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Oh poor baby! I am so sorry for both of you. sad <3

I've been trying to lurk the last few days even if I couldn't post (or not sure what to say). So I'm very sorry if it seems sudden.
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Don't be afraid to speak, Mel! smile How are you today?
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Well, I normally don't because I don't have much experience with betta, I've only owned one. And no experience with finrot.

I've been sick all week, which is the other reason I haven't at least posted a 'hello'.

But I saw how your Valentine's Day went and I'm happy for you. He looks like a keeper. ^^
I need to do a water change on the other tank but I'm not sure how to clean the gravel vacuum i used. wither just having warm/hot water will be good or to use soap and then run clean water though it. I don't want to get the fin rot bacteria in the other tank but at the same time i don't want to get soap in the tank x.x
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You have to boil it in hot water... don't EVER use soap on anything you use on the tank. Soap = dead fishie.

Sorry you've been sick, Mel. D: -hugs- Still, we can talk about other topics than just bettas. ^^ And thank you, I sure hope he is! biggrin
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Oh yes, I heard that too, no soap whatsoever.

Sick happens, I should be over it in a week or two. (that sounds like a long time x.x )
I know soap kills fish.

I don;t know if we have a pot big enough to boil the gravel vac in. I'll have to wiat untill after dinier since the stove is in use.

Verdent died.
So sorry to hear about Verdent. From the picture you posted earlier it looked like he may have had dropsy as well (scales looked to be protruding slightly) which can be very difficult to cure, there may have been nothing you could do. You did the best you could for him heart

You could soak the gravel vac in hot water (boil it on the stove and fill a container with it) with a high dose of aquarium salt. You can add an antibacterial treatment to the water as well. Something like Melafix would work.
Thanks I jsut feel like if I had started treating him the day I got him instead of the day after he would still be alive :<

I just hope Iridescent is okay and not sick :<
If you get an antibacterial treatment I would add some to Iridescents water just to be on the safe side. It looks like she may have previously had fin rot, looks like new growth on the outer edges of her fins. They look a little clamped in the picture but it's hard to tell from a still shot. Keeping the temp steady and doing frequent water changes with some aquarium salt should get her feeling good.
I have a thing called Bettafix but i didn't use it because research said it might not work and I didn't want to mix it with the salt and kill Verdent. Although if i had it might have save him /sigh.

Should i try it or return it?

When Iridescent isn't frightened he swims really slow ouo Like he spent half a minute slowly swimming up vertically to the top of his tank and then when i walked by he freaked went down and swam frantically around his tank then hid in the plant. His freak out caused the pellets to drop and he swam at a normal pace to get them.

He freaks me out because he will stay in one spot all day and i have a hard time telling if he is breathing or not. He likes to scare me apparently.

I don;t know what to do with the plant in verdents tank. You can't boil live plants and expect them to live :<
I haven't tried bettafix but have heard bad things about it. Just stick with aquarium salt for now I think.

Is Iridescent eating okay now?

I would toss the plant or maybe create a little aquascaped bowl if you're so inclined but I wouldn't put it with your other fish.
Iri eat four pellets the other day and eat two a few minute ago. He's started to move at a normal speed more often and just nipped at the bottom of the thermometer i put in the tank xD
That's good that he is eating and starting to move around. I bet after a few weeks with you he'll be feeling much better. Is he a plakat? From the picture I mistook him for a girl.

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