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Kawaii Cub

True. Freaking Silver...
The person below cried at the loss of a Pokemon during a Nuzlocke Challenge.
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Bashful Bloodsucker

Almost. Don't look at me like that, Sheldon was an awesome Blastiose! emotion_0A0

The next person has never done a Nuzlocke challenge.
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Tricky Bunny

Edit: True.

The next person has spilled tea over their clothes today and made a really weird squeeky noise as it happened. And has a shiny Mareep.
False. biggrin

The next person used to sing in front of an electric fan when he/she was a kid.
true emotion_awesome
the person below never had a stuffed toy
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The next person has never seen a shiny.
False. The pokegods seem to have made it their point to have me find at least one in every generation (except the first for obvious reasons >_> ).

The next person has thought about what type their pets would be if their pets were pokemon.
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Maybe not a bad idea...

True actually. I have often wondered what it would be if my gecko was a pokemon.
This one time I had a dream, that pokemon were real, me and my rival friend were pokemon trainers. My mom had thrown out one of my favorite toys, and it turned into a banette (if you've read the dex entries you'll know banette's turn into disowned child's toys) so I went out to get it back and it became my first pokemon, and since my friend has a dog, her's pokemon was lillipup. After ours of trying to battle eachother with normal vs ghost types and nothing happening, we decided to troll on everyone who didn't own a pokemon and dominate the world. emotion_awesome

The next person hacks their pokemon games.
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i make haked roms.... does that count?

the next person lost at least once against a champion
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Cynthia. ******** her Garchomp.

The next poster skipped Lt Surge's gym in Kanto.
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True. I never had the original game I'M SORRY OK! gonk sweatdrop
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Bashful Fatcat

since the guy above had no question

ffff, false. i took em out with my badass diglett. emotion_awesome

the next poster lost at least one of their pokemon in whitney's gym.
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O.G. Warlord

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false. it was one of the easyest gyms

the next poster used fly with a pidgey
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Shy Perfectionist


The next person loves Dark types.
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Magical Businessman

Eh, I don't really like much Dark types aside from Zoroark and Darkrai

Next person person hates Lucario

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