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Finally found it again after typing in the wrong thing in the Search for...a month. :'D I'm terrible
Actually, I only found it because it was on the front page of P&S |||orz I FAIL ON SO MANY LEVELS
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He's on hiatus? D; Well at least his thread's still here <3
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This just needs to be stickied or something already.
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This just needs to be stickied or something already.

I've been wondering that even when I was a mod.
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Skye River
I've been wondering that even when I was a mod.

I had the impression that it was at some point, or it was bumped enough that I consistently saw it at the top.

But yeah, I think most of us who dealt with minishops hoped for that.
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    "You are my new God"
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I was wondering if my "old" art shop is good to use. May you please give me any advice.

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My extremly sarcastic answer: Oh ********. This is just fan-flippin-tastic! Now, just when I thought I was leavin n00bness and could click Entreprenuer, I find this, now, NOW, I have to rearange BOTH my art shops. Not only that, but, I have to remove all the VIOLET (yea, that's right) from this post.Thanks! Lol, Jk, here are some of the quotes form you I just COULD NOT stop laughing at. This really was a blast to read and the best part, I didn't have to OCD click nine million diedriches in the process!

'I know you're stupid enough to ask me these blatantly obvious questions
Where did you get your shop name from? Blah blah blah I pulled it from my a**.
02/25/09 - I'm on a diet. o_o
02/25/09 - ....
03/07/09 - It's my birthday.
03/08/09 - It was my birthday.
03/10/09 - I ******** love urban decay...
03/13/09 - I love David o_o
03/14/09 - I love Tim and Manny too o_o
03/14/09 - I'm still on a ******** diet D; (lost 5 sizes)

(I will assume you are one of those n00by 'I-take-digital-photos-of-my-potato-headed-peoples' artist)
I'm already too amused that people who draw like four-year-olds are putting big ol' ugly SAMPLEWLKMSNFBDSJKHD stamps on top of their work
((this one one one l else probably saw)) th_idiot.jpg
pathetic attempts at art
((my mind reads kind of funcky what I thought said you may as well just go into handshot,hipshot, and throw in a goddam BUTTSHOT read...))Bustshot
~*~ ⓀaW@ii_s@kUR@SUshi_NeΚ.'s Q@LITY @Яt SⓗOРрe ~*~
33. Any chtspk will get u b***h smacked & thrown out.
and i'm just going to stop now because, you probably got pissed trying to read all that anyways. I love how the gag shop you made is popular. Love. Probably 1/4 people giving it a heart is a nood. OK, I'm done. A paragraph is enought. FINISH!

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