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False. The only Pokemon I hate is Bronzer.

The next person can think of a new type for the next generation to include in.
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False. I think all the typings are fine and since I'm uncreative I can't think of anything.

The next person has never gotten a Shiny Pokemon with the Masuda Method.
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The next person has hacked to get event pokemon early."
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True, but only on crappy Gold roms.

The next poster has had a shiny explode on them.
False. I only have a shiny top percentage Rattata.

he Next Poster thinks that Pikachu is a Rat.
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False. I think it's a mouse.
The next person has actually yelled at their pokemon for losing a battle before.
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True. I don't like it when my pokemon get one shot by a thunder attack because they're flying and water type. My poor baby Plume the Swanna...

Anyways, the next poster has participated in a Pokemon Role Play.
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The next person really wants to know if the game developers had intentionally wanted Jinx to be a n****r.
diamond vs pearl i alway go pearl
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lolwut? Person above me made a mess up, fixing it~

Um, not sure how to answer that. False? because actually Jynx was black because there was nothing there. She was a floating wig, eyes and mouth.

Next person to post loves looking at creepy fanart of Steven Stone.
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The next person wants Pokemon+Nobunaga's Ambition to come out to America.
Just in case I ever decide to want it, it will be, presumably, in the nearest Gamestop, two blocks away from me.

next person ; you felt bad when your pokémon have been neglected or fainted.
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True. A few times, but I can't remember when.

NP, thinks Ingo and Emmet look sexy together.
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Yess ; w;
Next person has more than three Pokemon related toys/games/clothes/decorations for counsel/ect.
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True! I have a Croagunk collection! As well as a lot of other Pokemon plush, some of which I've made myself! My favorite Pokemon stuff is my customized Koffing headphones :3

The next poster has tried a Nuzlocke run

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