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Lol, false.
Tried to hack one just to troll people on GTS.
(I was looking for some pokémon I was in need and all they keep asking was low level legends. Didn't worked tho)

The next person to post hacked an Arceus just for the lulz.
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User ImageFalse, though I battled a sucker that had a box full with all the plates.

Next person accidentally released an epic 'mon.

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True..... It was a shaymin (is that how u spell it?) with sky forme... worst day of my life....

Next person had a sibling that plays your pokemon game only to find that they used your 1 masterball on a bedoof or something.
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User ImageFalse!
Aside from when we were younger and mom MADE me share my Game Boy color, my cousin knows that I'll punch him if he touches my games.

Next person has deleted someone's save data in REVENGE!!

User Image~~
The next person wishes there were more Musical items.
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False. I wish they brought back contests.

NP loves contests.
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True. I love me some contests.

Next person to post never participated in contests.
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False. It would be cool if they added the battling part and the combo moves from the show, though.
Next person has never used a legendary on they're team during a main playthrough.
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False. I've used legendaries in the first 2 generations.

The next person has drawn a gijinka of their favourite pokémon.
The next person has watched every Pokemon movie so far.
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the next person reads pokemon fanfict's
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True, something deep inside makes me read on hoping it wont turn out all generic and crappy.
Next person writes Pokemon fanfics.
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Sort of true, I made one a while mocking how everyone always makes OC's to pair up with Steven Stone. I ended up being too ashamed, having sunk to their level, and I deleted it.

Next person knows almost all the Pokemon Shipping names (originalshipping, franticshipping, etc...)
True i hate nuzlock.
Next person favorite original pokemon was Blastoise?
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False , I would say my favorite from the original 151 is Nidoking ,if youre talking about starters then it would be Charizard of course :3 but Blastoise is cool , I feel like breeding a squirtle now .

The next person has rare candied a pokemon all the way to level 100 , only to find out its stats suck and neglects it for the rest of its poke-life .

True story .

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