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Four: Pancakes is the answer to every problem. *offers Three a wooden spoon* Hold that for me while I sift the flour. *is wearing a big child’s grin*
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D: I got lied to about a raise booooooo
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D: That sucks
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Three: *clearly, he was perplexed as to Four's exuberance and upbeat nature, languidly accepting the spoon and glancing to it dubiously* ...very well. *crossing his arms with the spoon closest to Four, he simply watched the other with furrowed brows*
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*melts into the shadows*

      Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Go eat all the chocolate in the world!

      here have a bunny since u insisted

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*pokes in*

Any life in this place? o:
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*skates through*
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    I'm not sure if there's anyone else left who hasn't contacted me about some sort of closure. But at this point, I've been having trouble on my end about this IT in general.

    I thought that if I gave it a couple of days/weeks, it might give me some time to find the inspiration for it again. However, that doesn't seem to be the case... And hasn't been a long time now. At the moment, I'm ready to formally close and retire from the B/C.

    My apologies to everyone's support, to the effort that was put into the applications, to the ones who spoke to me about this issue. I wish I could compensate in some way that would be fair, but all I can offer is an apology and a promise to not do it again.

    It's been a fun couple of years but it's also time to move on. Chaos.Theory was my last attempt at finding the love I had for the B/C previously, but real life has gotten in the way, past drama has gotten in the way, and a bunch of things have accumulated together. My interest has shifted, and I'm really sorry to say that I haven't been able to put it back on track.

    I'll close off with saying that I'm really grateful for everyone's support. I'm sorry to disappoint once again, and I wish everyone the best of luck from here on out.
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Sorry to hear about this place closing down. But best of luck with whatever you chose to do from now on, Sai~
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Aw, oh well. Sad to hear this will be closing down, but as Kazu said, best of luck to you in whatever you pursue.
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This is super sad of course. I really love the concept and of course, I adore the heck out of Sullivan and it's a shame I didn't get to play with him more. My fault of course, with this lack of ability to even reply to in-thread RP (sorry Chrys).

I wish you all the best Sai! I think you're fantastic and I hope to see you around in one way or the other. c:

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