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Business Bunny

If I make Noise..... they'll probably be chibi'd out Noise cause.... I fail at animals otherwise.
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Anxious Explorer

chibi kitsune noise! *flails* xD <333
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Formal Bibliophile

Chibi FTW! x3
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Original Codger

*can help with animals if you want and have reference images*
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Ms Ameile Gray
OH. Just pm the mod. They'll move it. smile
It's not really misplaced. I think RP'll be going on. It's just in an odd spot.
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Business Bunny

Honestly I dunno why it's in this forum xD.... I put it in the pricing and suggestions like any other I/T thread. Oh well..... I can be amused by this if I want to xD/.
*rolls on Elvy*
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Rainbow Noob

*Invades* >:3
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Business Bunny

Mr Mootles
*Invades* >:3

..................... **licks the invader for her soup**

Captcha: Labour of love
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Rainbow Noob

Don't put me in your mouth! You have no idea where I've been >:T and Why is your I/T here? *curls on head*
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Intellectual Powerhouse

Lol! Roleplay forum. Newbie mod move?
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Business Bunny

I dunno why my IT is here xD! It magically moved one day......

And moots - I accept everywhere you've been and all that is you. So there!
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Rainbow Noob

Maybe request they move it back xD?

*Gets his filth all up in your mouth*
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*pounces on Mooty's head*

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