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Barton Senshi

Number one thing I hate is the so called liberals pulling Bushbot era tactics, as well as spamming everywhere with bullying people into trying to vote for their candidate(this time Lord Hopemunculus)
I keep seeing "you hate womens rights if you dont vote Obama" type of bullshit. Almost makes me want to vote Romney out of spite, and I have nothing but loathing disgust for the entire GOP.

          In Illinois for the local races it's the connect everyone who's running against you to Springfield and the Tea Party crap lately. And then the guy they're trying to connect to the Tea Party is going around saying they have "experience from the real world" and try to be the outsider in the race. At least at the county level the only thing you see is the yard signs and you have no clue who the person is. Although, I'm surprised the State's Attorney race here in my county hasn't gone nasty over the Drew Peterson case.

Disa Uniflora

I can't help but be reminded, since Trudeau threw his hat into the ring, that Count Iggy was picked leader in part because they wanted a public intellectual like PET.

Now it seems like they're satisfied by a guy who's like Trudeau, but only in the biological sense.

A palpable regression if there ever was one.

There is no magnificent b*****d in our party even remotely of the calibre of Trudeau the Elder, if there is one at all. As far as I'm concerned, they'd be better served searching for a vague analogue of Pearson. Our country could use one of those more.

Ujjal Dosanjh could be the next Pearson. But he's not running.
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Eloquent Streaker

The fact that every political campaign essentially boils down to "throw as much s**t as you can at the other guy while saying one positive thing about you."

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