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              about { u s }

                    WTF IS THIS PLACE

                    Welcome to for the { l o v e } of betta, a little corner in the breedables section of Gaia about the awesome fish species known as betta fish.
                    While this shop is a fully functional breedables shop, it will also be used to
                    promote betta fish awareness through proper education from myself,
                    Leef, and the shop's community of betta enthusiasts. At the moment, there's really no main story-line to the shop (though that may change with this
                    interest thread), its more of a thread for betta lovers to gather and discuss their beautiful fishies while sporting some eye candy in their signatures.
                    Role playing, however, is definitely encouraged.

                    The shop will come to life in a few different methods. First, we will be gathering opinions and suggestions on how to set-up the shop from those who
                    have interest. Things like a storyline, custom and breeding processes, environment, opinions on the art style for the shop, etc. Once we have
                    weeded through all our options and have made decisions on the final skeleton, we will open up the hiring section in hopes to hire colorists, a cert artist,
                    and possibly managers depending on how Leef and I feel about the shop's popularity. Lastly, the shop will finally be moved to its new and permanent
                    home in the breedables section, with the new staff and regulars alike.

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              in the { n e w s }

                    WATS GOIN' ON ALL UP IN DIS SHITZZ

                    New information and updates regarding the shop will be listed here, in this post, from newest to oldest. Stuff like upcoming/current events, new
                    additions to the shop, changes in the rules, and whatever else we want to put can be found here.

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                    ITS GONNA RAIN

                          [ 05.31.2011 ] Started the interest thread

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              the { r u l e s }

                    STOP BEING AN a**

                    Drama? Yeah no thanks. We understand arguments break out and people disagree, but we don't want that s**t polluting the thread like a bacteria
                    bloom. So these are the rules. You are required to read them and follow them. Don't like them? That's cool, leave. We didn't want you here anyway

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    THE SHOP RULES

                          「⒈ 」 Don't have anything nice to say? Then don't say it. This is our number one rule! To be quite frank, we're not going to take any
                          sort of bullshit from anyone -- no matter your status with the shop. Opening your mouth is always the one thing that escalates the tension
                          or starts the drama, so keep it shut if you can't be nice!

                          「⒉ 」 Don't steal. We understand you might lack the creative side to your brain, but that's not our problem. Stealing the lineart, templates,
                          thread layout, and anything else that belongs to FTLOB is a serious offense and you will be blacklisted and reported.

                          「⒊ 」 Read the whole first/second page! Although it's perfectly acceptable to ask questions, a question you have may already be
                          answered somewhere in the first/second page.

                          「⒋ 」 Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell your bettas! You may hold free contests for them or give them away only!
                          Anyone caught selling their bettas will be permanently banned from the shop!

                          「⒌ 」 Be respectful towards each other! New or old, it doesn't make you any better than someone else, nor does it exempt you from any
                          of these rules. Do not ignore newcomers or make them feel uneasy just because they do not own a betta. Fish or not, be sure to make the
                          newcomers feel welcome because without them, there would be no new blood for the shop to thrive off of and grow.

                          「⒍ 」 Do not beg for a pet or a job here in the shop! This includes private messaging the mule, managers, or owners. You will never
                          receive a pet through begging and jobs will never be offered unless the thread says we're hiring. That's that.

                          「⒎ 」 No direct linking! Unless you want the front page to blow up and to make a whole lotta work for the staff, please save your bettas
                          to your own servers!

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              stages of { g r o w t h }


                    Like all breedable shops, the bettas of FTLOB grow into 3 different stages. Each stage has different lineart and different requirements in terms of
                    role play, growth time, etc. For information regarding each stage, check out the stuff below.

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                    THE STAGES

                          Egg [ 1 week | breeding only ]
                          All bettas start life as a tiny little egg, safely nestled into its bubble nest and protected by its parents. Not much can be done while your
                          betta is in this stage, its just adorable to look at.

                          Fry [ 2 weeks ]
                          Congrats! Your betta has hatched into a teeny tiny little baby betta. Unless your fry came from a breeding, you won't know what breed your
                          little guy is until he grows into an adult. Baby bettas aren't easy to raise, so be sure to take care of it well!

                          Adult [ forever ]
                          You made it past all the difficult stages of life and your betta is now fully grown into a beautiful adult. You now know your betta's type and he
                          or she is also able to breed and create its own adorable spawn.

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              betta tail { t y p e s }

                    THEY'RE SEXY AND YOU KNOW IT

                    Betcha didn't know betta fish come in different breeds? Well, they do, and they're all awesome. While I like to refer them as "breeds," most people
                    will say "tail types." Because this shop is solely dedicated to properly educating our community on these fish, we figured offering every breed would
                    only be appropriate - this way, everyone here can learn about them along with their needs and differences from the other breeds.

                    For the interest thread, we will show each breed's sketches and accompany them with a short description on what make them unique from the rest.
                    When we open the actual shop, however, we will have a "breed thread" in the guild with a more detailed information regarding each type.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    BETTA BREEDS

                          User Image User Image

                          The most common and widely available tail type. Their tail fin flows down like a veil, which is the natural form the fin takes when they are
                          artificially lengthened through selective breeding. While beautiful in their own right, this is not a desirable tail type among betta breeders.

                          User Image User Image
                          These were the first bettas specially breed from wild bettas. Because they aren't weighed down with long and flowing fins, Plakats are usually
                          more active and are resistant to most diseases. This makes them a favorite among breeders and collectors alike.

                          User Image User Image
                          This is the most desirable tail type among betta breeders and a true accomplishment in betta form. A Halfmoon must have a caudal where
                          both ends are exactly 180 degrees apart or more, spreading towards the front. Caudal edges have to be straight or curving outwards, and
                          not bending inwards.

                          User Image User Image
                          These bettas have rays that extend past the fin edge creating “spikes,” making it look like a crown. They come in single ray, double ray, triple
                          ray, quadruple ray and extended “V” ray variations. The ideal according to IBC standards is a fish with a perfect 50% reduction in all three
                          unpaired fins (caudal, dorsal, a**l) that can spread to 180 degrees.

                          User Image User Image
                          Double tails are a cultivated mutation that gives the fish a dorsal fin equal in length to the a**l fin, and two distinct caudal lobes. Often it also
                          produces a thicker-bodied fish with a wider backside, or deformities such as crooked spines.

                          User Image User Image
                          Delta tail is a term often misused to describe any single-tailed non-Halfmoon betta. The true Delta tail has straight caudal edges like a Halfmoon
                          or Super Delta, but they extend outwards from the back of the fish and don"t arch straight up into Halmoon.

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              we need { h e l p }


                    With just two people running the shop at the moment, we're obviously going to need some help - not only in the art areas, but the shop functionality
                    and setup as well! The information provided below shows you our current staff, what we're hiring for, and what we need some help/ideas with. If
                    you're creative or you just love bettas in general, please share your input with us!

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    CURRENT STAFF

                          Shop Owners
                          K a o r u S k y y
                          Spotted Leef


                          K a o r u S k y y

                          K a o r u S k y y
                          Spotted Leef

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    LOOKING TO HIRE

                          Cert Artist
                          A talented individual who would be willing to make the certifications that the fish are put on and placed within customers' signatures.

                          Two or three talented individuals who can not only color the fish of the shop, but edit them, if needed, as well.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    NEED INPUT/IDEAS ABOUT

                          The Story
                          Where does the shop take place? Are these bettas living in their natural habitat in Thailand, or are they nestled safe within the walls of their
                          aquariums? We have a few ideas on the setting, but we'll be needing your help and votes to decide!

                          Natural or Unnatural
                          Natural-only shops can sometimes be pretty boring, but because betta fish are naturally COLORFUL, it might not be so bad. Should we
                          allow elaborate markings? What about crazy edits? Or should we keep it all to a minimum and keep the shop semi-realistic. We'll need your

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              make us a { c e r t }


                    Certs are one of the most important aspects to a breedables shop. Without it, no one would know where our bettas come from, their names, their
                    genders, etc. Unfortunately, Kao lacks every cert-making skill imaginable, despite having a bachelors in graphic design. So we need your help!
                    Desperately. Please.

                    User Image

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    CERT MAKER

                          Wat Do
                          A cert is a pretty image filled with information about the individual pet that it is placed on for people to put in their signatures and prove they
                          own that pet. We are looking for a talented artist who would be able to create a stunning cert that resembles the shop, catches the eye, and
                          allows the fish to fit comfortably and nicely within.

                          For this, you may make as many as you want, but you will only be compensated for the one we chose!

                          You chose! However, depending on the quality of your cert, we may increase or decrease your amount.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

                          Must understand the dynamics of a cert and they're importance to the breedables world
                          Should work in some sort of high quality computer based program, preferably Photoshop. We will not hire anyone who creates the cert
                          through Microsoft Paint or traditional art.

                          Should not have any previous grievances with anyone from the staff
                          We should be able to get a hold of you, if need be, within a timely manner. Either through AIM, MSN, or private messages.
                          Must be willing to comply with our requests for how we would like the cert(s) to look (colors, shape, etc) and how many we want.
                          While we're in no rush for the cert(s), we ask that you can complete them within the time frame we give you so we don't fall behind in the
                          shop's opening.

                          Understand that if you get picked for the job, we may request that you tweak your cert here in there if need be.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    CERT REQUIREMENTS

                          We would love for the cert to have the shop colors within it somewhere - #4a4654 #349eac #eb844a #b0b9c4 #e1d4cc and occasionally #e0e0de
                          Not a requirement, but something to think about - the cert's background color can be changed to match its corresponding pet
                          Shop title should be written within the shop's font, [Century Gothic]
                          We want the pet to come off of the cert a little bit instead of being boxed and restricted.
                          The bigger the pet looks on the cert, the better!
                          With that in mind, feel free to use the shadowed versions of the adults and pups to test out how they rest on the cert - [coming soon]
                          Information on the cert should include
                          - Name
                          - Owner
                          - Birthday
                          - Gender
                          - Tail Type
                          - Personality

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

                          [size=20][color=#349eac][b]I WANNA MAKE YOUR CERT YO[/b][/color][/size]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Username .[/b][/color] [color=#4a4654][your name here][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Contact .[/b][/color] [color=#4a4654][how can we contact you -- AIM, MSN?][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Samples of Work .[/b][/color] [color=#4a4654][samples of certs you've done][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Why do you wanna make our cert? .[/b][/color] [color=#4a4654][silly question we like to ask lol][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Anything else? .[/b][/color] [color=#4a4654][questions, stuff about you, etc][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Anything else? .[/b][/color] [color=#4a4654][questions, stuff about you, etc][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]FTLOB Certs .[/b][/color] [color=#4a4654][post the cert you made for the shop!][/color]

                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬

              be our { c o l o r i s t }

                    OH BB YOU COLOR SO FIEEEEENE

                    Artistic? Love coloring breedables? Why not work for FTLOB! Who wouldn't wanna work for FTLOB!? Just look at our awesome acronym. Besides, the
                    lineart is adorable, the staff is super friendly, and you get to keep all the money you make from color-whoring yourself out. If you're interested in
                    coloring for us, continue reading below and submit an application. If we like your work, we may just hire you!

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    FTLOB COLORIST

                          What is a colorist?
                          A colorist is a talented individual who uses the shop lineart and templates to create pets for the shop customers and events. We are looking
                          for one or two full-time colorist and one or two part-time colorists.

                          The requirements and qualifications you see in this post are just very basic. Once you are hired, you will be invited to the staff
                          section of the guild where you will find a more in-depth look at your position (full/part time).

                          Benefits and Perks
                          The owners of FTLOB are not in this for the profit, we're in it for the shop and the people who love it.
                          With that said, colorists (both full and part-time) get to keep 100% of everything they do. So if you make an auction pet that sells for 1mil,
                          you keep that 1mil.

                          Colorists may color themselves or a friend 1 free basic (nothing more than small edits) pet per month.
                          Colorists will receive 1 free breeding "pass" for every 2 months of work to be used for yourself or a friend.
                          Colorists will receive 1 free custom "pass" for every 3 months of work to be used for yourself or a friend.
                          As we get to know you and your dedication to the shop as a colorist and regular, we will become more lenient with the perks as far as
                          coloring edited customs for yourself and other things.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

                          Must have MSN or AIM, preferably AIM
                          Must understand the dynamics of coloring and its importance to the breedables world
                          Should work in some sort of high quality computer based program that can handle PSD files, preferably Photoshop. We will not hire anyone
                          who colors with Microsoft Paint or traditional art.

                          Should not have any previous grievances with anyone from the staff! If we don't like you and you don't like us, don't even bother reading the
                          rest of this.

                          We should be able to get a hold of you, if need be, within a timely manner. Either through AIM, MSN, or private messages.
                          Must have a positive attitude towards everyone within the shop, including regulars and customers.
                          You must be able to take criticism well, and be active in shop discussions. Opinions are always loved!

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

                          You are expected to color at least 4 (or more) unedited or minimal edited pets per month to be in a flatsale, raffle or game. However,
                          we are pretty relaxed when it comes to coloring depending on the event or the time you have. We understand that real life gets in the way, so
                          if you can't meet the quota, just let us know! No matter how often it happens, you will never be punished as long as you keep us updated.

                          You are expected to complete 1 (or more) medium or heavily edited pets per. month to be in a auction, RP contest, or other type
                          of event
                          Only full-time colorists are allowed to do breedings and customs. If you are hired as a full time colorists, you will be expected to open
                          up custom slots once (or more) a month depending on your workload. Again, if you cannot meet this requirement due to real life, just let us know
                          and you'll be fine! More about coloring requirements will be explained after you are hired.

                          Must be able to complete work on time! We will NOT hire someone who disappears from time to time for long periods of time. If this is you, do
                          not apply.

                          Must finish pets you claim by the deadline.
                          You must be willing to work for free at times! FTLOB loves giveaway and other free events, so you'll be expected to color up a few things
                          without receiving profit.

                          You are expected to be able to hold your own mini-events (with permission from the owners) and games whenever you feel like.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    COLOR THIS NAO

                          Please color and/or edit the Plakat male in the link below to apply.
                          [Plakat Male Template]
                          Scales in the hidden layer stay hidden, they are there only for reference for dragon scaled bettas or marbles or whoever.
                          You may edit the lines
                          You steal you die 8D

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    COLORIST APPLICATION

                          [size=20][color=#349eac][b]I WANNA BE A COLORIST![/b][/color][/size]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Username .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][your name here][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Contact .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][how can we contact you -- AIM, MSN?][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Position![/b][/color] [color=#62747e][full or part-time?][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Location/Timezone .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][so we don't try to contact you at 3 am][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Time Spent on Gaia .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][how often are you on Gaia?][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Program Used .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][photoshop?][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Current/Prior Experience .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][link us to shops you currently work at or worked at in the past][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]Samples of Work .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][samples of art you've done][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]FTLOB Coloring Samples .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][post THUMBNAILS of colored Bettas ONLY][/color]
                          [color=#eb844a][b]FTLOB Editing Samples .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][post THUMBNAILS of Edited Bettas ONLY][/color]
                          [color=#7ed0d6][b]Why do you wanna be a colorist .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][silly question we like to ask][/color]
                          [color=#7ed0d6][b]Anything Else .[/b][/color] [color=#62747e][questions, stuff about you, etc][/color]

                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬

              current { a p p l i c a n t s }


                    All the applications you see below have been collected from the thread and posted here for easy access. These are the people who have applied
                    to be colorists and certists that's listed in the post above. If you applied, but don't see your application up here, please PM the mule to let us know!

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    CERT APPLICATIONS


                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    COLORIST APPLICATIONS


                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬

              let us pick your { b r a i n s }

                    HALP MUTHAFUKA HALP!

                    So with this thread being in the "pricing and suggestions" forum, clearly we need some suggestions on things. The stuff talked about below are the
                    things we're looking for some input on and we want to know what you, a potential consumer/regular, think.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    SHOP SETTING AND STORY

                          So while thinking up a story for our little shop, Leef and I ran into some difficulties deciding on what the shop's setting should be. There are
                          so many different possibilities, but we want to pick the one that will give regulars and the shop the most in terms of options, role play, etc.
                          Here are some of the ideas we had:

                          Having it set in Thailand, the betta's natural habitat. This would allow males and females to coincide with one another while establishing
                          territories - that way, the males won't feel the need to kill one another when coming in contact.

                          Having it set in an aquarium setting as pets. This would give us the option to create little mini-shops for the shop where you guys
                          would be allowed to win/purchase tank mates, decor, aquarium types, toys, plants, etc. Not exactly sure how roleplaying would work with
                          this though, considering everyone lives separately.

                          Having it set up in a betta breeder's facility or home or whatever. With this, all the fish are moved intermittently beside one another but still
                          stay in their own separate tanks. This opens the opportunity for RPers to have their fish communicate with each other without the males killing
                          each other and allows for babies in the breeding tanks. Maybe the objective of the master of these operations is to take sick fish and make
                          them Aqua Bid (show fish) quality, or breed them to be? And then sell them via OC contests and whatnot. The only downside is that in real life,
                          most breeders don't have their bettas set up in fancy tanks with pretty decor, eliminating the mini shop options. However, because this is a
                          fictional shop, we could always pretend this breeder is super awesome and does that anyway xD.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    NATURAL OR UNNATURAL

                          Its seems that natural shops are all the rage right now, which continuously makes me wonder - why? As a consumer, I always thought being
                          able to get a sky-patterned lion was ******** badass and made my pet unique from the rest. As a colorist, I HATED the idea of being restricted to
                          naturals only, I felt like I would run out of ideas! Despite my opinions, I must say that the pets coming out of the natural-based shops always
                          look fantastic and pretty, which is something any owner of a breedables shop wants to strive for.

                          With that said, Leef and I have yet to decide the shop's "color fate" if that's what you want to call it. Because bettas are NATURALLY colorful and
                          unique, this is almost a too-good-to-be-true kinda situation. We could have the shop be natural based, but still have fun and pretty colors! Yes?
                          What are your thoughts on this?

                          And what about markings? Betta fish come in a variety of color types, some with neat markings, but never anything unnatural like stars or flying
                          ice cream cones. If we put a natural-colors-only restriction on the shop, what should we do in terms of makings? I was thinking we could do what
                          other shops do and refer to stranger/unnatural markings as "dyes" or "tattoos" (for lack of better word). Thoughts?

                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬

              design our { m u l e }

                    BECAUSE WE ARE POOR AS ********]

                    Wanna do us a huge favor? Yes? Okay, design out mule. Oh, and pay for it. BUT WE'LL GIVE YOU A FREE CUSTOM DON'T WORRY GUIS. No, but
                    seriously, we need some serious help in this department.

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

                    MULE CONTEST

                          General Information
                          Visit [Tek tek] to create an avatar
                          We would LOVE for the mule to incorporate the shop colors - #4a4654 #349eac #eb844a #b0b9c4 #e1d4cc and occasionally #e0e0de
                          Gaia seems to have a lack of items relating to betta fish. While other fish are just fine to use for the mule, the mule doesn't HAVE to have
                          fish to be liked and related to the shop. Something to reflect the shop's style, colors, and personality would work just fine if you can get
                          creative enough!

                          Keep AWAY from those stupid avatar backgrounds Gaia decided to make. We don't want the pretty mule hidden because of the big block
                          of pixels around it - I know there are a lot of good fish backgrounds, but please, good god no backgrounds

                          Totally not a fan of the mermaid tails. I know they're fishy themed, but quite frankly, they creep Kao out >>;
                          While we don't want to set a price limit to limit your creativity, keep in mind that Leef and I are both POOR BITCHES ;~; So if you can
                          keep the price on the lower side (or donate items >>; ), we will love you forever.

                          If you're willing to donate some of the items to the shop mule, make sure to include that to your post so we know what we have to get!

                          The Prize
                          Winner of the mule contest will win one free custom, any breed of your choice!

                          The Form
                          [size=16][b][color=#0080FF]I'll help you out, FTLOB![/color][/b][/size]
                          [b]Username .[/b]
                          [b]Reason .[/b] (tell why you picked what you did for the mule)
                          [b]Total .[/b] (total gold)
                          [b]Mule Image .[/b]

                          Contest Entries

                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬

              let's be { f r i e n d s }

                    THESE ARE SOME FINE a** SHOPS RIGHT HERE

                    Wanna be our friend? PM the mule with a banner from your shop and take one of ours! Once we receive the PM and choose the banner that best
                    fits our layout, your shop will be advertised in this post for all regulars and customers to see. Interested in linking us? Snag the banner below!

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    LINK US

                          User Image

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    VISIT THESE SHOPS

                          User Image

                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬

              advertising { c o n t e s t }

                    FFFFF DAT FISH

                    Without advertising, how will people know we exist? You can help us advertise by reading below, and if you do, you might win a custom or that OMFGAWESOME
                    Plakat below!

                    User Image

                    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                    ADVERTISING CONTEST

                          General Information
                          All you need to do is copy and paste the code, from one of the two banners below, in your signature
                          For every day you advertise using the small banner, you can claim one point by posting in the thread linked below
                          For every day you advertise using the large banner, you can claim two points by posting in the thread linked below
                          For everyone you refer to the thread, you get one point. Make sure the people who are referred by you post the referral code so that you can get your point
                          First prize gets the choice of a custom of any breed or the smexy blue Plakat above. Runner-up takes the leftover prize.
                          Please post ALL points in [this thread]
                          Points posted in the main thread will not be counted, even if we see it. They MUST be posted in the advertising thread in the guild.

                          The Banners

                          User Image

                          User Image

                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬
                    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ { } ▬▬▬▬▬▬

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