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This guy on FB is trying to justify why went to war basically.

below are his comments, obviously somewhat out of context. Basically I was saying I’m anti-war because I don’t think the people who decided to engage in war had honorable intentions and the negative effects weren’t worth the positive that came out. The conversation was prompted from talking about people getting help with ptsd. There are many sides to the discussion, but I wanted to know what other people though... If anyone can post sources to support their points that would be even better! I'd like to learn from whatever is posted.


“******** you Bob! All you know about Afghanistan is what you’ve seen on open source media news and conspiracy web sites that weren’t written by anyone whose ever been there it have any legitimate credentials- and if you’ve ever

done anything close to worthwhile with your life, you’d know
news is a business that’s no more credible than MTV! When you say s**t like that, you look like you’re counterculture because it makes you feel different and empowered as opposed to having any legitimate reason to be ungrateful for being born in a country where you only know first world problems. You’re complaining about the plight of the poor children of poverty stricken nations, but I’m willing to bet almost anything you’ll be the last person to sign away a year of your life to dig wells in Africa with the Peace Corps. By the way, I spent a year as a civil engineer in Afghanistan building roads, schools, and hospitals in southeastern Afghanistan. If you want to talk about murder, I can tell you about dozens of civilians who were tortured, blown up, hanged, you name it, by the Taliban just to keep power out of fear. You know nothing about which you speak.”

“How many people have died at the hands of Taliban? Sudan? North Korean death camps? Somalia? Or do you think they’d all be Utopias without US involvement (the ones we are involved with)? Just because we did ‘some’ humanitarian work?! We built everything they had! Our reputation as American soldiers was that we were giant, walking, golden teets spouting money for construction, shurras, you name it. What do you think we did? Wandered around aimlessly killing every shepherd we saw? You have such little situational awareness on this subject that I am done wasting my time. Go spend a year nation building, hand and hand, with a corrupt developing country’s government, then maybe you’ll understand.”

“Omfg, I just read your first post again. Do I think going to Afghanistan, working daily with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to program, fund, and manage the construction of millions of dollars worth of nation building efforts (with about 4 other engineers) that put over 3000 kids in school, provided hospitals for roughly 100,000 people, and provided governance facilities, including a Dept for Women’s Affairs in an area that’s considered the front lines, on the Pakistani border, over the course of more than 150 outside the wire missions and 300 shurras… Do I think all of this makes me more ‘worldly’ and have a more influential opinion on the matters of Afghanistan than Bob? ********. I spent a year of my life- I risked my life- serving alongside men and women who were true professionals and I come back to see some p***y calling us murderers after we did more for the global community than he ever will? Wonder why I’m pissed?”
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is it me or the time and forum? hmmm
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Little bit of column A; little bit of column B
is it me or the time and forum? hmmm
you don't have any good attention grabbers in your post.

Also your post is mostly just a stupid opinion. I feel alittle less informed even reading the first few lines
You should watch the documentary, "A World Without US"
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it depends what kind of involvment...

War- sometimes we need to enterfere...it is a hard decision because getting involved or not will lead to consequences.

helping out other countries- is a more delicate than some people might think.

(sry i didn't read the entire thing)
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I''d be just as antagonistic was it China at the helm, being that you share some history I'd rather not reenact.
They are attempting to rule the world.
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Involvement, sure.

Military rule, no. Colonial exploitation, also no. (Re: CNMI)
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The war in Iraq was pointless. The war in Afghanistan is debatable. My opinion is that we should let the Middle East work out it's own problems.. Why should we be sacrificing lives and futures of our own people for their sake?
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I generally ignore Facebook's user's opinions, they're idiots.

I support the wars but I don't support the way they were conducted.


There's no debate, Saddam and his family needed to be removed but it's the way in which he was removed that caused issues. Saddam created a strong Iraq which kept the region quiet and relatively peaceful but he was a murderer having ordered the killing of many thousands.

No matter what you do, it's going to destabalise the area. The U.S. should of known this and prepared for it.


The Taliban and al-Qaeda are not the same thing. al-Qaeda are the ones that want you dead and are a threat to national security. The Taliban on the other hand don't care about you, me or how decadent our lives are, they just want Afghanistan.

After defeating the al-Qaeda, you've got a few option; reform Afghanistan and prepare for a decades long conflict with the Taliban, reform Afghanistan and eradicate the Taliban which would possibly violate international laws or take a back seat role, trying to influence Afghanistan from outside its borders.

Which would be the quickest and most effective? Option two but no politicians have the will to do this

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