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He and Verdent are/where both dragon scale bettas.

His colors change depending on the light xD he looks rainbow ish right now

I think he is white skinned with blue on the scales.

He's moving around a lot now xD but he still freaks and freezes if i walk by.
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Aww Shadica, I'm sorry about your betta. You did a great job trying to help him. *hugs* I was wondering the same thing as Laro about Iri.
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Does he get stripes, vertical or horizontal, along his body at all?
No I don't think so. The scales under his thoat are all blue but the ones on his body have a blue crescent shape on them.
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Shadica, I'm so sorry about Verdent. You really are attentive with your fish, you did a good job. :3
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This shop has really got me wanting a new betta (or two). I think I am going to clean out my two tanks this weekend and get them setup fresh again.
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-snugs everyone-
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I'm so sorry Verdent died, shadica. ): You did everything you possibly could, and were a good owner to him. It's the pet store's fault for not maintaining the health of their fish. If it weren't for them, you wouldn't have come home with a sick betta. Do not dare blame yourself.
:< I'll try leef.

Yeah I've been think that there needs to be a petition on whitehouse.gov about changing how petstores care for the bettas (and goldfish) and to stop all the false advertisements about them.
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I would sign that.
Iridescent if decently a scaredy fish x3 i turned on the lamp that is on the same table as his tank and he freaked out/panicked and is now hiding in his plant.
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I'd sign that petition too.
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-wraps Shadi in loves-

I too would sign a petition like that. I hate going into pet stores for that very reason - The blatant maltreatment of pets. sad -shakes fist at hoomans-
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-snuggles Shadi- so sorry bout your fish, luff <3 -kicks pet stores that treat pets badly-
-snuggles Meegs and Bloo back- thanks guys.

If I was good with words and had more foosh knowlage I'd type up and post the petition myself xD but Someone who has more experience would be better.

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