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          This is the interest thread for a shop based on the Korean drama, "Dream High." The basics of the shop idea is that you'll be receiving a character who will be a student at 'dream high' and you're going to be working hard to become an idol in the future! You'll receive 'rp lessons' with the different instructors and eventually become placed in your own idol group. Then you'll get to enjoy having fangirls or fanboys chase after you. With hard work, anything is possible. If you want to watch the series, head over to mysoju.com and watch the first episode! It's amazing!!

          KPOP VIDEOS
          So people have an idea of what Kpop video's are, I'm going to post different videos for people to watch. I swear it isn't because i'm a crazy fan girl, but it's so that people can listen to what Korean pop sounds like. keke.

          Here are the links to some of the popular video's as well, since everyone needs more mv's.

          Girl's Generation - GeeSuper Junior - Sorry, SorryKara - MisterSHINee - Lucifer

          Big Bang - TonightF(x) - Nu ABOB1A4 - Ok Go2PM - Without YouDBSK - Mirotic

          Baby VOX - AccidentMBLAQ - Stay2ne1 - Can't NobodyBoA - Copy and PasteBeast - Shock

          More can be found here


          Owner: Jajangmyeon
          Amazing Artist: mokona418_new
          Part-time Colorist: Stratham,
          Full-time Colorist: hiring
          Head Manager: Cheekiebirdiee
          Certist: Mokona418_new



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          Raffle is over, congratulation xDeathxByxLovex !


Avi Contest

I've decided to hold a contest for someone to create an avatar for the shops mule!
You are able to enter as many times as you want.
It's just something a little bit fun, to help pass the time. keke.

theme: Something kpop looking or idol looking.
amount to use: Keep it under 1mil please.
gender: either gender is fine

prize: 50k
deadline: June 2nd

Here is the form, just post it here in the thread. :3

[b]Avi:[/b] post the tektek please

Username: CheekieBirdiee
Avi: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Mm, girls are harder to make then I thought lol <3

Username: CheekieBirdiee
Avi: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Username: CheekieBirdiee
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Username: CheekieBirdiee
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.



          Walking down the streets of seoul, it's easy to see the familiar posters of famous pop groups shining from outside of the windows of a music store. This isn't the first time that you've stopped in front of the store, staring inside like a stranger. The brightly colored posters of SHINee, the graceful faces of girl groups like Girls generation, Kara, and T-ara inspire you. Maybe you've always wondered what it would be like to be as popular as Super Junior or Big bang.

          Looking at the posters, you are about ready to grab your bags and continue home when something catches your eye. It was a small poster tapped on the window, small tear away address on the bottom. Staring at the small blue poster with adorable fluffy white clouds on it, there were the words that every student knew of. Dream High.

          "Dream High is now holding open auditions."

          Your heart felt like it skipped a beat, who would have thought that Dream high was holding auditions. Open auditions, to say the least! If anyone ever wanted to get into the music industry, than this was the way to go. With professional classes geared towards your development as an idol, you'll receive training from previous idols and celebrities! Whenever a management company is searching for new up and coming performers, they have been coming to dream high to recruit new trainees. By becoming a student, it would only be time before you'll be able to join a group and have a chance to shine on the stage!

          Ripping one of the addresses from the bottom of the page, you knew that it would be best to head over early. This was your time to live the dream, now you've just got to pass the audition to get one step closer!

          ⇒ Your character will be starting off in the shop going to the audition, which you will be guided through by a NPC staff character. That will be your little opening rp, to get you use to rping and help develop your character. It will be short, and then you will be starting off as a new student to the school. The reason your character decided to join the school is entirely up to you.

          ⇒The setting will be a alternative reality version of Seoul, in South Korea. All of the characters will be attending Dream High, a school ranging from high school to college age. Most of the students will be in the 16 to 18 age range, but there might be special events with characters either younger or older.

          ⇒ Also, there will be some single stage characters as well. Fangirls or fanboys, managers, teachers, we are still trying to decide what all to make. :3


          User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
          Director Chin: Once part of the popular idol group, Rêve, his days in the spot light have come and gone. Using his experience in the world of idols, he decided to open up dream high.Starting off rather small, in the last five years the school has doubled it's students and popularity. He hand picks each of the students allowed into the school, and watches their progress carefully. Many of the large companies now come to Dream High to scout new talent.

          User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
          Teacher Minji: Another member of the once popular group Rêve, Minji now teaches the dancing classes at Dream High. She might be a serious teacher who doesn't smile often, but that doesn't mean she isn't qualified for the job. If your student needs some help shaking their groove thing, then go and speak with her.


          All of the artwork, except the famous stage, will be done on bases. The artwork is copyright mokona418_new! Steal it and you'll get a cake to your face. :>

          Normal Character

          User ImageUser Image

          Every student gets recruited in a similar manner, by going to auditions. Randomly through out the school year, Dream High will hold open auditions. These auditions are difficult, where the judges will evaluate you on your skills. They will judge your sing, rapping, dancing, and have a personal interview with you. After the interview, you’ll have to go and take a few prep courses before you can start to attend dream high.

          Artwork: The student would be wearing normal clothes. There will be a few different set poses for each gender, depending if your outgoing or shy. =3

          Requirements to next stage
          ⇒ get your character approved in the quest thread
          ⇒ set up your journal
          ⇒ complete audition rp with staff npc

          User Image User Image


          After passing the interview and the prep courses, you’ll be able to finally to start attending rigorous training. You’ll be required to wear your uniform every day and bring a change of dance clothes with you. Whenever you become a trainee, you’ll be asked to choose a field to focus on. The classifications are singing, dancing, acting, and rapping. You’ll be asked to work hard at school and not slack around, there will be random showcases through the year where business labels will come and sign you to a newly formed groups.

          Artwork: The student will be wearing a version of the uniform. It will be done on bases.

          Requirements to next stage
          ⇒ ?/? school lessons completed
          ⇒ 6/6 personal practices (either in journal or in a thread where others can join you)
          ⇒ 10/10 practices with other students
          ⇒ participate in final showcase and get a offer to join a group


          Congratulations! You have finally been signed and get to debut with a group. Each of the groups will be unique with a certain concept, but you finally have a spot and get to work at getting your name known. Instead of having just practice at dream high, you’ll have extra rehearsals with your group and get to start enjoying the life of fame. You’ll need to attend music programs, signing events, and you’ll be moved into a dorm with your fellow group members.

          Artwork: Since a group of characters will advance together to this stage, they will all share a concept. So they will all share a unique concept. There will be a set of bases that will be used to form a group.

          Also, you are only allowed to have one character inside of each group. If you have two students at the second stage, you can't get them both into the same group. The reason is because that will have more people interact with each other, making it more fun for everyone!

          ⇒ 15/15 group practices (the theme will be given out by an npc)
          ⇒ 10/10 music show performance
          ⇒ 15 random private roleplays
          ⇒ more to be added


          After years of hard work, you have finally gotten to the point where your name is world famous. If someone says your name, it's you that they automatically think about. Many people want to have duets with you, and you might even be working as a actress, doing solo work, or you could even be a world famous choreographer by now. This special stage and the hardest stage to get. :3

          One Stage Characters

          These aren't set in stone yet, but these are possible single stage 'rare' characters that you might pop up occasionally. They won't evolve or anything, but will be fun additions to the shops rp.


          Fans Occasional they might be updated into a trainee student during special events.

          Instructors? maybe?



          For the shop, I'll be hiring colorist for the shop: two part time and one full time..


          For the shop, I'll be hiring two colorist for the shop. two part-time and one full-time. You'll be asked to color the line art! At the moment, we aren't going to have you do major line edits. If you want to try your hand at minor edits, like bows or jewelry, feel free to try it out.

          This is the Lineart that you will be coloring. It's edited just for this purpose. xD

          DO NOT STEAL IT ^~^


          • Have detailed coloring with shading and highlights, we want you to bring the line art to life. :>
          • Full-time colorist: three characters per event, part-time: two character per event.
          • Please be able to draw and color in a timely fashion.
          • Be dedicated to the shop and not vanish from the face of the earth.
          • If you are able to do line-art edits, then that would be wonderful.

          • Raffles will be split evenly between all the staff.
          • For coloring, you'll be getting 50% of the sale (for whatever events you are in).
          • Crew membership in shop and guild.
          • A custom character, either regular or cosplay. (optional, since it'll be rp required still)
          • 20% discount on all future characters.

          Hiring deadline for artist: May 30th


          THE FORM

          [size=14][b][color=steelblue][u][color=black]✗ COLORIST at your service!! ✗[/color][/u][/color][/b][/color][/size]
          [color=black][size=11][b]● Username:[/b] username
          [b]● What other shops are you working at?[/b] Optional: If you're working somewhere else, then give us the links please and what your position is. thanks!
          [b]● Examples:[/b] the links to three examples, or to your DA/tumblr/photobucket.
          [b]● Our colored example:[/b] Please color the lineart and show us what style you'll be using in our shop.
          [b]● Line-art edits:[/b] Optional. If you can do a line-art edit, than please post it here as an idea.
          [b]● Anything else:[/b]



          Hired mokona418_new

          Hired CheekieBirdiee

          Hired Stratham, C e r u l e a n, and bolt out bandit
Question and Answer


          If you have any questions, then feel free to post them in the thread. I'll answer them right away and post it here, in case someone else is wondering the same thing.

          Question: Are these pets roleplay required?
          Answer: Yes, you'll need to roleplay to progress from one stage to the next. Without roleplaying, you'll remain at the first stage forever. D:

          - - -

          Question: How many can I own?
          Answer: There isn’t a limit to how many pets you can own. Just make sure you can roleplay them equally?

          - - -

          Question: Where is the setting?
          Answer: The setting will be in Seoul, Korea. It will take place at a private school called Dream High, which has dorms built in.

          - - -

          Question: How about Cosplays, like G-dragon from Big Bang?
          Answer: They will be allowed, but ONLY through SPECIAL EVENTS. There will be polls posted up and we will use the results from the polls to decide on an event, although they won't happen very often. For the shop, you have to make them be au versions. So it would be a trainee from before they entered the big groups. You can give them the same name, personality, and look. Just, not the same history? Adjust them to fit the shop, ask if you have more questions.

          - - -

          Question: Will there be breeding?
          Answer: That's something that I'll need to talk with our artist about, but I'm leaning towards yes. I don't really mind breeding

          - - -

          Question: How do the groups work, can all my characters be in one together?
          Answer: The groups will be a selected amount of students that will preform together on stage, it will generally be sized somewhere between three to ten people. Some might be larger or smaller, depending on the situation. They might be all the same gender, or maybe even mixed. You are allowed to have only one of your own characters in each group, so that we can have a variety of people interacting with each other. And, that way you don't have a whole group of just your characters. D:

          - - -

          Question: Can we co-own pets?
          Answer: No, sorry. Only one owner per pet.
Links in and out


          Feel free to link to our thread using this banner. :3

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          [url=http://tinyurl.com/3d7pbq5][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/mokona418/Kpop BC/20040b.jpg[/img][/url]

          If you would like to affiliate with us, either post your shops banner in the thread or PM it to me. Thank you!

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          User ImageUser Image
          User ImageUser Image
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          T O - D O - L I S T

          ☑ Name the shop! D:
          ☑ Open up the interest thread
          ☑ Create a guild
          ☑ Flesh out the story
          ☑ Flesh out the stages
          ☑ Create requirements for stages
          ☑ Hire an artist
          ☐ Hire a Rp manager
          ☐ Hire a full time colorist
          ☐ Hire one or two part time colorist
          ☐ Buy a Cert
          ☐ Buy new banners
          ☑ Create a Mule
          ☐ Dress up the mule

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