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Oh wow. Apparently Jong-un tipped my last post.

Who knew that while his people are resorting to cannibalism in the face of famine that ole lard cheeks is trolling around on Gaia with his propaganda smiths trying to sway public opinion?

Seems like a wonderful use of time.

In all seriousness though, good show. I can't believe I played along for that long, but there you have it. A fool am I.
Jazin Kay
Why is North Korea so hateful towards the US?

Why are they testing missiles with the admitted intent to nuke us?

What is it they hate?

North Korea is hateful to pretty much the entire world, with some exceptions made for China and South Korea (people wise).

You know how people talk about how homogenous and xenophobic Japan is? Which comes from it's geographic isolation and history? Well Korea (both sides) is the same way.
Now take that xenophobia, which is a concerning social issue at worst for the healthy rich democracies of South Korea and Japan...and put it within the context of an extreme Stalinist state with a huge paranoia of invasion on top. The result of that is a super paranoid country that views the whole world with a sort of aggressive terror. Like when a tiny dog barks at you while pissing itself.

Now America of course was the main force in the Korean war, and the main party in the other sides of the negotiation tables in current events, and so is particularly villainized and feared by the North Koreans. Probably only the Japanese are hated by them in the same way. They would probably be even more hateful of the Chinese if recent Cold War history hadn't made them allies and likeminds.
Interestingly Albania used to be very very similar when it was a communist country, though with no special hate for the US. They were also a very isolated country fearful of invasion, and developed into a particularly vicious Stalinist state like North Korea has.

They have no intent to nuke us, it's sabre rattling and propaganda for their own people.
Chain Banning
I can assure you that is not the case. North Korea are strong allies of China, Iran, Russia and various other nations. The top three being China, Iran & Russia though.

China would be the first country destroying North Korea if they shot a nuke at anyone. They only tolerate North Korea in so far as it keeps potential western aligned power greater Korea disunified and provides a buffer client state against US interests. If it threatens or tries to start a nuclear war, it will more than have outlived it's usefulness to China. The two are already in strained relations for a variety of reasons.

These four nations are by far superior than main NATO opposition such as the U.S., the British Empire, & France.

Citation badly badly badly badly needed lol.

These countries can barely manage to defeat small guerilla forces, how on earth do you expect them to defend an attack from an amazing conservative country such as North Korea?

Iran and Russia both have insurgencies in their borders they have been unable to defeat who are assuredly weaker than the Taliban or Iraqi insurgency.
You're really just assuming they would be able to handle it for no reason at all huh. I mean it's like you don't even know what asymmetrical and guerilla warfare is, and why it's so effective at stalling and surviving against huge militaries.

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