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Okay, not able to sleep right now and had this random thought. Recently (maybe since last month) was in the news about a man doing some online thing where people could donate money if they wanted because he wanted to earn 5,000 dollars to send a bus monitor on vacation after video was posted up by teens showing her being bullied and then the kids getting physical as well as verbal with threats on her life. (it was truly disturbing and disgusting behavior but not abnormal from kids these days to others) (the guy was able to get over 700,000 dollars for the woman I think it was. I do know it was way over 5,000 dollars and she was in tears and was able to retire and pay off bills she was behind on was it? or well they said she paid off something or other she owed on)

Okay to my idea. Idea for lowering the debt: someone who can be trusted with money (obviously not a congressman or anyone known to steal, has no honor, is known to have issues with saving money, etc.) someone who can be trusted or knows how to and would be able to not touch the cash (if any) were to show up, start one of those sites that can be set up to accept donations. Have the starting donation at 1 cent, a penny and the highest amount that can be donated unlimited. This sound crazy? What good is a penny to solving trillions of dollars of debt? Simple: a penny may be 1 cent but if you have 10 pennies you have 10 cents, you have 100 pennies that's 1 dollar, you have 10,000 pennies that's 10 dollars and so on.

Pennies add up very quickly probably because some over look them as worthless. How worthless are they if anyone with one penny or can spare one penny or more be if all the pennies add up from hundreds or millions or billions of people from anywhere in the world that see the site and donate? It takes one person to start debt, get more people in on a debt still there and it will increase and not go down unless the person taking over with a debt does not work to help pay it off. Soon you have a brain blowing amount that the average person doesn't see in their own accounts or own paychecks or checks they get to pay bills and buy food.

I wonder if this would be a good idea? I have no idea how to do a site that allows donations or how the donations would be stored and after a goal is reached how the money would be removed or anything but I know someone or some people do somewhere. On the site have goal increments set up and put a green check by the goal when met. If we're lucky we can do what people couldn't or refused to because they didn't care to lower it. I know there are bad and good people everywhere, I know there's people everywhere that misuses money and those that use money wisely and are able to prioritize what comes first and what can wait because they grew up with a grandma or a great grandma or a mother or father or grandpa or great grandpa or an aunt or someone who taught them how to take a sheet of paper, write out all that you have to pay, how much each item will be or estimate be (always better to estimate higher than what it might be in case it increases so you have allowed enough money), and if go over the money allowed then go through and find what can be removed from that month's money usage.

For goal amounts (if anyone does do this cause think it a great idea to actually pay back money we owe other countries as I assume that's where we got the money, what countries those are I can't remember who we borrow money from these days) maybe for first starting goal amount could be $200 dollars then 400 dollars, 600 dollars, 800 dollars, 1,000 dollars, 1,200 dollars, 1,400 dollars, etc. and so on. Or when hit the 1k mark start in creasing by 2k or 3k each time for a goal amount or there might be a very very long list of goals >__< and for the total amount since they say we're at 17 Trillion dollars maybe we aim for a half way goal of 14 Trillion because I'm thinking by the time if anyone does this that we reach even the 1 Trillions the debt will be in the 20 Trillions or 30 Trillions or higher unfortunately. It's very hard to catch up on debt no matter who you are. Bigger debt = harder to repay but it'd be something and if some of those figures they say about some people's incomes on the TV then I'm sure if those with those really huge yearly totals (and assume really huge monthly totals) can spare the money if they aren't already using it to try and spread good and help to those struggling or need help that need it (and aren't ones that misuse money or cons people out of money to line their own pockets as some people do do that not all)

Now I know everyone has to have cash to spend in stores or at businesses to stimulate the economy I know but if you have 20k on you and you spend 5k on bills and required payments then you have 15k left. Lets say you use 10k shopping for......whatever would add up to 10k as I have no idea what would add up to that much except those cloths that TV people and other people in the spotlight or high paying jobs wear that are hundreds or thousands of dollars for one article of clothing. Anyway back to topic, after that it leaves 5k left. Why not use 500 dollars or 1k or 2k of that to help add up money to somehow be used to pay off the United States debt so the Government don't default and so states and people don't lose services, jobs, and other things provided by states and Government? If give 500 that leaves 4,500 dollars to do with as you'd please. If donated 1k that leaves you 4k, if donate 2k leaves you 3k. Or even 100 dollars. Small amounts add up very fast if held onto for a long time it adds up quickly.

But say someone did start this and we somehow reached 14 Trillion and it got used to pay off the debt some then it was restarted at zero and then either try again for 14 Trillion or 15 Trillion or something as a final goal and just do that to help pay off a debt that was caused by borrowing money that was either used on the people (deserving ones and not deserving ones alike) or was used on senseless things (such as unneeded wars for example). When money is used on more than 1 person or used for more than 1 person some, or those in my tired head, think it could in a way be everyone's debt because everyone is using that money and that money is circulating all around that originally started at the Government that we elect every 4 years.

This is just a random idea that came to my mind after hearing news, reading comments on sites, having a small panic attack at over worrying mind about coming months/years, and not able to sleep due to thoughts not settling down. I might get backlash and I'm starting to get used to that sort of.
Hey, let's try this instead!

This guy did it to one company. Imagine if it were done everywhere! mrgreen
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Great idea! Now we only need a bullying video with the United States as a victim and the donations will start flowing in.
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Processing the online donation of a penny probably costs more than a penny.
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Processing the online donation of a penny probably costs more than a penny.
Until China accepts bitcoin as legal tender, that too will be an obstacle.
The US Debt is about 26,102 per person. Including children and infants.

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