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I'll make a path to the rainbow's end!

Name: Project Strife, called Strife for short, named Olivia :3
Shops you currently work for: Kitsu-Ne!
Shops you previously worked for: N/A -- currently working
Reasons for leaving: N/A -- never left
Time spent on Gaia: Too much OTL I log on daily, but my schedule is erratic, so it varies. On pre-exam nights I might only be on for half an hour, if even that. On a Saturday when I have nothing to do... I might be online as long as eight hours (...including the time I spend working on art). e_e Don't tell anyone...
Do you have an AIM?: Yes, although I'm never online unless asked to sign on. 8D; (Normally, I use Skype.)
If not, would you be willing to get one?: N/A -- already have

Other Samples:
I. Here's my DA art gallery -- I don't post my new art there. My most recent submission was exactly one year ago. 8D; And all of my other submissions are from 2011 or earlier.

II. Here are template examples; these are templates that I created from sketch to finish: Kitty, Lioness variation, Fluffy variation. Plus... coloring sample

III. These are a few plushie samples from December 2011, for Soquili, based on the "classical" plush. I enlarged the original, re-did the lineart, and made a new shading template. I made all of the edits (including all wing, tail, horn/antler, and mane variations): (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (Dark BG for 6)

IV. Here are Kitsu from the shop I currently work at! (Unedited), (Unedited), (Minor edit), (Fluffy-shading edits on chest & neck + cleaner lines on unedited base), (Full size), (Light-moderate edits), (Light edits) -- compare with unedited kit

V. WIPs to give an idea of how I work: Lineart, Sparkly shading

I'll add more samples as I complete them. <3 Currently, I'm working on three heavy-edit pets (two for Kitsu-Ne, and my Dream Dancer sample). Please click the thumbnails to see the full-size images.

Dream Dancer Samples:
User Image <--- work in progress

Dream Dancer Breeding Samples:
They're on dark backgrounds so you can see the glow/prisms/shimmer~ <3
Aries x Athena : User Image User Image User Image

Referred by: N/A -- I've been lurking <3
References: Robotic RedCape (previous Kitsu-Ne owner), shortcutt (current Kitsu-Ne owner), Rueka (coworker), -- NekoGamer -- (coworker); they're all colorists I've interacted with at Kitsu-Ne. I have recently met Hopelessly Pretty. Other Kitsu-Ne staff members are either guest artists and/or have been on hiatus as of late, so I have not yet had the chance to work with them.

Kitsu-Ne is being restructured right now (Short has been a colorist for a while, but took Kitsu-Ne ownership fairly recently), preparing to receive a template revamp. We're preparing for a shop-advertising-and-hiring event. :3

+ Planning to add: Isolde x Oberon (mod-heavy edit) breeding, update WIP
+ Maybe: light-mod edited Starborn, unedited Starborn (color-only sample)

As of Jan. 19th, I also have more Kitsu-ne responsibilities (unedited pets, new cert) to finish in time for the event on the 26th, so I will be a little slow.
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I LOVE your roses! <Sucker for roses> You work fast and the breeding examples are simple yet beautiful. <3 Looking great so far!

Apple: Knowing me it could be. xD But no not this time. :3

Roar: ~Licks~ Always good for getting your attention. <3
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Stunning WIP! biggrin
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Project Strife
o/ *votes for her*
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Eloquent Exhibitionist

Apple: Knowing me it could be. xD But no not this time. :3
emotion_awesome emotion_hug <3
shoudnt Soven in Mod edits be in Minor ?? ...

doesnt seem like he would be a mod is all

Good luck with hiring "!"
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Yeah... so should Athena be in Minor, apparently.
-Messed things up-

Ah, well, I'll leave Athena up because she is kind of on the line to be either.
User Image

I sure wish I had time to try and enter! I would love to be a guest, but I see you are only hiring fulltimers XD And I DEFINITELY don't have time for that with my other shops, and planning a wedding XD
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You can enter to be a guest!
Just indicate on your form you'd like to be a guest colorist instead of a full-time.
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Oo YAY, *rolls up sleeves*
You all want to see my stairs at home? The ice is melting so they are even MORE slippery now XD
clicky And thats the only way up or down lol. And another perspective...From the Top.
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Eeek, that seems dangerous!
User Image

Oh yes, it is! I grab that railing in a death grip.
Its melting fast now though, since the temp is 50'F, but melting ice is more slippery in my opinion.
Than frozen solid lol
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Yeah, it really is.
I really wouldn't want to go down that.
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Apple is happy the only ice she gets here is frost. : D
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I am advertising!

Blech. Disapear Roar did. Sorry guys. Won't be around today much either. Boyfriend and date today!

Oh! And I'm on my phone right now so quoting me will do nothing.

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