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Well aquaduelist's thread has been deleted

Seriously? Why is that

@OP I have noticed that lately; like other people have said, all of the topics have been exhausted until new games come out. And those topics will quickly be spent as well.
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Aqua got perma banned
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Some people do not find the need to anymore I suppose.
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They all went to Serebii/Smogon after finding their forums where better

But it's been less populated ever since being taken down off the hot topics
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Because Pokemon is such a shallow series that all possible topics have been exhausted.

This 1000x
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The Pokeforum is but a bloated, stinking corpse and we are the maggots festering just beneath its succulent flesh.

Sounds yummy.
Just wait for a new game to be released. ESPECIALLY after Black/White 2 comes
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Aqua got perma banned

He's going to make a mule for a new league with the same gym leaders.
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1. Everyone finished doing what they were doing on B/W, and thus, they had no need for anymore business, and got tired of it. Of course, there's a new game coming out next year... When that happens, I expect this forum to be revived, even a little bit.

2. The only thing anyone talks about here is "LOOKING FOR ____" and "I NEED THIS ITEM..."
Nobody TALKS about Pokemon here anymore, it's ALL trading and looking for stuff. And most of this stuff is stuff that's nearly impossible to find/get without hacking; Ultra rare legendarys, shiny Pokemon, shiny legendarys, and items impossible to get on their one particular game.

3. Everyone plays Magic now. I know it sucks, but it's true (At least at my college....)
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And now we know why he's an a*****e in the first place.
On topic: Not a Hot Topic anymore. At least we get less noobs in here. Noobs like you, who want to start a fight instead of just realizing that everyone hates you and leaving.

You're actually making it seem like... You have an opinion o_o

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