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Would you vote to pass my laws?

FBOR sounds good, but MUB is too lax on "pirates" 0.2 20.0% [ 1 ]
I like MUB, but FBOR is unescciary & possibly harmful to the entertainment industry 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Both of those laws sound good on the surface, but would be a disaster! 0.6 60.0% [ 3 ]
I'd pass both of those laws in a heartbeat! Please go into politics! 0.2 20.0% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 5 ]
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Captain Tuberculosis
Dey don' hab no guards, but I seed a lot cops cars drivings at night, so dey is 1's dat woulda seed if I goed dere. sad Peoples coulda getted mugged and raped anywhere so I don' tinks dat's good reason. confused

That is true, but it might be easier for muggers & rapists to hide in a park where there's trees & bushes & maybe not as good of lighting as in the city.

Dere's trees and bushes in a lot places. confused
The Budgetary Regulation Bill:
- The Federal Budget is Split into Consistent and Temporary Categories.
- Only Consistent inflows can fund consistent outflows (Income Taxes, Sales Taxes...) (Interest on Debt is a consistent outflow)
- Only Temporary Inflows can fund Temporary outflows (Resource Taxes, Debt...)

- The Consistent category must be audited to maintain reasonable balance at least every 5 years to limit the problem of structural deficit.

- The Temporary category must have a Congress mandated size limit.
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Total rewrite of the tax code (streamline)

Public Healthcare Act:
- Creates the Public Health Association (PHA)
- Sets the provisions and purpose of the PHA
- All provisions under the Social Security Act of 1965 are now strictly provided under Public Healthcare Act
- All the contents of the Medicare Modernization Act is now void
- Limits the Patents on Prescription Drugs down to two years
- Ends regulation that prevents users buying health insurance out of state and/or out of country
- Extends the provisions of the Social Security Act of 1965 to all US citizens and legal immigrants

"Lockbox" Social Security and extend the age for which someone can tap in Social Security to the age of 75.

Total rewrite of the DMCA and other copyright law.

Marriage Recognition Act:
- Repeals DOMA
- Recognizes all marriages as "A legal union between two consenting adults"

A law that makes dissolves the DEA.
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A large, sweeping piece of legislation broadly altering US drug policy (You may wonder why I wouldn't write a piece of legislation for my own country, but that would be because you don't really understand how my country works.) This would outline the process of legalisation and regulation of various narcotics and scale back the DEA and various other enforcement agencies/mechanisms. Down with the War on Drugs, it has been a long time in the coming.
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Eliminate most laws currently on state and federal books.

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