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......your facts on close quarter combat are very misplaced.
I'm alittle shocked by how murderious you describe the Infantry. I wasn't aware the millitary started hiring people like that.

but really common, some girls whanna see that stuff too. Don't rob Women of the magical experiance of vaporizing another human being. Sorry but your most violent fantasy is probably laughable to most chicks. If you really have that much of a problem saluting to a female officer then omfg you must be gay?

you seem pretty resolved to die. Who would you rather have confort you when your guts are blown all over the wall, a bro, or a chick?


Are my facts about close quarter combat misplaced? are you talking about head locks or something? Knives?

let me tell you if I'm bigger than you in a knife fight there is no way you are gonna take more stabs than me. More or less get your hands around my neck

plz tell me your short person secrets to beating someone clearly bigger than them. I will agree small people are better at running away tho.

What do you know, honestly, know about the military combatives program? Please, tell me. Because the way you make hand to hand seem from your arguments, is that, size and weight class are key.

In the military, combatives isn't about size, it's about overpowering and taking down your opponent as quickly as possible so that you can move on to complete the mission. Speed has become norm as far as CQF (close quarters fighting) is concerned. Believe me, it pains me horribly to say (as I am heretically norse, and believe strongly in valor and honor in combat, being able to be face to face when fighting, using blades and fists) that the days of grappling with ones opponent are for the most part over. In the name of the gods, we have weapons which we can fire these days that can kill from a mile away or more, we don't even need to "see the whites of their eyes" anymore. The days of flintlock rifles and Calvary charges are over. The combat we become entangled in are fierce and quick fire fights where in previous days, whole battalions would've been needed to spit the amount of fire we can bring to bare today.

So to even bring up the argument that combatives as far as hand to hand has a place in this discussion as far as women being let into combative type roles in today's military, is pointless and muut. Because it has almost less than no chance of happening.

Now as far as making the infantry look as murderous as you say I did. Think about what your saying.

We, the infantry, are a profession trained and specialized in committing "legal murder" to put it lightly. That doesn't make us murderous, or murderers. It means that, we, unlikely yourself, were born with that drive to kill, to be in war, to continue the paths forged by our forefathers and ancestors of days long since past. We are warriors plain and simple. Warriors are only good for one trade for the most part. Killing and being killed. It's who we are.

I think you're a little behind the curve on hand-to-hand combat, Private.

See, you're thinking like a line infantryman, which is okay, because you're trained as a line infantryman. Your OSUT, and your unit can only teach you so much without experiencing certain wartime scenarios first hand.

Say you're clearing a building, right? You're the second man. The first man goes right, you go left. Being a good infantryman, you already had your weapon shouldered as you walked into the door, but to your shock, before you can even turn that corner into the breech, someone grabs your rifle by the muzzle and pulls it down, because he saw the first guy come in, knew you were going to be right after him, and sat there on the left side of the door waiting for you do pop your happy a** in.

You know what you do in this scenario? You tackle that ******** straight in to the wall and drop him to the ground. In this case, just like many other scenarios, size is all that matters. You weight pushing that guy to the ground is what saved you. In full rattle, while both of you have weapons, and as tight quarters as you're in, your MAC bullshit isn't going to help. Your best bet is to full on body slam this bro and start screaming bloody murder as you beat the s**t out of him.

Maybe you're even on the battlefield and like your weapon has a catastrophic malfunction, or you lose it somehow, or you run out of ammo. This isn't impossible. Look at Kamdesh, or Wanat. Those guys were saved by the skin of their teeth after they ran out of ammo. The enemy breached the wire before CAS and artillery drove them off. Sure, your first priority would be to simply escape until you were more battle ready, but whose to say this is always possible? It wasn't for the guys at Wanat.

So what happens when you're wearing your 100lbs of gear, and you've lost your weapon, and some bro comes in close to finish you off? You aren't going to try and clench this ********. He has like ten of his friends coming up behind him. You're going to grab your knife and you're going to tackle him. You're going to charge and take him down, then drive that knife right into his ******** skull with all your might. You know what's going to be the biggest determining factor of you taking this guy down, pinning him, and working that blade into his noggin? How big you are.

as far as your scenario with clearing the room, yes, that's more or less what you'd do, IF, he's managed to pull your weapon far enough away from you. any GOOD infantrymen would whip around the second he feels the jerk of his muzzle being let from his control and double tap the ********. failing that, you do the secondary option, which is what you described.

but when you're talking about using knives to stab an enemy to death, that's not size, that's speed. it becomes a matter of who has the quickest reaction time and precision as opposed to how big and heavy you are. this isn't to say strength doesn't matter or make an appearance, but for the most part, if you've been denied opportunity to fall back, and have to rely on CQF, than speed and precision are the attributes which are going to save you, not size.

It only takes half a second for someone to rip your rifle away. Unless you have a three, or one point sling, I can take the gun out of your hands before you even know what's happening. Anyone can say "Yeah, in combat I would do this..." but once the shock of combat actually hits you, you realize how slowly your mind actually processes everything. From training, a lot should come to you by instinct, like getting cover, returning fire, maybe even muzzle jabbing someone who rushes you, but your brain is fighting off adrenaline, fear, and natural fight or flight instincts in order to sort through what you're actually supposed to do as a soldier. I've seen well versed soldiers do the craziest things in the heat of the moment, because their minds can't keep up with their panic.

As for speed vs. weight... If you're 110lbs and I'm 200lbs, how much easier is it for me to shove you to the ground than for you to try and stab me? It would take like two seconds for a big guy to just push his arms out and push over anyone significantly smaller. Then say I just dropped on top of you, in any sort of position where most of my weight is on you. How are you going to get to your knife if I've got you pinned under my whole body weight? Hell, I don't even need to do that. I just have to get you into a less dominant position, and then just not allow you to go for the knife at all. That's a key part of MAC, constant control. If you're doing it right, your opponent shouldn't be given the opportunity to get their weapon... And how fast you are won't determine that. Your position will. Have you ever tried to get someone who weighs a third of your size more than you off of a mount? It's not impossible, but it is ******** hard..Then, the sad truth is that even your techniques that help so much in MAC in training, won't actually translate over into the real world.

Say someone much bigger than you gets you in a mount, but he gives you his arm, and you go to do the arm trap and roll. Guaranteed he's going to feel. you trying to hip up to get him off if he doesn't already realize what you're doing by then. All he had to do is slam his weight down on you, and he could easily knock the wind out of you, or maybe even break your arms. Heck, just when you go to trap his arm, all he has to do is lean into you, and you're going to have to either try and push his weight off, then risk opening yourself up, or let him smother you.

Again, technique does count. Training counts. Speed counts... Every little advantage you can get will help, or else they wouldn't be teaching it... But size really is the number one determining factor in winning a man to man fight in combat.