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I just bough the heaters that kao said she used, im, waiting for them to ship to me, they seem to be online only.
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No problem, Hikaru. XD

Bloo, sounds great! I recommend marbles as your "gravel" - makes cleaning a breeze. Buy a Minibow tank for $30 at Petco, comes with filter and is easy to set up, in my opinion. Be careful with the heater... don't want to go too cheap. Heaters are known to boil fish alive if they are poorly made. But kudos to you for rescuing! I can't wait to see your new boy/girl!

Also guys, posted a new article in my blog about Alastor's first day, with photos. smile

I dont have a petco here emo but the pet store is alright. there were marbles there, but not enough to cover the bottom of the tank, but they might have more of them when i head over there again! Im so excited! i do have to prove im responsible enough to take care of a betta, but i can still be excited!
I think the fin rot is turing to body rot :<<<

so when doing 100% water change do i have to get every last bit of water out? oyo

I just did that and got gravel everywhere trying to get the water on the bottom out xD
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GUY GUYS GUYS! Iridescent Ate 8DDD >w< I'm so happy. He was on the other side of the tank so i took some pictures of him and dicided to toss a pellet in for the hell of it i put it on the side of the tank then knocked it in so he wouldnt see my hand and freak out. and he stared at it for a moment before moving over to it slowly and nomed it ! x33 I gave him some more then once he was done he when back to hiding in his plant xD

I hope the Verdent eats soon :< I'm hoping he will start eating once the fin rot starts going down
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Perhaps post pictures of the fin rot? Maybe I or someone from betafish.com can assist you. That doesn't sound fun. :/

On another note, HE KISSED ME. I just danced to "I feel pretty" from West Side Story for an hour because of it. I am like a teenager all over again. heart
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There you go being adorable again, Leefs. XD! I'm glad you had a great Valentine's Day. smile Totally beats mine... with my dead car battery and blowing the main fuse in the poor thing because the battery terminals were marked incorrectly so I put the wrong clamps on them when I tried to jump it... -facepalms- And my laptop has crashed on me like... I'm not even joking... 20 times since I updated my stupid Flash. ><; I'm seriously gonna lose it here if things don't look up. Coz Saturday will mark a straight -week- of crap luck.
DD8 cuddles meegs

I don't think he has body rot anymore. I saw a dark red near his tail that looked like it wasn't part of the tail and though it was the beginning of bodyrot/ an open wound but this morning part of his tail is missing so it might have just been that or i miss took the short part of the fin for his body.

I don't know if the missing fin is good or not. the part that's goon was covered in rot and there is some finage left by his body. but it's weird because its part of the bottom and then a circle that goes towards the top ouo

give me a sec and I will see if i can get a good pic of the new tail development.

Edit: Blurry but can see the missing second well Not blurry but hard to see the fins

and here is a good shot of Iridescent taken right before he ate for the first time x3
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Shadica, I would definitely post those pictures on bettafish.com, since I'm no expert on fish illnesses, but that doesn't look good at all...

And Meegs, hahaha, thanks! I'll add to the gushiness. If you wanted to know... this is my Valentine's Day picture. Isn't he a beaute? wink And yes, I did get kissed (if I haven't already mentioned that a million times), and yes, I am absolutely, utterly, devastatingly smitten.

Okay leef :< /doesn't like posting in new places
Whats your UN on their?
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Okay I put you down as my referrer.

So how often/how much should I feed them once they start eating normal?

I couldn't find the food you use so I got Aqueon Betta food. It has whole fish meal made of herring and other fish and dried krill and shrimp. as well as a bunch of other stuff.

I posted the thread. for somereson it hyper-linked petsmart O.o
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About four pellets a day, give or take. Fast them once a week.

Sounds like tasty food for your bettas. biggrin And yeah, PetSmart gets hyperlinked for some reason. xd Would you like to link me to your post? O:
Okay x3

sure, the only response i got is depressing. x
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Okay x3

sure, the only response i got is depressing. x

I'm so sorry. With those recent pictures in mind, I can tell that he is suffering, and it doesn't look good. You might want to consider euthanasia. ): It can be an emotionally traumatic experience for you though - I've had to do it three times and it never gets easy. Maybe get a few more opinions and think on it.

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