the pricing is at in this place, and I've got a whole lot of nothing. :c People are paying 100K+ for something I wouldn't pay 50K for, and some people are paying 30K for something I'd pay 200k+ for. Ya'll are confusing. D:

So click this and tell me what you think, maybe?

Of course, I'm no professional, haha.
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Yeah the art shops forum is really jacked up right now. Temp and Bribe shops are really running over there so the prices are just sooo weird.

I'd say about 30-50k for your art. It's really nice and a style that isn't common at all.
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People like to operate on different motives. I personally like to get the most gold possible for my work, but not everyone feels the same.

I think for a full body cheeb like you have in the example could sell for around 200k.
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I'd start at 7O-1OOk
from what i ' ve seen i'd pay 13O k + for it . thats just my opinion <333
very cute doe ♥
150-250k since it's a full body and colored sounds about right.
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Wow, i love your work!

As for the pricing, I'd usually say the number of hours you spent on it times 10k (maybe more depending on quality)
By the looks of it, it looks like you've spent quite some time on it, i'm guessing at minimum of 5 hours
Plus the quality, i'd say it might be at least 75k plus tip (i'd definitely give you tip)

(This is how i price my art, so u dont have to follow, just giving an idea about pricing)
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Your style is so cute!
I love it, I'm looking at about 70-100k as well smile
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Nice style! Around 80k sounds about right in my opinion.

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+200k, no doubt.

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