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Long ago, it had been said,
One guild will rise to reign over the three continents,
Bringing peace and prosperity to the land of Laeus.

In this time of strife,
Will out heroes rise up to the challenge?

Welcome to the recruitment thread for Flower Spirit, an art and roleplay-based group.
The title banner will take you to our official thread.

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06/20/2012: We are hiring 2 more guild leaders!
    - Acts as liaison between guild members and staff
    - Required to spearhead guild initiatives such as dungeon runs
    - Available at least once a week to raise guild morale, host in-guild events
    - Art proficiency is NOT required for this role!

[ GUILD LEADER APPLICATION FORM ] : Please PM completed forms to Katalinks.

I'm applying to be a guild leader!

[b]Name of character[/b]:
[b]Guild name[/b]: (the name of the guild you'd like to create)
[b]Character[/b]: (image and any details on their background, personality; the more thorough the better!)
[b]Suggestions for future events, contests[/b]: (optional)

We are also welcoming general members C:.

[ GENERAL MEMBER APPLICATION FORM ] : Please PM completed forms to Katalinks.

I'm applying to be a general member!

[b]Name of character[/b]:
[b]Character[/b]: (image and any details on their background, personality; the more thorough the better!)

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    Twelve hundred years ago, a league of overlords ascended the skies and reigned over heaven and earth. It was a time of great joy and prosperity for all the inhabitants of their holy land. As centuries went by, the peaceful era was disturbed by the gods' struggle for power. Bitter chaos soon led to destruction in both realms. The wrath of deities tore apart the sole continent, Laeus, separating it into lonely and lifeless isles across the vast seas. Some gods felt remorse over their selfish actions, and others lost interest in the governance of earthly beings. From that day on, the mortals were left without divine guidance.

    As the survivors slowly rebuilt their home, their wills were divided as well. There were those who still revered the gods, praying that one day they will return and protect the sanctuaries that were once their homes. Others bitterly defied the existence of divine intervention, living the remainder of their lives in complete resentment. Their hatred carried on beyond their death, gradually fuelling the rise of dark creatures and mutated chimeras yearning for devastation. Turmoil brewed across the land in what seemed an eternal rampage, under the governance of a black knight.

    A century past, a lone bishop stumbled upon a stone tablet, and was foretold the rise of a new league of rulers to reunite Laeus. He carried on the prophecy to each of the three continents, recruiting brave warriors to take up arms and vanquish the beasts once and for all.


    There are 3 continents and 8 main regions. Each region is named after a particular flower: Rose, Orchid, Water Lily, Azalea, Gladiola, Holly, Plumeria and Tulip.

    Players begin as novices on the Island of Holly, and there they are given an introductory tutorial, beginner's quests and gears. In order to make their way off the island, they must complete their first boss fight against the sea monster, Avalice, at level 15. Once this monster is defeated, characters can change to their secondary classes.

    Players level 15 and above then travel to Mystic Rose, the capital city on the nearby continent. This is the most populated region in the game, and most players vend, socialize and relax here. There are no monsters nearby, except for those in the Royal Tome. It is deemed the hardest dungeon in the game.

    From Mystic Rose, travelers can proceed to Gladiola Graveyard (demon monsters) or Water Lily Haven (holy monsters) on the same continent. Gladiola consists of a graveyard, barren church, ruins and wreckages; Haven has your angels gone wrong. NPCs from these two regions sometimes wage war, and providing a quest option for the players.

    The remaining four regions can be found on the last continent. Plumeria Jungles contain lush green forests, where interesting chimera, giant insects and maneating flowers thrive in a rainforest climate. Orchid Mountains is on the southern tip of the continent, and is the ice dungeon where vicious bears and penguins dwell. Players are also found ice fishing there from time to time. Azalea and Tulip are all settlement towns, where players who enjoy buying land and farming, cultivating, sewing, alchemy, smithing things to enjoy them in a peaceful manner. Although there are usually no aggro monsters around, there will be occasional raids in designated areas for daily instances.

    Guilds may compete for ownership of any of the 8 regions. The guild leader is named Lord/Lady of the region and given access to treasures, responsibilities and bragging rights.

The Real World

    The outside world takes place around the year 2030, where technology is very rampant and advances in the gaming industry, in particular, has led to the development of successful virtual reality games. In Europe, though, there are pockets of lords and ladies who are secluded from the urbanizing centres, who prefer to live in ways of the past. In those regions, only the high tech which were deemed as "useful" were able to trickle down with approval. Flower Spirit was seen as useful because it allowed the younger generation to practice combat abilities and such.

    You're free to choose if your character comes from that kind of background or a really technologically advanced one. It may impact your in-game character regarding his/her attitude, for example, but you don't have to try and roleplay as both characters separately.

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There are 8 playable classes in the game.

      - Knight - high damage output
      - Sentinel - high defense
      - Nightstalker - high attack speed
      - Gunslinger - ranged attacks

      - Cleric - healer and buffs
      - Warlock - elemental magic damage
      - Alchemist - projectile-based, poison damage
      - Enchantress - dark magic damage and debuffs

    Knights and Sentinels equip heavy armor. Nightstalkers, Gunslingers, and the magic classes tend to wear light armor due to the need to be quiet, fast strikers, or unhindered in their movements.

    Most characters are humanoid, but it's fine to choose a non-humanoid character if you could stick to conventional archetypes like elves and dwarves.


[ Full Weapons List ]


The battle system is divided into four [4] phases, which occur in the following sequence:

    [1] Skills
    [2] Clash
    [3] Magic
    [4] Items

    [1] The Skills phase occurs first and is when skills are activated from the player's skill loadout. During this phase, a single skill is chosen for activation (or not) and then activated, provided that the player meets its activation requirements (MP, combat situations, etc).

    A player's skill loadout consists of 8 chosen skills and spells. Skills are roughly divided into three [3] categories: offensive, defensive, and passive. Offensive skills are usually those activated when attacking and defensive ones when being attacked. Passive skills are always active.

    [2] The Clash phase is the meat of Flower Spirit's combat system. It consists of both combatants rolling opposing d100s. They then add their respective ATT scores and compare the results. The combatant with the higher total* is then on 'offense' and their opponent on 'defense'. The combatant on offense then attempts to damage the defender by overcoming the defender's defense stat with their physical damage stat. A damage bonus towards this effect is recieved based on the difference between the clash rolls.

    *If a tie occurs, the one with the higher ATT bonus is considered to have the higher result. If the ATT bonuses are equal as well, a reroll happens.

    [3] The Magic phase is essentially a second Skill phase that occurs after the Clash phase. While skills occur before Clash, magic spells instead occur afterwards. This reflects the setup required to cast magic, requiring that the caster lose initiative in the encounter. Magic spells are the most reliable way to achieve effects in combat.

    [4] The Items phase occurs at the end of every round and all combatants can use an item during this phase. A player may bring up to five [5] items, not including equipment, into any one combat.


    Monster levels range from 1 to 120. Aggressive monsters begin from level 15, and all monsters lv80+ are aggro by default. Monsters generally do not advance past level 100 except for events/special instances, or if they are notorious bosses/mini-bosses in higher-level areas.

    Each dungeon holds a boss monster, usually with 2-3 minions spawning around him. Defeating boss monsters will be necessary to advance to the next map (e.g. Avalice at lv. 15), as well as for daily instances or to get exclusive equipment.

    Some dungeons require a party of at least 3 players to enter. Others have minimum level requirements. Parties are mandatory for lv100+ monster dungeons, such as the Royal Tomb.

    Monsters may belong to one of the following elements: dark, holy, fire, ice, earth, wind, or null.

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    Lenore [Cinnai-chan] | HEAD ADMIN | Level: 70 female warlock (ice elemental)
    GMT: -5:00 (EST) time

    Age: 22
    Personality: cold, solemn, pensive

    “They’re just NPCs,” she scoffed. “I don’t know why you’re taking a daily quest so seriously.”

    User Image
    Bergliot [Parz] | Admin - RP Manager | Level: 70 female warlock (holy elemental)
    GMT: -5:00 (EST) time

    Aislin [Ichigo] | Admin - Art Director | Level: female nightstalker
    GMT: -8:00 (PST) time

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Frequently Asked Questions:
    o It says in the general member application that we need to fill out a guild. Can we leave that blank for now?
      - Yes. Since guild leaders have not been finalized, you may leave that section blank for now.

    o When we create our characters, do we have to have them fully fleshed out when applying?
      - No, you do not. A brief description and image reference would be helpful for others to reference when they're roleplaying with you, but you're welcome to elaborate on their back stories and designs later.


    o Do we have technically two characters, the in-game character and the player controlling?
      - You mostly RP with your in-game character without thinking about life outside the game. Though the non-VR setting is, ultimately, unimportant, it’s something nice to know while building a personality for your character (who’s playing the actually designed character).

    o For novice's outfits and or for characters, is there a certain color/item/clothing/etc. that is allowed, must be used, and or not allowed to be used, when creating characters?
      - For novice outfits, I was thinking of something like this. Feel free to adapt to your liking!
      For later classes, I'll just leave it up to your own interpretation. Just keep in mind that knights and sentinels would probably have heavier armor, and sorceress would probably travel more lightly.

    o Are our in-game characters self-aware of the game setting?
      - Yes, there are technically two servers in Flower Spirit - one with pain sensitivity at 0% (so when the player is injured, he/she feels no pain) and another at ~10% of actual pain. Everything else should feel just like reality.

    o What's the in-game currency?
      - The in-game currency is gold, although this won't be incorporated into the RP.

    o Are there shops, taverns, other areas where characters can interact and or fight beside the dungeon?
      - Characters can interact in towns such as Mystic City, the capital. Each guild also has a base for you guys to hang out and devise strategies together. We can also set up shops and taverns, where you can interact with NPCs.

Works in progress:
    - Weekly events
    - Dungeon runs and PvE mechanics
    - PvP mechanics (eventually)

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Dapper Fatcat

                                  I'm applying to be an admin!

                                  Name: Ichigo / Sarah
                                  Art gallery: dA or tumblr
                                  Relevant past experiences: I've played a bunch of mmo's over the years,
                                  (Ragnarok, Ether Saga, Florensia, etc...) so I'm aware of how they tend to work.
                                  I'm pretty good at designing graphics. && I have tried to join rp groups on dA.
                                  But unfortunately, I haven't been accepted to em. (Not helping my case here, am
                                  I?) In any case, I think this is a wonderful idea, and I'd love to help out.
                                  Availability: Most everyday... From around 9 am - 11pm PST. Cept for
                                  Fridays (starting March 30th).
                                  Suggestions for the hangout: For certain level-ups, there could be a required
                                  drawing battle. It would be something like the OC tournament, Artists at the Ready.

Cinnai-chan's avatar

Friendly Tycoon

<33333 It's Ichi! *hugs*

Thank you so much for applying! I'd definitely like to have you involved in one way or another, but I'm going to wait to see if there's more interest before deciding, if that's okay! >W<

The drawing battle suggestion sounds really neat ^w^! I was also debating whether this should be a closed group (and having RP taking place in a guild) or leave it in Art Freebies and allow anyone to drop in and create characters at anytime.

Also got the okay from a good friend of mine IRL, Parz, to join us! He actually wrote most of the rules above there when Flower Spirit was just a RP between some close friends XDD.
Ichigo's avatar

Dapper Fatcat


                                  You're very welcome! It's a great idea, I think. && I have no problem with waiting. xD
                                  As for if it should be a closed group or not...There are positives for both... Having it
                                  as a closed group rather than leaving it in Art Freebies would most likely be easier to
                                  manage. On the other hand, it would be a lot of fun to see what people pop in and add
                                  to the rp if it were an open group in Art Freebies.

                                  I'd lean towards having it be open in Art Freebies. (Or at least maybe doing a trial run there.)

                                  Also, that's awesome. :'D I hope more people will come and join / take interest in this.

Cinnai-chan's avatar

Friendly Tycoon

I agree :']. Maybe having frequent openings (maybe every two weeks) would work. This way, so newcomers don't have to wait too long to join in, but the current group also has decent time to bond with each other and do quests.

Yeah haha, I thought about it after I posted it, and having it in AF would definitely be easier to keep track of. ^ ^

I hope so too! There hasn't been too much to do on Gaia lately, so I thought rather than doing another auction or joint shop, we should do something less stress and more creative. ^ ^
Ichigo's avatar

Dapper Fatcat

                                  That sounds like a good timing for openings.
                                  && That's very true. Auctions and art shops have really become stressful for me.
                                  (Unfortunately) I've always loved the idea of art rp groups... (Although I'm usually a
                                  bit too intimidated to try and join.)

                                  It's most definitely more creative and less stressful, at least to me. xD

Cinnai-chan's avatar

Friendly Tycoon

Okay, will keep that in mind ^ ^.

I've always liked how Gaia's a great place to meet new people ^ ^ and although auctions and art shops start off with lots of hype and activity, everyone eventually move onto other things and either the auction finishes or the shop closes. Hopefully with this group, since it doesn't require too much time commitment, those who are interested will be more inclined to join and stay for a while!

*nods* For me too, definitely :'D.

What have you been up to lately, Ichi? O:

Ichigo's avatar

Dapper Fatcat

                                  That's one of the best things about Gaia, definitely.
                                  Hopefully once this idea gets off the ground, it'll be one people will
                                  keep coming back to. :3

                                  Ah, lately I've been getting over a surgery. I'm afraid it's made me quite
                                  set back in terms of finishing what I want to do in college. x__x;; But I
                                  don't regret having the surgery done.
                                  I expected I'd be in college for a while longer than others, so I suppose
                                  it's alright in that case too.

                                  How about you? :3

Cinnai-chan's avatar

Friendly Tycoon

Yep, fingers crossed :'D! I've always believed that happiness is contagious.

Oh dear >__< I hope it wasn't serious! How are you feeling now?
It's honestly fine to stay in college longer. So many of people I know are doing an extra year to boost their GPA, or because they've changed majors mid-way. There's always a way to get to where you want to go!

Hehe, I'm in my final year and I've applied to grad schools, but if I don't get in, I'll probably look for an internship in the meantime and reapply the year after :3. I'll totally miss being in school once I start working >W<~

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