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Democrat 0.13207547169811 13.2% [ 7 ]
Republican 0.094339622641509 9.4% [ 5 ]
Socialist 0.20754716981132 20.8% [ 11 ]
Independant 0.18867924528302 18.9% [ 10 ]
Anarchist 0.075471698113208 7.5% [ 4 ]
Other 0.30188679245283 30.2% [ 16 ]
Total Votes:[ 53 ]
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Liberal Bloodsucker

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I vote based on how black the contenders are.

You and half of America, clearly. I won't say which half.
You're too white.
Touching Hair's avatar

Enduring Regular

I'm a libertarian socialist.

I've never aligned myself to a specific political party as I've always felt the majority of parties are only looking out for their own interests and care very little for their followers or just don't represent my views.
Republican with a heavy Centrist swing an a dash of Libertarian.

"I work at the Nuclear Power Plant. Give me a food." My favorite Anti-Anarchist argument, because me an all my buddies are Reactor Operators.
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Obsessive Genius

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Human survival-ist, choose the option that best ensures humankind's survival.
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  • Money Never Sleeps 200
After going to school and working in Washongton, DC, I'm officially pro-drink. I just can't bring myself to care about politics unless it involves some sort of summit where parties are involved.
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Enduring Conversationalist

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I'm so far to the left that most people in the U.S. would need binoculars to see me. So the most appropriate thing is Socialist. Why? I do find their views and mine to align, plus I love the way the system works, when you make it work. I like the way it governs although I personally haven't had the opportunity to experience it. It seems more for the people than anything.

"Anarchy rules!"
"Well, uhm, no by definition it doesn't"

haha anarchists just want a fight, thats all. The whole idea of any type of pure anarchy would fail, miserably. Why? Because it means self ruling, which going through all the mumbo jumbo of rational thinking we get to being by yourself, which we as humans don't do very well at. At all. You would die, easily. Its a terrible death really.
Moderate Libertarian with some minarchist tendencies.

I want to legalize prostitution and full auto rifles in my state. I also want to completely end the war on drugs.

I want to redesign the constitution to be several times more restrictive on what the federal government can pass for laws and also to restrict what the states can pass as laws. I also want to introduce punishments for congressmen and senators who violate those constitutional restrictions.
Other- Libertarian.
Vague Void's avatar

Wheezing Lunatic

I'm a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.

I believe that their positions are most effective in running a government because.

Definitely a lot better than that monkey Stephen Harper and his Conservative goons.
Prince Ikari 's avatar

Conservative Victory

I am a conservative Republican. I would not be happier anywhere else on the political spectrum. I am a conservative because I value individual freedoms, limited government, the rule of law, ordered liberty, constitutionalism, American exceptionalism, free markets, Judeo-Christian philosophy, and hard work and personal responsibility. I believe that traditionalism still has importance in a modern society, and that life is important and should be protected if possible, as should be our environment through environmental conservation. The political right to me is where I feel most at home, and I have always deplored the political left, born out of the blood and violence of the French Revolution. People who mercilessly executed members of the upper class, pushed for atheism, and championed a false sense of what freedom and liberty really were. And to this day, the political left still pushes for secularism, and to socially re-engineer traditional institutions so that they will eventually fall, all in pursuit of a do-whatever-you-want attitude (such as drug use). They wish to silence speech that does not agree with them, take away our religious freedoms, demonize a love of country, and create a bloated welfare state where the rich people whom they see as enemies, must pay to give everything to those at the bottom. And the fringes of the political left, the far-left, still push for bloody revolution and violence, which does not sit well with my more pacifist nature. And the European left in particular pushes multiculturalism, which is destructive to the culture of any county. They let outside influences come and besiege their countries and re-define their cultures.

As for being a Republican, well the Republican Party is the only place for me. The Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, the party that stood for limited government, free-market capitalism, women's suffrage, and civil rights for African-Americans. The Party has a glorious history full of accomplishment and expanding freedoms for all Americans, regardless of gender and skin color. While the party may have changed regions demographically, I still value the Republican Party as the party of freedom and prosperity today. The Party that represents the average American. While the Democratic Party represents the Coasts and urban areas, urban areas run by big union bosses. Full of political corruption and decay. Minorities have been trapped into the new liberal Democratic racism with the fall of conservative Democratic racism. Back in the day, minorities were lynched, beaten, even worse by Southern Democrats, they constantly had their rights denied, and were forced to live in fear. Today, under Northern Democrats, and those out in the West, minorities are still subjected to racism because the Democrats keep them trapped in a web of misery and poverty to ensure they will always vote for them. Democrats want no upward mobility for those people. And while in the past I have had my share of racial bias driven by stereotypes (unfortunately), I cannot support a political party with an active history of racism to our fellow man, and entrapping people in misery and poverty in order to control us. I shall be no slave to their idea of government. They are a political party that no longer believes America is a great county, and should aspire to be Europe, where the party has lost its moral values and tries to tear down religion, marriage, and desecrates life. So all in all, being a conservative Republican is what is right for me. I would not have it any other way.
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Perfect Hunter

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Aggravated Assaultism.
'Zen Master' Centrist - holding a nice, cozy position in the center (well, technically a fraction down and smidge to the left) of the political compass.

'course, on the ballot I'm usually stuck with listing myself as Independent.

Your poll has independent misspelled, btw.

Complex Systems
I'm officially pro-drink.

You and at least two-thirds of the ED-P Regs.

Will that change if D.C. gets its act together and actually works for the country instead of its lobbyists?

The Zen Master says, "We'll see... Oh who am I kidding. ******** NO IT WON'T!"
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Friendly Fairy

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I'm a Labour party (UK) councillor, so socialist.

I'm probably pushing to the far left of the party because I think we need to be more ambitious. Michael Gove summed up the Tory party for me at Spring conference a couple of years ago with his speech on free school breakfasts - look after me and my own and stuff the rest of you. :/
Conservative anarchist. That has to be some sort of moral standard, but as far as I'm concerned the more the government is out-of-the-way the better.
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Fashionable Capitalist

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Other - Classic Liberal.
Though I'm closest to the Libertarian Party even though I'm a registered Republican and typically vote as such.
The Poll has 20% Socialists? Whelp, no surprise there.

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