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Romantic Genius

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True, I don't really hate any of the starters.

The next person was jealous of Wally for catching a Ralts right off the bat.
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Dangerous Trader

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The next person trained a bunch of Ground types for the Electric Gym in B/W, then rage-faced when it was half flying-types.
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Shy Perfectionist

False, I don't even have a Ground type in my White team.

The next person wishes Meowth and Persian were real, so he/she could exploit Payday.
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Timid Lunatic

      I knew it was coming thanks to my friend.
      And I always have a Mudkip in my main party.
      So I just evolved him into Marshtomp and used his egg move Ancient Power.
      Maybe it was a little cheap of me, but I'm happy I was able to avoid that headache.

      Next person listens to different music while playing Pokemon.
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Profitable Prophet

True. Sometimes I listen to my ipod while playing.

Next person plans to buy both Black 2 and White 2.
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Interesting Lover

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False..just black 2.
Next person would like one mass game able to visit all the regions..all the pokemon...all the gyms...
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Fashionable Conventioneer

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Semi true. I want that, but I also want it PokeSpe based.

Next person uses at least one starter and this includes an Eevee form and an evolution of Pikachu.
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Timid Lunatic

      I try to have Swampert in my party when at all possible.

      Next person has eaten food they've made in the shape of a Pokemon.
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Timid Lover

I wish though ;-;

Next person has spent countless hours trying to obtain a Pokemon with very specific stats.
False. I'm rather much like a casual gamer when playing pokemon. My friend does that though and he beats me every time we battle.

Next person never played Pokemon Yellow.
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Timid Lunatic

      I really enjoyed Pokemon Yellow.

      Next person wonders what Pokemon taste like.
False, I don't think I'd ever personally think or actually eat Pokémon. sweatdrop

@ the next Trainer / Pokémon Fan:
Your favorite region is Kanto. ;3
False, I'm more of a Johto fan myself.

The next person plays the games on an emulator.
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Unbeatable Cutesmasher

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True, but only the old ones like Red and Emerald

The next poster sometimes wishes they were in the pokemon universe
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Loyal Loiterer

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next person thinks the show would be better if gary oak came back

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