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                Page 1: General info for new participants
                      Player Conduct [OOC rules]
                        - Story creation
                        - Character creation/acquiring/upgrade
                        - Missions

                      Ranking ['Stages']
                      Character Creation
                      Q and A

                Page 2: Player Information
                      Current Weather/Situation
                      Available Characters
                      Creed [IC Rules]
                      Mission Board

                .......................Master list ................. Guild ................. Forms ................. Link ................. Link

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              Nov. 9, 2012 - All pre-opening characters done.
              Nov. 6, 2012 - Most info written up, missing walk-in character thread/forms.
              Nov. 6, 2012 - 2 staff characters and 3 available characters done.
              Oct. 6, 2012 - Layout setup, info written-- still missing some pieces.

              This thread is set up as a mock-up of the official thread.
              However, it is not, and this idea may or may not remain an I/T depending on level of interest.

              So post and let us know what you think?

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            s o . y o u . w a n n a . p l a y ?

            [1] Respect and common sense
                No, really. People don't exercise either enough.

            [2] Stay calm and carry on.
                Arguments stem from lack of communication, misunderstanding, or general bias.
                Calm down, chill out, and work it out like adults.

            [3] We're all pretty familiar with the "no art theft" rule, right?
                Intellectual theft is annoying too.

            [4] Leave the catty drama at the door.
                We don't mind hearing about your day, or if you're having a rough week/problem.
                But blowing off steam is not the same as stirring up drama in the thread.
                If you've got a problem with the administration or someone, deal with it privately through PMs.

            [5] Ideally, we'd like everyone to get along but that's an ideal, so...
                Just try to be friendly with the majority. Say hello to newcomers.
                How would you like to be treated when you're new to a thread?

            [6] Nobody likes cliques, but they're inevitable. In saying so, C.T is designed to be one big circlejerk rather than many small ones.
                So network with everyone, don't isolate yourself with just one other person.
                If everyone did that, the shop's not gonna work out very well.

            [7] We are very roleplay oriented, but we emphasize more on character interaction and development.
                So if you care more about plots than character relations/slice of life, this shop might not be for you.
                On another note, we are aiming for writers who know how to write, not the length of which you can write.
                The roleplay format is script based for ease and speed, but that doesn't mean we're accepting ppl who tlk liek dis.
                We want experienced writers/RPers who can create interesting, layered characters but are too lazy to write pages and pages of description like us.

            [8] This shop is meant to be fun and relaxing.
                Theoretically speaking, we could tailor C.T's system into an advance-literate RP shop, but honestly we just want to get something fun going.
                So when it's not fun anymore, it might be time to re-evaluate your situation or speak up.

            [9] Jump in.
                We can only do so much to accommodate newcomers.
                Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to get involved.

            [10] Following the above, don't whine.
                We'll most likely just ignore you if you do.
                This covers a lot of things such as being ignored, slow growths, being cockblocked in RP, not getting your way, etc.
                Collaborative effort, yeah?
                But constructive criticism is fine; the trick is knowing how to word it to make that difference.

            [11] Don't stretch the page
                Pretty common sense.
                Keep quotes to three a post maximum, don't spam, and keep advertisements to a minimum.
                We don't mind discussions about other shops but again, just be respectful.

            [12] Refrain from fishing for compliments.
                It's very obvious and very awkward for all parties.

            [13] We are open to all orientations.
                Homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, etc.-- we don't really care.
                This will probably add a new element when it comes to IC confessions; just don't throw a fit if the character you wanted to pair with isn't interested.

            [14] Anyone can come in to RP, but only the members have knowledge about the organization.
                A profile form must be posted [threadlink]here[threadlink].
                Walk-ins will all be citizens and not members of the organization.
                It is highly unlikely that a member will tell a citizen about the group, as it is actively discouraged with a threat of punishment if the information is divulged.
                However, it is not unheard of for members to ask citizens for help in missions or other side tasks.

            [15] We're not as uptight as we sound.
                We apologize for all the info and long-winded ranting on the front page.
                Make a post and get to know us a bit, we're actually really laid-back.

            Further rules can be revised or added at any time.
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Divine Nymph

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              What does one write about in regards to setting when the story is made up and reality doesn't matter?
              The truth is, we can only fill you in with the general parameters at the moment. In the future, sketches and illustrations of the facilities will be placed here for a clearer understanding of the environment.

              For now, the roleplay is based in the modern era, in a decently sized city that is segregated heavily between districts.
              Massive, fortified gates are installed at checkpoints that separate the rich, the middle-class, and the poor.
              Of course, where there's a will, there's a way-- And illegal tunnels that lead to just about any point of the city have been created for this purpose.
              However, they are zealously guarded, and only those 'in the know' are aware of the existence of these pathways.

              The elite sit at the top of the food chain.
                  They do not belong to any specific district, living where ever they wish and changing frequently.
                  Often times, they live outside of the city boundaries altogether.
                  They monopolize and control just about every aspect of the city, and know better than to boast.
                  The 'rich' are the ones who act as their faces.

              The rich are the second most privileged, allowed to move between the districts whenever they want, with special badges to authenticate their status.
                  These are the ones given the illusion of freedom.

              The middle-class is only a step above the lowest tier, and they are subject to the same curfew.
              The only difference is that the middle class is allowed to move around freely during open gate hours, as long as they have a business purpose for being there.
                  The gates between the upper/middle district close at 10 PM, reopening at 6AM.
                  The gates between the middle/lower district close at 11 pm, reopening at 6 AM.

              The lower class are restricted to the slums, with run-down shacks and rickety old houses.
                  Few houses here are hooked up with electricity, and it's not uncommon to see fights break out here.

              The city itself has a very French aesthetic, characterized by high streetlamps and many winding alleys or narrow roads with multi-level buildings on either side.
              ......................It is blended with a bit of Venetian characteristic, some parts of the city having their roads replaced with water canals.

              While most of its citizens are human, there is a certain aura of unexplainable spirituality in the city.
              There are some who believe in the existence of spiritual power, deities, and immortals.

              But is that plausible?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
              Roleplays between members that take place inside the thread without a specified location will be assumed to be at 'home'.
              Roleplays between members and other citizens will be considered 'outside'.
              Members are not allowed to bring others home, nor are they allowed to divulge their location.

              What and where is home?

              At this point in time, the 'headquarters' is nothing more than a quiet luxury house hidden in the outskirts of the city.
                  It juts out a little distance over water by a short pier that leads up to the main door.
                  A spacious place, built mainly of polished wood with floors textured by patches of marble tile and various other rock accents.
                  Currently, only two of the ten bedrooms are in use.
                  The house overlooks an ocean inlet.

              Because of its distance from the rest of the city, it is not an easy walk, nor do buses or public transit head out this far.

              Multiple authentication act as the house 'keys'
                  Such as an eye and fingerprint scan, badge scan, and UV tattoo scan.
                  These are inputted into the system when new members are approved.
                  Other members do not have authorization into each other's rooms.

              Similarly, there are reinforced glass panels that can be slid out from each and every door.
                  At times, parts of the house will be locked down in this manner, either to put someone in isolation or for repair.
                  Only a few will have total access to overriding these commands.
                  Members can lock down rooms, though......

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              Story creation
              As you can see, there is no story here. The reason for this?
              The shop's story will become shaped and molded as it grows, with new players joining at random.

              At the moment, there are only two staff characters.
              In other words, there is nothing except two guy(s) chilling around doing jack nothing at the moment.

              But wait, this will most definitely change.

              If we acquire four characters, that would make a 'team'.
              Conversely, once we hit fifteen characters, we can upgrade to a proper facility and building.
              Twenty five characters and the agency will be upgraded to a full organization.

              I imagine by the time we hit 'organization', we'll most likely have shadow characters, with the shop's characters being the main [or side] players.

              Of course, this all hinges on the community and how the players want to dictate the story.

              Character Acquisition
              We will be operating with a fairly different kind of distribution system, so take your thoughts of prompt flatsales, flaffles, raffles, auctions, etc. and throw it out the window.

              Except maybe auctions, those are always fun.

              In any case, here is the run down:

              - Characters are acquired in a free-for-all manner
              - They are available at any time, meaning there is no set time for events or the like.
              - You may try for as many available characters as you like, for as many times as you wish.
              - However, there will be no revision or constructive criticism given for your entries.
                  The reason for this is because we feel as though revised entries are rarely ever played true to character.
                  - Pay attention to the keywords given to describe the character, as well as the pose and expression.
                  They should resonate with you for some reason or another, and be a personality that you wish to play.
                  - This shop isn't for collecting sig-candy.

              - You may also send in an application at any time for a personality of a character you'd like to play.
              - If the character personality is interesting, innovative, and engaging, we will customize a character for you.

              - Character upgrades [Stage advancement] is not the same for everyone. It will depend heavily on the following:
                - How active the player is
                - What happens over the course of their RPs
                - Logging and ability to present proof of advancement [Missions, proof of loyalty, tests of courage etc.]
                - Characters may initiate a ranking ceremony by discussing it with the head of house for approval
                - In saying so, that means characters will rank at their own pace and by their own initiative.


              Missions are CYOA type adventures, orchestrated by the admins.
                Each mission's details vary depending on the character and context.

              In general, missions can be done either in formal or script style RP responses.
              With each RP response, you will be required to either pick a number or roll a dice.
              The number you roll or pick will decide which direction your mission will go.

              There are also side quests, which are self RPs and again can either be formal or script styled.
              These side quests will hand out rewards or 'payment', and the results will usually be determined by dice which choose the number from a preset list of outcomes.

              Roleplay System

              Roleplays outside of the thread can be orchestrated in whichever manner the players feel comfortable.

              Roleplays inside the thread should follow the basic format:

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Hiral: Why do I have to model? /KICKS JOSEPH/

                + Icon, name, and colour coded for ease of access.
                + Icons should not be huge, about 75x75 pixels or 50 x 50
                + Those who cannot make icons are free to ask someone else to make them.
                + Name should be bolded
                + These rules are not 100% strict and can be partially altered to your own aesthetics.

              Quick rundown of script style RP:

                + Speech is generally not marked by anything, although some like to use "quotes"
                + Action can be marked by /slashes/ or *asterisks*
                + Thought can be marked by (single parenthesis), others should not be able to respond to character musings.
                + Text/Cellphone/Electronic messages can be marked by [brackets] or in this manner:
                  [Txt: Character Name] Text text
                  [Re: character name] Text text

                + These rules are not strict, but please be clear about what notations mean if they differ from the set norm.
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.............................User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

              Please don't mind the sketchiness...

              Details on the stages are still being worked out.
              It's a bit hard to give a sample of 'stage' when the characters and story evolve as they're being played.
                  To give an idea of how the story affects the stages, think of it this way:
                  A three member team probably won't have the need to suit up or anything just yet.
                  While a big organization might need various uniforms to differentiate status.
                  Just like how three 'stages' would work for a small team, the same might not apply to a big operation.
                  The bigger the organization, the more likely there will be similar types of 'agents' or specialties
                  In that case, the current third or second stages may be split up into proper units such as "intelligence", "field", or "support" sectors with their own uniforms.

              But for the moment, the two concrete stages are "initiate" and "agent" which every character will go though.

              Once they get into their specialties, their outfits will vary quite widely depending on their interests.

              Appearance changes in RP will affect their later 'stages'.
                  For example, a character gets a scar across their cheek during a mission.
                  In the agent stage, the scar will be drawn in.
                  However, the player must keep proof of these instances and show them when applying for a promotion.

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            So there's a lot of ground we didn't cover. We'll get into that here.
            To start off with, less questions and more of a quick and dirty run down of how we judge things.

                Your character will depend heavily on your own tastes and aesthetics.

                They will be customized as they grow and evolve as characters.

                In saying so, it is vital that you have a strong base history for your character within the shop limits.

                Additionally, it is of equal importance that you pay attention to the current shop setting when you decide to apply.
                    It will change depending on how the story has developed and where the players currently are at.

                Your character can hail from any of the districts, with any back story as long as it is appealing to the current community.

                If applying for an 'available' character, sometimes we may already dictate what roles and status they have.
                    However, they will usually be a blank slate and it will be up to you to fill in the bio and put together a likeable character.
                    By likeable, we don't mean Mary-sue-nice-to-everybody-always-smiles-bravely kind of crap.
                    We're a black organization after all, and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

                With that being said, our levels of what kind of characters we accept depend heavily on our current playing field.
                    For example, if we have a lot of sullen, anti-social assholes, we'll be looking for characters that are cheerful and talk to everybody.
                    On the other hand, if we have a good mix, we'll look for unique personalities that stir things up.
                    We generally don't like characters who are broody/shy, aloof, and won't interact with the community, though.
                    So don't be offended if we reject your application multiple times, it's probably not you.

            Okay, so what do you guys like?
                We like men who act like men, vixens, troublemakers, and characters with plenty of depth.
                Additionally, that does not mean that you need to demonstrate everything off the bat.
                It's good to let your character grow.
                I should probably mention that stories are only fun if we have a dynamic set of characters.
                So I can't even begin to tell you what we're looking for, oops.

            Fine... So tell me what I should be focusing on in my application?
                Personality, personality, personality... A brief but thoughtful history.
                More specifically, how your character's back story influences their current mindset and actions.
                Tell us their strange quirks, what makes them unique and interesting?
                Remember, it's what you build out of common materials and traits that makes a character interesting.
                It's not about their love for OMFG RANDOM PURPLE HIPPOS LOL.
                Also it would be good to elaborate on a very specific talent.
                Think about why the organization needs your particular character. Are they good at info gathering? Good with computers?
                Now narrow that even further.

            What should I avoid?
                We're pretty open and accepting of anything, but I can confidently tell you that girl-boys and traps will be denied 99.999999999999% of the time.
                However, reverse traps and tomboys are totally cute.

            Is there a character age limit?
                Minimum age should be 20.
                There's no maximum but your character probably isn't useful anymore after 60.

            Do I have a higher chance of being accepted for an existing character, or a custom?
                Honestly, it depends entirely on personality. Okay, I lied.
                Customs are harder to get accepted for, simply because there's two things to account for: appearance and personality.
                Also, there is such a broad range of things you can apply with for a custom that even one little thing might throw your whole application off.

            Alright. So what do you recommend before I get into this?
                Read everything-- No, seriously.
                Also, get to know the players and their characters.
                Don't be scared to post, strike up a conversation at any time...--
                But before you do that, pay attention. Listen and observe; figure out how you can add to the current dynamic.
                Oh, and forge connections with the current members.

            I... Think I've been accepted, now what?
                If you've been accepted, you will receive an in-character response through PMs.
                When that happens, respond in either script or formal roleplay style.
                This is the beginning of your character's initiation.
                Some characters will have slightly different responses due to their preset status.
                All in all however, a roleplay will be initiated with the chosen player before the character is certed.

            I'm new to the shop, am I going to have a hard time catching up?
                About as hard as joining any new shop-- That is, not particularly.
                We do our best to interact with new members, and the 'plot' is really flexible.
                We emphasize more on character interaction than we do about fantastical plots and sudden, elaborate changes.
                However, characters who have been around longer will always have more history.
                Don't get frustrated by this, just take your time and it won't be long before you fit right in. u vu

            So what about walk-in RPs?
                For those who want to jump in without having to wait for a character, they must first make a single post with the form in [threadlink]this[threadlink] thread.
                Your character should be a civilian with a human form and normal abilities.
                You will have to follow the same RP rules and system as the rest. u vu

            Are there any perks to doing a walk-in before getting an official character?
                You cannot keep your unofficial character once you've gained an official.
                However, your character may mention them in passing.
                On the other hand, it is entirely possible that we/the current characters like the unofficial and offer them a position in the organization.
                If that happens, then you've just scored yourself a [semi]custom.

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            What happens if I'm inactive?
                Inactive characters will be made available to new players or killed.
                The players do not get to choose what happens.
                Inactivity without notification for 1 month will result in shop action.
                With prior notification, we will hold your character for up to four months.
                All you need to do to prove activity is to make one or two posts within those time frames-- It's not that hard.

            What do you mean killed?!
                Because we are a black organization, it's not unusual that there would be deaths, is there?
                Similarly, there will be other ways that characters can die.
                Don't worry though, we will never kill your active character without prior consent and approval.

            What... Other ways can they die?
                Each player may only have one character for now.
                If another character comes along that you really like, you cannot play both of them.
                In that case, if the player sends in a bio and the bio is approved, the player must decide to either kill their first character and keep the second, or forfeit the second.

            What about static/one stage auction characters?
                Those will never be rehomed or disposed of.
                Chances are, if they're a static character then the entire purpose of their existence is for sig. candy.
                Also, these don't count for the "one character only" rule.

            What if I want to do full, formal roleplays?
                We trust that any of our members are capable of settling your craving, so feel free to ask.

            Can I bribe you for a custom?
                Hahahah.................. You can try?

            I have an idea for a character personality but nothing on the design, can you...?
                Yes, I love designing for characters with a personality I like.

            Do you take guest/part-time artists?
                Yes, but we'll be somewhat selective.
                The artwork can be only be single stages, or you may follow one character throughout their growth.
                Send us a PM with samples of your work and which you'd like to do.

            How do I know if my character bio has been rejected?
                You will receive a PM with the following insignia:

            ..............................................User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

            It's been a while and I haven't received a response. What's up with that?
                We may be on the fence about your submission.
                Feel free to ask us the status of it if you'd like an answer.

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            The 'story' is incredibly vague. What is the purpose of the organization?
                The story is left intentionally vague to give plenty of room for flexibility and customization.
                However, there is a certain goal that the 'leader' has in mind, and he may or may not explain it--
                Depending on who asks and under what circumstances.
                But we don't tend to give out IC info unless it's in character. u vu

            So that means you do have an idea for a plot, and it's not completely controlled by us?
                You can think of the staff as the game masters.
                The game is yours to play, but we'll sometimes throw wrenches in your plans.
                Remember, this is a character development/interaction heavy RP, and it's not very interesting when nothing happens, right?

            You mentioned something about forming connections?
                Unofficial/walk-in characters may forge connections with members.
                Relationships such as being lovers, best friends, siblings, etc. are all acceptable.
                Should your character become official at any point, this will help ease your transition into the group.
                However, we highly discourage operating under the assumption that your character will be made official.

            Even though you said the organization will be built by us, what about those 'two guys'?
            ...............What are they doing and why should my character join them?

                This part you'll get to find out in your initiation RP.
                Luckily, we won't be requesting that you answer why your character is joining the organization in the bios.

            Is there a chance I can fail the initiation?
                Unfortunately, yes.
                If your character refuses to agree to the deals being made, you will not get the character's cert and thus forfeit the character itself.
                Similarly, if your character turns out vastly different from your bio, they will be re-evaluated and the offer may be ICly withdrawn.
                Also, if your character annoys the boss too much......
                Well, that can go both ways. Maybe someone else will intervene to save your character.

            What is the name of the city they reside in?

            What is the name of the organization?
                Same as the shop name, but it's usually not referred to by a name at all.

            In essence, what are our characters and the organization's general goals?
                Humans-- Assassins, mercenaries and/or odd-job guys/girls with special talents, either genetically modified, trained over years, or otherwise.
                We will have characters who are capable of controlling elements, or with genetically modified ears/tails.
                However, they are far and few in between, with most being just regular humans with an uncanny talent.
                For jobs, basically anything that pays well, including white collar jobs, jobs that are morally grey, as well as jobs the other black organizations might hesitate to do.

            Do we get code names?
                All character should operate under a codename, even among their co-workers.
                Players should also come up with a 'real' name, although it is not required.
                Real names are given out as a sign of total trust and adoration, not particularly restricted to those of lovers.

            Is there a theme for the code names, like numbers or animals?
                No, although it seems like the boss favours word names.
                Players are free to choose 'other' names as well, for example a Josh codenamed Jeff...
                Guess that's more of an alias then, haha.

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                      [Concept] - [Art] - [Layout] - [Graphics] // Saibraeus
                      [Missions] // Tsunake
                      [Quest concept] // Alucinari
                      [Brushes] // Sweapie - BrushKing - This place - Scully7491
                      [Brought to you by] // Past experiences and constant failure.

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.........User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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              200x40 px only

              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


              - Walk-in thread + templates
              - Guest artist forms
              - Hire another writer[?]

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