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      All of it's in a drawer next to my computer.
      It weighs almost as much as I do.

      The next person has named a pet after a Pokemon.
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False. I wouldnt go that far. >D
The next person loves Pikachu.
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True! 3nodding Then again I like almost every pokemon.

The next person uses the Underground from Diamond/Pearl only to get free items.
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Timid Lunatic

      Used to.
      I haven't played Diamond in months though.

      The next person likes to stare into the hole in Shedinja's back.
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Lql No XD

NP finds Pikachu an attractive mofo.
False. But he is adorable.

The next person has tamed a Charizard.
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True. It was on my list of things to do last Sunday.

NP caught all the Unown in Solaceon Ruins.
Definitely Not True.

Next person thinks that James from Team Rocket is gay.
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True. It makes me laugh.

Next person thinks that there isn't going to be a Pokemon Gray.
False. Gamefreak loev money. It'd make no business sense not to.

The next poster owns only the games and maybe one or two extra items.
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Maybe? You forget what half of the pokemon forum you're talking to. I have at least one version of each main story line game, a few spin-offs, and a bunch of plushies and pins from Fanime conventions.
Next person to post has written fanfiction for their pokemon oc's.
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Timid Wolf


Next person has pretended to be pokemon with their friends.
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True, it was my favorite game to play when I was younger xD

Next person has gone to school with their pokéwalker.
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True, thats how i got an eevee on my game~

Next person has raged quit because they got beat by a lowly bedoof~
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Nope. I don't rage quit.

Np uses Ubers.

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