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It's been one day since my 3DS with my Pokemon White game inside got stolen. Only now I feal how much effort I put into most of Pokemon....ugh feals really upseting how all of it is gone.

To make this more Pokemon related.

Whats your second favorite Pokemon?
I was shure you would have found it by now.
It's a tie between Blastoise and Gliscor.
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I'm sure you'll get it back somehow and eventually! c:

My second favorite Pokémon is surprisingly not Groudon Furret. c:
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I'd be devastated if my 3DS/pokemon games got stolen. -hug-
I still haven't gotten over losing my Platinum inside the couch.
Second favourite...Typhlosion fo' sure.
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I threw a b***h fit when my idiot brother lost my Emerald game several years ago. I have a new one now though. I hope you get i back soon. ):

Second favourite is Beautifly
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That's horrible! gonk I hope it's just lost and not stolen

EDIT: My second favorite is Politoed
Second Favorite?!

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Haven't you talked to your principle or anything yet...?
There's police at my school, so if the same is true to you it would be best to talk to them owo.

Anyway, you can't sit and do nothing. They CAN be punished by your school for what they did.

Second favorite was my old favorite before Swoobat was released: Treecko

If I lost my 3DS, I'd be losing the first Lucario I'd ever owned...

When you find those bastards, I hope you kick them in the nuts.
That's why I always brought my back-up DS to school and took out the game and kept it with me.

Sorry that your 3DS got stolen.

If I had one, I wouldn't bring it to school--EVER.
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I would be mad if that ever happen, I hate thieves with a ******** passion. I just hate it when they could have work hard for whatever they want instead of stealing someone's s**t to make them feel good about themselves without considering the feelings of others.

Kyogre to be on topic.
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I will never be crushed! Not now or ever!

I battle with one heart and mind, and because of that my power is unlimited.

"I hope you find it, and then kick the crap out of those bastards.
On topic; Typhlosion "

If you fight force with force you cannot win against it.

Remember my name in your nightmares.
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dont let all that hard work go to waste D: HUNT THEM DOWN AND EMPTY OUT THERE BOOK BAGS and did you tell your parents wat happened? D:

oh and its togekiss
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      I just had to check and make sure my DS was still where I left it.

      I hope you find out whoever the dillhole was and get your game back!

      On topic:

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