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You were walking in the woods when you stumbled across a quaint little cabin with a sign swinging above the door; and it reads 'Whistler's Wood'. You walk inside curious to see what is inside and are surprised to see large wolf-like creatures all around you. You start to back out afraid they might hurt you when you hear someone calling from the back room "Come in, come in. Oh, don't worry about them, they love visitors." Just then a young pup looked up at his Mom and asked, "Mommy, who is that?" and to that she responded "Well, I don't know why don't you go ask?" Then the pup proceeded to walk over to you. "Hi I'm Falsa. What's your name?"

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How do I make my Wilk grow?
By being active and/or RPing.

Why are all the Wilki without patterns?
When the Wilki are young they have no distinguishable patterns only a couple colors, and their environment influences what the patterns will be. So, in effect you can choose or at least greatly influence what the patterns will be by simply RPing when they are young and still growing of course xd .

How young is to young to RP?
There are some parameters however. Those are explained in post #6.

Why all the lineart? Does each wilk go through ALL of them?
I like variety that's why. And no each wilk does not go through all of them. They will go through the basket, the young pup, 2 older pup stages and 2 adult stages. If the person coloring believes a particular set of lines matches the RP personality of the wilk(i) they will use that otherwise it will be completely random what stages they will grow through.

3/8/11 - Interest Thread Started

To Do:

Lines/ Templets:
Young Pup
Older Pup 1
Older Pup 2
Older Pup 3
Older Pup 4
Older Pup 5
Adult 1
Adult 2
Adult 3
Adult 4
Adult 5
Adult 6
Adult 7
Twin Young Pup
Twin Older Pup 1
Twin Older Pup 2
Twin Older Pup 3
Twin Adult 1
Twin Adult 2
Twin Adult 3
Twin Adult 4
Twin Adult 5



Long ago when the world was still young and the animals could still talk, there was a king. The king’s name is unimportant. What is important is that he loved watching wolves and longed to be closer to them. However, that posed a problem, for you see the wolves were fierce fighters and disliked anyone who was not part of their pack.

So the king commissioned some of the kingdom’s strongest warriors to sneak into the dens of the wolves and capture 2 pups from each litter they could find. When the warriors returned with the pups, the king gave them to some of the most renowned breeders in the entire kingdom.
His instructions were; I want animals that look like the wild wolves, but are stronger, faster, larger, and have more vibrant colors. I also want them to be more kind, more compassionate, and smarter than their wild counterparts.

While the breeders were raising the young pups, the king had a forest planted and a cabin built in the forest. When that was complete he moved the breeders and the now grown wolves into the cabin.

The breeders continued to work and within 3 years they had animals that would stand 6 feet tall and could easily carry a human when fully grown. They had beautiful coats with bright colors and unusual patterns. From a very young age they would be able to learn new things very quickly, and would remember vast amounts of information. Each one would also end up bonding very closely with one of their human caretakers.

Thus the wilki were born.

Now when the king would visit the forest and his pets, he would always whistle, so much in fact that the forest became known as Whistler’s Wood. No one even knows if it was ever called anything else.

Many, many years later when the king died, the kingdom also died, for he had no heir to his throne. Almost everyone left for new lands. The forest grew, and grew turning the once magnificent castle into ruins. The new generations of breeders decided to stay with the wilki in spite of this. They knew no other life being the children of the original breeders they had grown up with the wilki and they were family.

This continued for generation after generation. Each child had their own wilk given to them when they could barely walk and from that point on the 2 became unseparatable.

Over the past 100 years things have changed some. Most of the breeders have decided to leave, to see what lies out in the wider world, taking their bonded with them, and none have ever returned. Now I am the only one left.
The Wilki
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Basket: The brand new babies are transported from the breeding caverns in these baskets, The blanket has the same basic colors as the baby wilk. These pups are mostly watching and listening to the world around them, they can whimper, but not talk, and must stay in their baskets.

Young Pup: Being slightly older these guys are out of their basket and starting to explore their world but, still can't leave the safety of the cabin.

Older pups: These pups are now older and getting into all kinds of mischief, including outside, though not far from the cabin.

Adults: Now fully grown they now go where they please, most that are bonded will return when the day is done, unless of course the bondee is with him/her.

Twins: Twins go through the same stages that single born pups do, but are closely bonded with each other and will not be separated.

Advertising Contest

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Oh no a brand new baby pup is in need of a home. Here is how the right home will be found:

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And place it in your signature, then once everyday for as long as you have the banner in your signature, post here with this:

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Then for each time you post that you will get one raffle ticket and on the 1st of April I will roll for the winner biggrin
Also if someone posts here that you referred them that is 2 raffle tickets for you whee

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Free Raffle

We have a little guy who wants someone to play with:

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Will you be his playmate?

All you have to do is post this:

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And you will be given a free raffle ticket 3nodding
Please post this only once since it is one ticket per person xd
I will roll for this winner when we have 25 entrants razz

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If you want to affiliate just ask in the tread or PM Crimsen Wolf and put our banner in your shop biggrin
200x40 only please.

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Random Thoughts
A place for the things I am thinking but don't know how to incorporate them into the thread yet.

I am not going to follow the typical wolf pack setup for RPing. Even though these look like wolves their temperament is very different.

As far as flatsale price I am thinking 1k for 5 stages and 1.5k for 5 stage twins.

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